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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (May 2018)

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Here is the monthly update on ranked activity on the Wii U version through the top 5 charts!






One thing that is immediately evident is that there was an increase in activity compared to April:



But the first four people are always the same! Actually, the rankings are odd as well, with Taiga being downranked to C4, while Charlese an Gurekure maintained their rank. Considering how the NNIDs are the same, it woudl be interesting to know what might be happening here. Natian, on the other hand, ranked up to S4 while a new Japanese palyer, Renshuchu, came into the top 5, in the fifth place. Havign Machamp as their main fighter Pokémon, this added further variety to the rankings, with 3 Pokémon that are not typically considered the best ones in the game.






In this case, the increase in activity is even more evident comapred to what we saw in April:



Not only that, but a few things happened there! Jermaine reached S1 rank and first place in the rankings, while in second place a Spanish S1 player, Lizzy, appeared. This is actually the first time in three months that an European player ends up in the top 5 chart!

Natian managed to reach 1000 wins - one against myself, by the way... -  and managed to surpass Charlese and Taiga who ended up in fourth and fifth place. Overall, these results reconfirmed that highest ranked players remain active in ranked matches and that people maining supposedly weak fighters fighters can still perform well, I'll also add that in the case of Natian I can confirm that Blaziken is the fighter who is actually being used in ranked matches.


To sum things up, the months of May saw a very welcome increase in activity in ranked matches, with most people reconfirming the solid performance of past month, as well as a couple of new arrivals, both of which are of a high rank and one of which, Lizzy, being the first European player we have seen in the charts since March.


I personally can confirm that the Euroepan activity in ranked matches is definitely still present, even though up until now the players in the top 5 charts either came from North America or Japan. Overall, I'd say that this month gave us a few postive signs for those who are still interested in ranked matches on the Wii U version.

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