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Bending Spoons is easier than bending Scissors (Scizor vs M2)

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(This MU Guide is incomplete in that it still needs a Character breakdown for Mewtwo, Detailing the characteres strengths, Weaknesses, and Playstyle in both phases. Once that has been supplied, the MU part may see revision) (I also plan to elaborate more on the preferred supports)

  1. Character Breakdown
    1. Duel:

    2. Field:

    3. Safe Move on Shield

      1. Duel:
        -8: 5y, 5yy, 8y, J.y, 8x, 2xx  6yx(0 or -4 in burst),
        -4: 2y,
        0: 6yx(-4 in burst)
        Plus: Jyx(+4),  2x:x(+4), Jx(+4)

    4. Reactable Moves

      1. Duel:

        1. 5x, 8x, Jx,

    5. Punishable moves

      1. 2y or Grab: 6y, 2x, Psycho cut (follow-up), Barrier:Confusion, Fire Punch

      2. 5y: 6yy, 6x, Ice Punch

      3. Hxx: 5x, 6x, Psystrike, Hyper Beam (range dependent), Psycho cut (range dependent and no follow-up)

    6. Weird Tech

      1. Low Profile: 5y, 8y, Psycho cut, Hyper Beam

      2. 8y: Jy, Jyx, Jx,

      3. Hover Dash: Field - Ny, Sy, J.y, \ Duel -

      4. High Stance: 6y

      5. Jump avoids all options out of Barrier

    7. The Matchup

      1. Field: This matchup is played with Scizor acting as the aggressor while M2 is the counterstriker. While Scizor does have Hy to go through M2 Sy, Ny, and Jy Psycho cut is extremely powerful and if you commit too hard to Hover Dash and don’t react, Hyper beam will catch you. Mewtwo’s plan is to mix in Psycho cut and Sy to move around you on the perimeter until Scizor whiffs and then punish with Homing. Other moves to worry about when being to aggressive are M2 Fy, and Barrier. Scizor has to be weary of how much he counter and the position he does so as well, as M2 grab range is almost always a threat with his fast speed or him choosing to stuff out the counter with homing is something to beware. Most of our Scizor’s projectiles lose to or are even with M2s with S[Y] going through most but still canceling out with psycho cut. Recommended methods of approach include Various forward and side dashes as well as CAHC options. Scizor want to limit how freely M2 can move around to escape him and keep distance by taking control of the center of the stage. Sy from this range or simply holding shield could prove very effective but ultimately the right choice will come down to how the M2 has played up to this point. If he has been shielding or countering a lot, feel free to grab or attempt to stuff the counter with J[Y]. If he has been upping the aggression and dashes as you approached, use your CAHC options to safely close the gap and get some amazing whiff punishes. By or B[y] in reaction or reading the Sy heavy M2s is also a really good tool. Overall, the key to field is to minimize the use of counter in comparison to most Matchups, never get directly in M2 face, force the mistake so as to catch the whiff punish. 

      2. Duel: This matchup will be determined by how well Scizor can force the approach form M2. Ducking and using 6x and 2x when appropriate helps a ton in the MU to avoid Psycho cut and his other highs. Swords dance follow-up is also even on shield and does chip so Using the counter frames of swords dance to block psycho cut and then throwing the swords is pretty good. Catching extremely safe M2 with 2a or 3a Bullet Punch is a good check as well to do chip. The goal is to demonstrate your need to not approach but still display you can do damage. Thus once that has been established the M2 realized zoning won’t work and is forced to approach. This creates the whiff punish opportunities necessary to win the phase and do big damage. From once you force the approach… its whoever is better at neutral.

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Ok this matchup is not so good for Scizor because, while his horizontal coverage in duel is strong, his vertical coverage is really bad (he's got that great big dead zone in the air beyond 8Y/U-turn/air-to-air jY range). This combined with his terrible walk speed makes him weaker to divekicks than you would expect so long as he isn't more or less standing still. This is especially true of Mewtwo airdash jY. A lot of Scizor's midrange stuff (5A, 5AA, 6A, 2A, 4[X], [CA]) loses to neutral jump into airdash jY punish. At the same time, if you're busted down to walking in order to not leave yourself open to jump-ins you're back to forcibly being made to play Mewtwo's ground game. Basically, neutral doesn't favor you at all either way.

That's not to say don't play it, but in order to win you have to make it a priority to not overextend yourself doing generic Scizor setplay, because Mewtwo can punish the holes in that more severely than just about any other character. Rule of thumb, if you're not pretty darn sure your next move is going to connect, don't throw it out. That's the theme of this matchup.

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