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Scissors cut Seahorses? (Scizor VS Suicune?)

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(This MU Guide is incomplete in that it still needs a Character breakdwon for Suicune, Detailing the characteres strengths, Weaknesses, and Playstyle in both phases. Once that has been supplied, the MU part may see revision) (I also plan to elaborate more on the preferred supports)

  1. Suicune

    1. Character Breakdown

      1. Field:

      2. Duel:

    2. Safe Move on Shield

      1. Duel:
        -8: 5y, 5yy, 8y, 2y, 5x, 6x, [X+A]
        -4: Jx
        Plus: Jy, 8x, Icy Wind (all forms), Blizzard, Burst attack, Hail, Burst attack

    3. Reactable Moves

      1. Duel: Jx, 5x, 6x, 8x, 5a, RL A (all forms), Blizzard, Hail,

    4. Punishable moves

      1. 2y or Grab: 5yyy, 6yy, 4y, X+A
        5y: 5yx, ,2x, 4a,
        Hxx: 6y, 2x, CA Y, Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam

    5. Weird Tech

      1. Low Profile: CA Y
        8y: Jx
        Hover Dash: Field – Ny, Sy, s[Y], Icy Wind \ Duel – Jy, 5x, 6x, Icy WInd
        High Stance: Aurora Beam

    6. Preferred Supports

      1. Mew

      2. Rotom

    7. The Matchup

      1. Field: Allister says Field phase is RPS in the Suicune matchup. Neither party wants to jump and use their projectiles outside of Suicune’s Fy as  that will lead to a brutal punish (Mirror coat punishes scizor and Scizor Hover dash). Scizor however is the aggressor in Field as Suicune is given at least one projectile to try and keep Scizor out. Scizor simply needs to walk sideways and stay with in range for his counter but outside of counter range for Suicune. Baiting options out of suicune is good to try and get a CAHC punish, but also perfect Blocking. Characters Can Perfect block any hit of Suicune’s Homing attack, and his Fy which are the 2 moves you are concerned with. Reacting to Fy is not possible though unless you are a good distance away so good luck with that. One tactic is to just Hover dash in to bait the Fy, and try to CAHC it into homing punish to side dash it. From a good distance away its also possible to punish Suicune Fy with Scizor Sy. At the end of the day though, the field phase is patience. Walk sideways, do not be too aggressive, Do not use projectiles, and try to bait out a bad option from Suicune to punish.

      2. Duel: I have never seen a MU where there is such small pressure to approach. At long range, Scizor can remain in high stance and react shield to Jy. If Suicune decides to Icy Wind, Scicor can counter the attack to armor through and maintain his position. However this is not what scizor wants. While Scizor can very easily force the approach from Suicune, doing so does not put Scizor at advantage. Scizor wants to push Suicune toward the wall and not be pushed back himself as his defensive options are not nearly as good. He also does not want to be directly in Suicune’s face unless he is landing a whiff punish, and it is very easy to whiff punish this character as Scizor. Rushing in from range is very easy thanks to Hover dash nullifying almost all of his ranged moved and being able to CAHC the Aurora beam into a full combo is really good also. Get right into the mid-range and use your mere presence to apply pressure. The range to be in is just right outside of 5x range. This range allows Scizor to react to any move Suicune goes for and react appropriately. Aurora Beam, Jump, Hail, etc. Bullet punch will force Suicune to shield but if the BP lands on shield, do not do a sword follow-up as Mirror coat can catch for a lot of damage. Also if Suicune stars to charge counter at this range, attempting to stuff it with BP once you see the commitment is a risky but very rewarding option. In general, this matchup will boil down to how effectively one can handle Suicune’s options ranged options and how it uses counter. Be sure to keep up the approach and pressure and do not let them walk you to the corner though and you will be fine.


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