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Weeeevile scaling.

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midair scaling, wallsplat scaling and crit scaling is removed so a move like 6X launches an opponent into the air adding %10 scaling turning 6X from %20 to %30 but in this post (like all of my other posts) 6X will be written as %20.

Reciting Weavile's frame data and scaling is like reciting the bible.

Poke Pokes:

8AA: 20,40 60(120) %0,%20 (1st oof)

8A[A]: 20,40 10,10,10,10,80(180) %0 PS

6A: 40,40 %20

5AAA: 10,10,20,20,100(160) %0,%0,%10,%10,%0(%20) (2nd oof)

5AY: 20 %30

5A[Y]: 40 %40

4A or 4[A]: 20,20,60 %40

2A: 20,10,10,10,10,10,40(110) %40

J.A: 20 %0 (3rd oof)

J.AR: 20,20,20,20,20(100) %10 each(%50)

J.AJ1-9: 10,10,10 %0 (4th oof)



Strong boys:

8X: 30 %0 (5th oof) (%0 shield break scaling for extra oofness)

6X: 50 %20

6[X]: 60 %20

5X: 20,40(60) %20

5[X]: 20,60(80) %20

2X: 60 %20

J.X: 10,10,10,10,10,10(60) %10 first hit (could be spaced so it becomes scaleless, 6th concerning oof)(NEW discovery you can get 6 hits and 5 scaleless hits)(NEW NEW discovery at this point you can pretty much get infinite hits depending on character height and the most I could get was 6 scaleless hits with Gardevoir)


weak boys:

8Y: 20,20(40) %30

5YYYY: 10,10,20,10,20(70) %0,%10,%10,%10,%10(%40) (7th oof)

(For X variants of 5Y, 5YY, 5YYY you just add 50 %20 at the end)

4YYYY: 10,10,20,10,20(70) %20,%10,%10,%10,%10(%60) (exactly like 5Y except it has %20 scaling, comes out at frame 11 and much less range, used for wall pressuring)

(For X variants of 4Y, 4YY, 4YYY you just add 50 %20 at the end)

2YY: 10,40(50) %20,%20(%40)

J.Y: 10,10,10,10(40) %0 (8th oof)



X+A: 10,10,10,60(90) %30

[X+A]: 10,10,10,90(120) %30 (9th big oof wall combo starter)

B+Y: 4,5,4,5,4,68(90)

Burst attack: 5,5,5,5,75,75(170)






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