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The Guide to Sceptile bY

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Remember that one field move that Sceptile has that a lot of people say sucks and is just a meme? The one people call Growth (raises Attack and Sp. Atk) despite actually being Ingrain (heals over time and keeps you in place)? Yeah, bY.


It doesn't suck I swear.


Why it's "Bad"

The major point the game tries to show you to make you use it is that it heals (30 HP) and gives synergy (around 15CC) when it's complete, but it's incredibly slow to the point where the opponent can either attack you from afar or get up in your face and hit you. Also, while it has a hitbox, it's small and weak (only doing 30 for the first three hits and 60 on the final hit).


Trust me, it's a good thing the attack is that slow and weak, because...


Other Uses

bY has a million other uses besides HP and synergy. Dash cancels are done a lot when this move is used, but you're also able to jump out of it. This can trick people up who attempt to do anything that isn't block (unless it's like Mewtwo's homing attack). And due to Sceptile ducking in the animation, the move is immune to highs on frame 1, which is especially useful for dodging and punishing Blaziken, Machamp, and Scizor's high counter attacks (other notable moves are Mewtwo's Psycho Cut and Hyper Beam).


Also if the opponent gets hit twice by bY (doesn't need to be the same bY, the opponent getting stunned by both versions of sY also count, putting them in knockdown no matter the order they hit), they'll be sent back and be in knockdown (unless it's the last hit of it), giving plenty of time to set up. Though the thing us Sceptile players just figured out (EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS IT IN THE MOVE DESCRIPTION BUT NO ONE READS THOSE) is that it also lessens the time Sceptile has debuffs. The move doesn't even need to fully complete in order for it to come into affect, so it's very practical. Also it's a grab crush so y'know, the good stuff.


Set Ups to Finish the Animation

There are a few set ups or situations where you could realistically finish the move's long startup to get HP and synergy (or at the very least, still be in a pretty good position if you need to cancel it), which I'll just list right below:


After finishing the standard 5X 5AY bread and butter combo, you have enough time during the phase shift to dash forward and bY. It's harder to finish if you set up a trap first.


After the opponent gets put into knockdown from getting hit by bY twice, you can finish the move off, even if the second hit was from a bY that just started. Some moves can still reach you fast enough before the entire animation is complete if you started a new one, but if you time it just right, you can dash or jump away from the attack and still reap the benefits from finishing bY. If the opponent is by the wall when they get hit by the second hit from a new bY, the final hit of it will come out on their get up, making it a good oki option too.


After the opponent is put into the corner, you can block their path with sY and jA, giving you a chance to bY. If they try to jump or attack, you have enough time to react and punish. Worst case scenario is they get out and you dash cancel away.


After the opponent gets hit by the Bullet Seeds sprouting or by a support that puts them in knockdown such as Emolga and Lapras.

And probably some more set ups, but these are the scenarios that will most likely happen during a legitimate match.



A well spaced bY can put the opponent in an awkward position (working even better when they're in the corner), and can lead to accidentally running into it by trying to attack you. Spacing it well especially when time is low makes it even more likely the opponent will mess up and fall into the trap. Also, as mentioned before, the finisher of the move can be used as an oki if your opponent gets put into knockdown by a different bY while they're in the corner, but you're also able to set up any traps on their wake up, such as jA, jY, or 5AA. 


Like with a lot of Sceptile's moves, this move can be used for mobility and tricking the opponent out. You can use it on their shield and cancel out with a dash or jump, or just continue it to make them get hit when they let go of shield. Basically, the more you use this move unpredictably, the more likely it'll work out (or at the very least, you won't get punished).



If the opponent does end up getting hit by bY, whether from it being from oki or them running into it by accident, you can actually combo into some other moves if you dash or jump cancel fast enough (all hits of the move, even the last one, can combo). You're able to do more combos when in Burst. It's a simple list, though more options could be used if you Kara cancel the dash. The first number is for the first three hits of bY, while the second number is for the final hit (unless stated otherwise). Also, I'll list moves that bY can combo into and have other notes related to the combo.


Non-Burst Combos:
bYB jY (56/86, stays in field)
bYR fA (70/100)
bYR CA (70/116)
bYB jX (86/116)
bYR fY (96/126)
bYR nXXX (140, only when the last hit of bY connects, you can land the nXXX on one of the first three hits of bY if you Kara cancel the dash)
bYR Support


Burst Combos:
bYR bY (60/93, first number puts them in knockdown, second number does not)
bYB jY (63/96, stays in field)
bYR CA (96/129)
bYB jX (96/129)
bYR fAA (114/147)
bYR nYY (121/154)
bYR nXXX (123/156)
bYR BA (204/237)
bYR Support


Combo Into:
sY bY (38/72, first number is if they're stunned by the net, second number they're stunned by the poison cloud, also, no matter which part of the attack they're hit by, they'll get hit back into knockdown, giving you time to finish bY)
jA bY (44/54, first number is if one sprout hits, second number is if both sprouts hit)
jY bY (57, this is if all the leaves connect)



As a player of bad opinions, I must say that bY is a really good move with a ton of possibilities for tripping your opponent up. Even though I have made this guide, I myself still haven't gotten used to doing all of these different scenarios. I hope I can make good use of it, and while this guide might be missing a few things, I hope this has changed a few minds or gotten some Sceptile players interested in it.


bY and ThankSwalot for reading!


Also shout outs to WhiteChocolate for being a bad example on how to use bY.

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