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Supports for Empoleon

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There are quite some support that work well with empoleon.

:Snivy: and :Rotom: are great for helping empoleon with catching opponents out of the air, as he personally struggles quite a bit with airborne opponents. These pokemon can defenitely cover that weakness.

:Umbreon: and :Fennekin: are also very solid picks for him. It's been widely agreed on that Empoleon lacks defensive options. These supports work great as a get-off-me button, allowing you to get some breath again and possibility change the advantage from theirs to yours.

:Eevee: and :Mew: are good yet simple supports who helps you with being a bigger threat. Having an attack buff while being able to inflict a defense debuff can lead to major damage, both on shield and hit. Not only that, the attack/crit buff also allows Empoleon to hit opponents in burst with light attacks, which means you can use ( mainly ) Aqua Jet and jY without having to worry about light armor. Having access to these moves again will definitely help.

Finally, there are supports that can help him with his pressure game, being the spooky duo :Mismagius: and :Ninetales: (and my personal favourite, :Latios:). Mismagius grants you an attack buff, which is great as seen above, and becomes a ball that can pierce counters. You can benefit from this and take the advantage. Ninetales does a lot of shield damage, which syncs well with Empoleon's kit, also doing insane amounts of chip and shield damage. It also has frame 1 invisibility, so it can act a little bit like the get-off-me supports from above. Latios acts like a jail tool. The opponent will be surrounded by the pillars, in which you can take advantage of by pressuring them 

Honourable mentions are :Dragonite::Lapras::Quagsire:

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