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Lucario's Air to Air jY (Short Video)

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Lucario can use his jY as a read to hit opponents out of the air in situations where anti-airing with 8Y or ExtremeSpeed would normally whiff. This can give him some very damaging wall conversions with just three commands (jY 8Y 4[A] : 282 Damage off of a high splat 8Y. Alternatively if you don't have faith in getting the 4[A] timing right, you can do uncharged force palms and various other wall combos that deal a little under 200 damage but score a hard knockdown).


This video is a sample of using a standard block string (5YY) and an attempt to 8Y anti air immediately after doing so. Normally a character like Empoleon can escape the corner with a forward jump. However, by using a jY, you can intercept characters trying to jump over Lucario, and even wall splat them if they are in the corner. Some characters, like Sceptile, can block a grounded 8Y, jump forward to avoid a second 8Y, and hit Lucario with a cross up jY due to the sheer speed of his jump. However, even Sceptile will lose to an air to air jY read. Air to Air jY helps Lucario cover aerial angles his standard grounded anti-air options cannot cover.


Of course, air to air jY carries various risks, like possibly putting yourself into the corner, getting anti-aired or countered yourself, and other possible things. But if your opponent fails to anti air you, Lucario is still safe on block and can even be plus depending on the height he hit at. If you notice your opponent not cleanly reacting to your jumps, or you're just fighting someone like Empoleon, Lucario's jumps become much more powerful.


Air to Air jY has practical applications outside of the corner as well, and it is just a good way to control space. Successfully hitting your opponent out of the air may not do much damage, but it forces an air tech and allows you to continue pressuring opponents. 

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