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Decidueye 8YR safejump guide

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Howdy my little owlets, Bokibar here with another Decidueye guide. This time, I'm covering the super mega oki that is the 8YR safejump, so let's get right into it!




The safe jump is when you time a 8YR5RY on your opponent's wake up. It's that simple, and it's just a 4 button input. It's nothing too hard, and there are plenty of knockdowns you can get it off of easily, without a need for manual timing. Well, it's more like one knockdown, but it's ss X, which you get off of pretty much any touch. You can do it off of almost all other knockdowns too, but it requires much more precise timing compared to ss X. Basically, whenever you get an ss X knockdown, buffer an 8YR5RY and voila, you've done the safe jump! Here is an example from tonosama showing off the safejump:




Well for one, it's an extremely safe, plus, and rewarding oki that you can use with very little setup. It is +12 on block, on hit it's plus enough for you to confirm the hit and go for a big 200+ damage combo, and it is safe on all but the fastest CAs. As you can see in the video, it is even safe on u-turn! Now, Decidueye isn't exactly lacking in okis like this, he has Magnemite and 4[X], but what this oki has over those two is that it isn't reactable. I say this in the sense that from 8YR, you can do a 50/50 between the safe jump and held acrobatics, and all characters have a very hard time reacting to either option. If you are a true battle-hardened Decidueye main, you should know that any 50/50 involving acrobatics is a very scary one due to the high reward on acrobatics anywhere close to the wall. The combination of the option to do acrobatics and the sheer safety of the safejump itself makes this setup a very scary one.




Now, I can say that this safejump is a super godlike safe on just about everything oki that you have almost no reason not to do, and I'd actually be totally right. This doesn't mean it doesn't have a few shortcomings, though. The biggest weakness is definitely the fact that the safe jump outright loses to all i11 CAs, and so does acrobatics. This means that it's outright unviable against lucario and pikachu. Tough break, but it's still mad good against everyone else. Just don't do it on those two characters unless you are adding cross ups to the mix. The safejump is still safe on i11 options that are invuln to it, like Umbreon and Garchomp 8Y, so only espeed and quick attack invalidate the mixup. The 2nd biggest weakness is that all 8Ys are invulnerable to the safejump. Now, this may sound bad at first, especially given the fact that 8Ys will beat acrobatics too, but bear with me to the last section where I will cover that. It's still safe on 8Ys, it just doesn't hit them. (PLEASE NOTE: These two weaknesses are only the case for doing the safejump out of an ss X knockdown. If you are a super god at timing meaties with this, other knockdowns that give you more time will not have these weaknesses. This means that yes, super meaty safe jump IS safe on espeed.) An unrelated weakness I have to cover is that some characters have an easier time reacting to acrobatics than others, due to character height and the fact that the acrobatics starts fairly high up. Taller characters just can't react to it at all consistently, but some characters have more time. It's still a hard feat for everyone, but there are definitely characters that can react to it consistently with keen focus and practice. Here's a list of those characters:







Pikachu Libre

Some of these guys have a harder time than others, but these are the characters that I am able to react to acrobatics with. Obviously whether or not you can react to something like this is extremely subjective, and depending on the player there may be more or less characters, but I do think my reactions are pretty honed. Just be wary about using acrobatics against these guys in the list, because I know for sure they can react to it if they are really on the ball about it. The last weakness I have to say about the safejump is that you cannot confirm hitting it right away. This means that if you hit something like u-turn, you may pick up on that after the fact and get hit before you can block in time. This isn't too bad though, and I will tell you exactly why in this last section!


Oh yeah, you can also parry it. Maybe don't use the safejump against aegislash, too.



So, in order to utilize this most effectively we have to account for 2 things: 1. that you cannot confirm your hits immediately and 2. that 8Ys are invulnerable to it if you do the safejump off of an ss X knockdown. What you do about all of this depends a whole lot on your opponent's armored reversals, and their 8Ys. If either one is decently fast, then in order to stay safe on everything you have to put up your block for a little bit, at least for enough time in order to block their quickest options. A good strat is to quickly tap the block button after the safe jump, and go from there after confirming what you hit. This keeps it plus on block and confirmable on hit and slower CAs, but also keeps it safe on their quick reversals and 8Ys. Once you condition the opponent to stop doing them, you can then abuse the safe jump in it's full glory, following it up with tight block pressure that combo on hit with 5Y, 5XX, rising jY, or whatever really (it's +12 on block, so 5Y will catch jump). If they are a persistent bugger with their reversals, you can also do harder punishes, like your own CA for example. It takes practice to apply the safejump well, but believe me, you get a whole lot out of it. If you happen to hit a normal CA with the safe jump, You can jump, 8Y, or grab it on reaction depending on the CA. The only exception to this I can think of is sceptile, who you kind of need to hold block against. Remember, you can mix the safejump with acrobatics, and normal CAs get absolutely destroyed by that too.




Very few characters have access to an oki as scary as Decidueye's 8YR safejump setup. While many other characters have super safe, plus, and rewarding okis much like Decidueye's, none of them can mix theirs with an extremely powerful grab like you can with the 8YR safejump, leaving little to no room to react. Learning to use this setup will definitely improve your Decidueye play quite a lot, and you can watch my tournament footage if you want more examples of how to use it. This is more than just a quirky little gimmick that's not worth much more than a viral twitter video, it's a very powerful tool that I believe every Decidueye player should learn how to use.

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