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Exhaust Dash Cancelling Cancelling.

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TLDR: for some reason exhaust cancels your dash animation instantly, This could be used to connect stuff and do mix-ups , fast synergy burst characters benefit the most since it's not as rare of an opportunity.

Exhaust: When you run out of synergy in synergy burst mode you glow white and become invincible for a few frames.

Note: It seems like the exhaust nullifies any pre-buffered attacks

Note2: special dashes and Darkrai's BDR dash won't work (e.g. Machamp's 2XR and Weavile's 5A won't work, but Scizor's 2AB+YR, Pikachu Libre 5AR and Mewtwo's 5AAR work because they're a normal dash that was cancelled into)

Note3: Aegislash's shield stance gets cancelled by exhaust, Blastoise's shell fortress just forces the dash step animation but you can still buffer his synergy burst after the dash.

Not going to go in depth since it's straightforward and only good for pretty niche and situational mix-ups or combos and lots of positive frames but here's a bunch of examples: (small e to indicate the exhaust cancel)

universal mixup: [CA]R6e B+Y, it's unreactable by a long shot and if you delay it just right you might eat the opponent's attack with the invincibility.


4XRe 4XR 6X8AAA:



2A(B+Y)Re CADC B+Y oki mixup:



You shouldn't do this but I did it to show how fast the cancel is:



This isn't an exhaust cancel but why can she preserve her burst attack? I know why but still it shouldn't be a loop that's not okay.

why god.gif


And for you Sceptile fans, The tech is completely useless except for gaining positive frames.

okay maybe it connects [5X] into [5X] but that's still bad, Might be useful in field combos and setups.



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