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List of Suicune Changes

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Hi! I will dedicate this thread to document every single character change that has happened to Suicune (and will happen). Yes, everything from the first patch to Pokkén Tournament on Wii U to the latest patch to date. Please note that this list is made by me trying to remember as much as possible of what has happened to Suicune throughout the updates. There is a possibility that "small" changes aren't here, since I don't know what could have happened between the arcade patches. (But if you know then it would be very, very appreciated if you could post them.) Please correct me if something is wrong or if I have forgotten a change, so I can adjust that in the list.


So without further ado, here it is:



1.3 (Wii U)


  • Y~X now shield pushes
  • jY in duel phase now has decreased block stun



(1.3X-1.49X) (Arcade patch(es))


  • Mirror Coat blindspot now fixed (previously it had a blindspot in front of it)
  • Mirror Coat (shot) now counter pierces
  • Blizzard now causes a wall splat when it crits
  • Hail no longer disappears when blocking an attack
  • True Sheer Cold no longer crits against countering opponents
  • True Sheer Cold (attack portion) now comes out faster (this was made to prevent characters from grabbing Suicune even though Suicune had already activated True Sheer Cold)



1.5 (Pokkén DX)


  • Icy Wind (stage 2) requires 30 less frames to charge (180>150)
  • Icy Wind (stage 3) requires 60 less frames to charge (300>240)
  • Aurora Beam in field phase can now be angled left or right
  • Holding sY in field phase is now a new move, where the water orb slowly homes in on the opponent. This also applies to sYY
  • jY in duel phase during burst mode now shoots out two pairs of "water guns" instead of one, with the second pair having a more upwards angle
  • jY in field phase now has a landing hitbox





  • Aurora Beam in field phase can now be angled left or right when canceled from a Ranged Attack (Y)





  • Hydro Pump can now be cancelled
  • Blizzard can now be cancelled
  • 5YYY no longer treats Suicune as being airborne
  • The jumping portion of Suicune's CA has extended reach below
  • 2Y in duel phase has less endlag and does more shield stun





  • True Sheer Cold's cinematic will never play when the opponent is knocked out by the attack (it sometimes did)
  • Suicune can't immediately grab after hitting with jY in duel phase (?)
  • Suicune's CA~Y now always connects on grounded opponents



?? (Future patches)






Did I miss something? Please feel free to correct me if anything is wrong.



Interesting trivia:


- Most of Suicune's changes are just fixes or bugfixes.

- No change has ever been made to Suicune's damage output.

- Suicune has received one nerf throughout updates.

- There has been three major updates to Suicune's move properties: Mirror Coat counter pierce, jY in duel phase shoots two water guns in burst mode and jY in field phase has a landing hitbox

- Suicune has received one new move option throughout updates

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