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How Aerodynamics Works

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Note: The jumping part doesn't matter, only the turnaround animation, so you could do it by simply letting your opponent cross-up jump or dash through you.

TLDR: If a move makes your character lose contact with the ground(like hovering, jumping in the air or tilting their feet up) in less than 3-7 frames of the initial button press it will work, I'll call these moves raisable.(this is also the reason why Blaze Kicks and Sky Uppercut might not work as they're too slow compared to Brave Bird, could someone count the frames on these?)


There's also a tech in this tech in where if you use an attack that is dash cancellable and also raisable you could buffer anything after the dash(e.g. support, burst or ground based attacks like Dig)or wait a few frames after the dash to transition into midair.

But my character doesn't have any dash cancellable moves, I hear you say, but don't worry you could still do it if you have any strong attack or Pokemon move that is raisable by inputting the raisable move, jump, input the other button for counter attack and CADC into what ever you want which sounds very difficult but that's the price for not having DC moves, you could see Thankswalot performing the exact maneuver I just described in the original tech discovery.(e.g. blaziken 4A+X jump R6 8[A] remember to input 4A>jump>X, might be 4A>X>jump but unlikely until further testing)


Proof of concepts (1 out of 3):

Only the turnaround animation matters.



You could use any strong attack or pokemon raisable move to CADC to any possible move.


The input is 4A>X>jump, 4A>jump>X or both


Also if your opponent does a cross-up jump and you don't press anything it will only play the turnaround animation until you press a direction/button or until your opponent lands so it becomes much easier to do by pressing direction+attack>jump, or attack>jump for neutral inputs.

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