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True Stance, Aerodynamics, Floatsies, Seizure Procedure, GlitchAiring.
There are a lot of different names used right now for the new technique that has been found and discovered by Gintrax (popular german sceptile player) and FGHJK (gengar labber, who found out how to pull of this tech consistently). Its a technique that will let you use your grounded moves in the air. 

I prefer the name Aerodynamics (AD for short), because it bears a similarity to another tech discovered recently by Gintrax and some other Sceptile players called Thermodynamics + THE NAME ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE THIS TIME. 

But Im not here to discuss what name we should use. The Pokkén Community will find its own way to decide that eventually. 

What I want to do is explain to everyone how the technique (I will refer to it as Aerodynamics) is used and what changes it brings to the game. 
AND I warn you. Theres a lot. 


Lets start with the inputs for Aerodynamics:
First of all you need to know that whenever 2 characters change sides during the battle, both will turn around to face each other eventually (for example after a cross over jump). This is only true for duel phase, hence this technique can not be used in field phase.
When a character is faced away from their oponent and is in no state of recovery (frames during  which you are not able to use any move) they will ALWAYS face their oponent and enter the "turnaround animation" state. 
Its this animation specifically that allows this glitch to exist. A very simple way to turn around is to simply jump over your opponent. The moment your characters jump finishes and his feet touch the ground he will try to turn around and enter the animation.
Understandable so far? Good. Now comes the hard part.
The animation lasts very short and to use an Aerodynamic move you have to input in quick succession within a single frame the move you want to use and immediately the jump input (imagine swipping your fingers over the keys of a piano - hence the name "Piano input"). Of course this doesnt have to be a Pokemon move. In fact it turns out that you can also use Support Attacks, Strong attacks, Counter attacks and many more while flying through the air. 
Its very glitchy so there is no simple rule for all of them. Not every move works and some characters possess only very few moves that can be used, but the effects are intense and can give big rewards against players who arent prepared. 


To simplify the inputs:
"Turnaround State" -> Move of choice -> Jump (incl. forward and back jump)
Heres a simple example by Thulius and Bolimar:


There are many things you can do from here on out, but let me just tell you this: not every move has an Aerodynamic version and its not easy to pull them off in first place, but it has a lot of effects that can only be attained by using this mechanic.

Lets start with the simple changes and non cancellable moves for now. Afterwards we will go into more complicated interactions.

Aerodynamic Grabs:
If you use an AD grab it will only connect with grounded opponents. Despite the grab being airborne (Submission, Hypnosis, normal Grabs) it will NOT connect with airborne opponents.




The Restand or: The massive amount of frame advantage you can get. 
My favourite thing about this tech is that in a lot of cases it will remove the recovery ANIMATION of your move almost completely when you touch the ground.
I call this the "Restand".
This has a huge impact on the frame advantage of your moves. The amount of frames that your recovery animation lasted without the tech, will now - through Aerodynamics - be added to your frame advantage. That meanst that moves that were punishable on shield stop being punishable, moves that were minus now might be plus and moves that were plus become even more plus! 
Just to give you an example of how instense this change can be for some moves:
Gengars 5(X) that was +4 on shield, is now around +24 to +30 on shield if you use it during the Aerodynamic~! 

Other examples of the Restand: 
Aegislashs AD 6(A) doesnt connect with shield if spaced correctly, leaving the opponent open for grab if they are not prepared (normal 6(A) is plus on shield and pierces so its natural to block). It CAN NOT be cancelled into shield form on hit. Restand might be the cause here, but I think its because Aegislash is airborn (we will get to this later).
Blaziken AD 4(A) and 4A. Im not sure how much of a frame advantage you gain here, but considering that Blazikens 4A recovery animation is fairly long it should be at least a decent amount. 

Gengars AD 2A which is -8 on shield without the Aerodynamic tech, now has a significantly lesser frame advantage (might be even + on shield, but has to be tested yet). Fun fact: Gengar doest even dive into the ground. The puddle appears on its own. 

The Restand glitch works mainly with moves that have a lot of start up / lots of active frames (enough to go up and fall down again) / moves that DO NOT allow you to be airborne in first place.




Support calls and other moves that influence the camera or forcing invisible turbo guessies
If you use a move that causes  the camera position to change drastically (for example a AD support call or Darkrais AD 6A (has to hit the opponent of course)), the camera position will change as always (zoom towards the support pokemon or darkai in these mentioned cases), BUT afterwards it will cause some glitches. 
The main rule is that despite the camera zooming in on the player / support pokeon, both players can still move (with a few exceptions). You can grab, CA, attack, jump. Anything you want.

Using Reshiram & Snivy AD will teleport you behind your opponent (Nothin' personel kid), but you cant move while Resh and Snivy are active. It gives you a nice frame advantage since your opponent is being pushed towards you and if Reshiram connects you can improvise some combos that werent possible earlier. 
Note: It wont always teleport you behind your opponent. Your character has to have a small / thin hurtbox and you need to be very close to your opponent, because whats actually happening here is you "jumping" over your opponent, during the support call.

Mega Rayquaza AD will rush through the screen again, but this time higher above the ground (if you jump you will get hit. Crouch if you can instead.) Also you and your opponent can both move.

Ninetails AD gives you the ability to move while activating it. Same for Yveltal AD. Yveltal is a lot scarier though since it takes the camera away from both players so it becomes simple guessing and choosing your best options to win the invisible exchange. Note in the example how the CPU gengar loses health from the other Gengars 6XX (look at his inputs), before Yveltal even comes out!

Umbreon AD - dont do that. If your opponent uses it while they are in your face just grab them out of it immediately. 

Darkrais AD 6A wont cause Nightmare shift on connect. Instead the camera zooms towards Darkrai and both players can move during the camera change. If you want to really style on your opponent, then this is the tech to go to. 


There are a lot of untested supports, but for now its safe to assume that most of them will let you and your opponent move freely and be vulnerable during their summon animations. 







Air walking - 
1980 - "I bet that in the near future we will have flying cars."
2018 - 

Lets analyze this video together:
The AD you can see here is ShadowMewtwos AD 4X. 
Next Bolimar cancels 4X with 4R. 
Immediately afterwards he uses CA and cancels it into a forward dash. 
Next he jumps forward.
After the jump he is in a normal airborne state so he Airdashes and then uses j.AX (Earthquake). 
In short: Turn around animation -> 4X -> B -> 4R -> (CA) -> 6R -> 6B -> j. R -> j. A~X.

This pretty much shows everything we need to know about dash cancelling during an Aerodynamic move.  Lets call it Airwalking. 
As soon as the dash is over you will enter an "Air Restand" - The game treats you as if you're on the ground for a single moment and allows you to use another grounded move. In this case he uses CA to cancel it into another dash, which causes an air restand. Then he could use another grounded move or jump like he did in this case. Afterwards he just follows up with normal air options (air dash into EQ), which dont matter to us right now.  

In conclusion: After using a dash cancel during AD dash cancellable move, you can immediately use another AD! Im not sure if this only applies to CADC and jump in this case or all moves in general. If someone could tell me below the post Id be very thankful and edit it. 
After using another dash cancel out of an AD dash cancellable move, you can jump 100% (and maybe dash even more and if thats the case then this tool will be very useful!).


Luckily you dont need Shadowmewtwos 4XR and Sceptiles 5XR to pull this off. A simple Aerodynamic (CA) cancelled into a dash cancel can cause the same thing. You can jump afterwards. Heres another example of a sick mindgame by the Gengar labber FGHJK: 



Lastly we got one more thing, but dont worry its rather simple and should be obvious by now:
The height and / or range of all dashes and moves increases during AD. Theres no reason to give this a name. Its a mechanic caused by AD and simply calling it AD 4A for example will be enough. Just to post a few more quick videos of this: 


How to beat Aerodynamics:

Well, it depends on what the enemy uses:

First of all remember that they are airborne. So if you have a decent anti air: Use it if they are using something like a AD strong attack.

If they use AD suport call you might think you're screwed because of the camera change, but remember that you can still move and have the slight frame advantage: Grab punish if they are in range, otherwise use a move that has decent range and comes out relatively fast (bonerush, gigadrain). Try to get your enemy into another animation or phase shift! 


If they try to dash around above you make sure you hit them out of the air somehow. Pikas 4A, Lucarios 8A, Decidueyes j.Y. There are many ways to bring them back to the ground.

There will surely appear more and more Aerodynamic techs. Some more, some less useful. There are many different uses and there isnt 1 option that will safe you from all of them. I recommend just staying up to date with all the released tech and memorizing counter options for the most scary of those. 


If you want to use Aerodynamics in a real battle, but you're too scared to  crossover jump I recommend that you lock your opponent down (for example with a support) or make sure you're plus (for example crossover j.Y without turning around during the j.Y).



and with that I conclude my "Aerodynamic or whatever you want to call it" guide. 
There are a lot of unknown mechanics left to discover in Pokkén, but at least we now have some simple understanding of how to utilize this tool now. 




If you have anything you'd like to add just reply down below and Ill add it to the guide.

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