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Mew Buff Percentages

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Wasn't sure if anyone else was working on this at the moment, but I wanted to make a quick post about Mew so people have a better idea of the odds at play. 

The percents shown were gathered from 200 support calls in training mode. 




Buff likelihood %
Chance of no buffs 7%
Chance of both buffs 24.5%
Chance of critical only 37%
Chance of attack up only 31.5%
Overall chance of one buff only 68.5%

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hey @Wzurds I also did some testing yesterday with Mew. My results were slightly different from testing 250 calls. I averaged the results, and rounded, so the actual results we're a couple points lower/higher, etc.


Nothing: 10%

ATK Buff: 35%

CRIT Buff: 35%

Both Buff: 20%


Each call also provided 15cc of synergy, regardless of the stat outcome. 20 Second Charge time, 30 second recharge time.

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