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Hello, everyone!  I'm here to talk about an idea I had regarding sharing tech on Twitter.  I saw the DBFZ community doing this, and I thought it'd be a great idea for us to do the same, since so much of our community is constantly sharing new things on Twitter, due to the recent video recording update.

The Plan

The plan is that, if you're sharing tech for any given character, there would be a hashtag associated with that character.  This way, anyone can easily search that hashtag and find a mountain of tech for said character.  Here are the ones I've proposed, and most people seem to be in agreement with them.

Aegislash - #PTDX_AEG

Blastoise - #PTDX_BLS

Blaziken - #PTDX_BZK

Braixen - #PTDX_BRX

Chandelure - #PTDX_CHN

Charizard - #PTDX_ZRD

Croagunk - #PTDX_GNK

Darkrai - #PTDX_DRK

Decidueye - #PTDX_DEC

Empoleon - #PTDX_EMP

Garchomp - #PTDX_GCH

Gardevoir - #PTDX_GRD

Gengar - #PTDX_GEN

Lucario - #PTDX_LUC

Machamp - #PTDX_MCH

Mewtwo - #PTDX_MEW

Pikachu - #PTDX_PIK

Pikachu Libre - #PTDX_LIB

Sceptile - #PTDX_SCP

Scizor - #PTDX_SZR

Shadow Mewtwo - #PTDX_SM2

Suicune - #PTDX_SUI

Weavile - #PTDX_WVL

The Benefits

The benefits, as stated before, are that it would allow Twitter tech to be easily searched by people looking for tech of any given character.  It can also supplement Pokkén Arena, as I know people compile Twitter posts into large resources here.  It would allow more Twitter posts to show up in these compilations.  The upload feature allows you to add hashtags to your post, too.  If you've got any questions about this, feel free to ask me!

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