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Japan player interview series! Ep.8 The episode where Midori Highfives himself! |D ~~ (but Darkrai tips =w=)

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Hi guys! o/

This one is was a pretty convenient one for me cause I'm finding myself needing to spend a lot of time with my family.


I was contemplating not to do this but with the response of 87 or so % in the favor of me interviewing myself on my twitter poll and that it's convenient at this current time, I guess I'll yield ^__^'' (Thank you guys so much for being so supportive of me, it means the world to me!)


I hope everyone can enjoy~~


e6cCsD2A_400x400.jpg Don't know what I did to deserve this gorgeous artwork uwu..




image.png But yass man thank you TPCi for the hat. it's fantastic uwu.


A little bit of background information:


- I'm actually an Australian player who have been living in Japan for a few years, hence I was raised by the competitive scene of Japan

- I love the community aspect of this game more than the competitive aspect, but I also love pushing the game for depth >__<

- I regard it my personal mission to connect you guys deeper with Japan inside and outside of the game~

- Follow @midoripokken in twitter if you're interested in Darkrai content, and connecting and / or news about the Japanese community ^__^




M: So tell us the story behind your handle
M: Three reasons. First, I always seem to main green characters all the way till Darkrai. For example I mained cammy in SF4, Hazama in Blazblue, Sceptile in Pokkén beforehand and so on. Second is because I really like Deku from Hero Academia and in some senses reminded me of me at some points of my life. Third is that I had a beautifully stunning client with the very same name so I decided to use it ^__^”...
At first i wanted my Japanese and English handles to be different but in the end everyone just called me by Midori anyways so it just stuck lol.


Image result for midoriya izuku Midoriya Izuku (Deku) from My Hero Academia


M: What made you play Pokkén? 
M: I initially thought it was a cool game and started playing casually in the arcades. I introduced my brother to the game so he and my sister in law eventually got the wiiU version and challenged me so I thought, yes this is super on.
Wanting to get better I searched for top level play and finally found Bim VS Suicune Master grand finals at CEO. I was so inspired by Bims sceptile and diglett set-ups that it motivated me to switch away from my first main pikachu to sceptile, and got a card to play in the arcades. The more I played the more I got hooked so... 
Oh and fun fact I beat my brother 20-1 when I finally did play him but he is a very gracious loser and improved a lot from our games (^_^;)! And yeah Bim is still one of my personal gods Lel.


image.png Bim. The Gawd.


M: How did you feel qualifying for WCS? 
M: Amazing. Especially since I was super sick the entire weekend and had food poisoning the day before day 1. I threw up six times and couldn’t sleep for intervals longer than 1 hour for the tournament weekend. Despite of this it didn’t affect my play all too much so I was able to still give a good showing I think. There were some bad mistakes in the tournament itself on my end, but I think that’s quite unavoidable no matter what (^_^;)... Anyway I feel elated and excited to see all my friends and family once again and it will be my most important mission that you guys can all have a fun time when it comes to interacting with the Japanese players! I will work hard for both parties!


M: Who were your hardest matchups in the WCS Oceania tournament? 
M: That would also be the two people I didn’t wanna see most in bracket, Antwerp and Suicune Master. These guys have such good game intuition topped with a very good head on their shoulders. I ended up having to play both these players.... TWICE. EACH. (._.).... Well better now since it could be the start of many more VS Ant lol. Elm was also amazing but I just felt so at home I didn’t really think of whether the matches were hard or not hard. I just wanted to focus on having a good time for myself, and having good games for the audience (^^)! 


M: Did you bring any experience from other fighting games prior to Pokkén?" "What stands out and attracts you most to Pokkén? – props to Vuvho for pitching in this question
M: Yes I did! I played many fighting games including MVC1, SFA3, SF3S, SF4, Blazblue, Tekken etc before Pokkén. What stands out to me most about Pokkén is actually *Drum rolls* FIELD PHASE! Since it’s not something you typically get in other fighters (^_^;).. I think the dynamics and reward keep this game super interesting for me personally. What attracts me most to Pokkén is easily the community (though I super love the opportunity to connect people and translate as well!) . I’ve met so many brilliant, amazing people from here that I would like to be friends for life with. If Pokkén dies in a fire, I will still definitely feel glad I met a lot of these people. 


Related image MVC, loved this game!


M: Why Darkrai main?
M: It’s funny because up until Sceptile my story is verbatim same as Australian player Antwerp lol. I used Pikachu because he had simple, intuitive juggles at the start but got boring quickly so I used Sceptile because I used to think leaf blade was crazy broken at the time and the loop combos were insane cool.
I couldn’t really beat the old nY move as Sceptile VS Darkrai so I started playing around with Darkrai. I eventually found out that he could employ an extremely diverse play style at any given moment and the sheer number of options and tech made me like the character more and more. I was also always encouraged to use Darkrai in team tournaments by the Japanese players at the time as people didn’t know how to fight Darkrai yet lolol.


M: Where do you think Darkrai falls in the tier lists?
M: First and foremost I’d just like to say the gap between top and bottom tier in this game is smaller than other fighting games so everything is relative, but I think he’s a solid mid ranking between 8-12 right now (Feb 2018). He has some extremely strong matchups and extremely good field and nightmare tools, but is balanced by his bad matchups and lack of character power in normal mode. He becomes worse without knowledge from the user’s end and also worse the better the knowledge your opponent has and some of the game mechanics are innately against him. For example shifting without a plan can actually punish you when it rewards every other character, he has less freedom to throw as he forfeits nightmare mode from it (actually, throwing even HURTS the Darkrai player a lot of the times), and has very lackluster frame data overall having no true mids until 19F.
Despite this I think he can’t truly be bad as he has so many options and he still has a lot of potential as I believe we have yet opened a whole world of undiscovered tech with this character. You need to work hard but I think with hard work he can reach about 8th place in the current meta.


M: Any advice for aspiring Darkrai players? 
M: The best I can give is study the frame data and properties of your moves (example who’s homing you can backdash for free charged or uncharged) and keep yourself patient. Don’t always go for the panic options like nasty plot or nightmare drill up close as using these options out of desperation will lose you games VS good players. 
When having important games like tournament, the most important is thinking what your opponent will do and what you can do to beat it. The quicker you can do this process the less options your opponents will have and the faster they need to adapt, adding pressure to them. Actually Azazel was the one who gave that advice to people and I think it’s an amazing one so I’m just restating (^_^;). 


M: Top 3 Worst 3?
M: Top 3 is Lucario, Libre and Decidueye, probably in that order. Worst three is I’m gonna get shot for this but Machamp, - big gap - Suicune and Croagunk, with Croagunk being the worst. I can foresee Croagunk being better though since he just has so many more options than Suicune. Like yes Elm, Burnside and Allister are Gods but that character deserves more options tbh.


M: Who would you add into the game? 
M: The characters that will make everyone happy, as that ultimately gives us the numbers. Personally, Greninja, Zoroark, Loppuny, Lycanroc and the like. Please also add baby supports like Cleffa and also, Cofagrigus though cause they’re bae uwu.. 


M: Thoughts about Mimikyu, Rayquaza and Aegislash? – pitched by Slippingbug
M: I think they all have potential especially Aegislash. I think Mimikyu will be a viable counterpick VS jirachicario and Aegislash has amazing options and a lot of set-ups yet to be discovered. 


M: What would you change about the game if you could? 
M: like Elm-San and Katou-kun, I want spectator mode more than anything else. Ever.
However other things I want are burst armor gone on jump or heavy 8ys, lasers doing less shield damage and for weaker characters to have more tools. It would also be nice if they could nerf or rework whimsical. Like H2 and Gintrax I'm the last that completes the anti whimsical trio lol. The other two are sworn against it, but I'm taking a different approach: I will do all I can to prove its strength so it gets nerfed lol.
As for Darkrai changes I’d like to see 4y become a mid OR become 11F. Such a hideously bad normal deserves that much at least. Lol.


M: Hobbies outside of Pokkén? 
M: I like cycling, going to the gym, sketching etc. I karaoke and go to cat or dog cafes to heal my soul uwu (I love animals in general). I also like cutting hair and have been cutting my own hair and cosplay wigs for friends for more than 10 years I think... Lol. I’m also a pretty avid foodie and I basically force people to engage meaningful conversations if I like them (^_^;) lolol... 


M: What do you think of the Australian players of Pokkén? 
M: I think we are small but the top players have good talent that is capable to wow the world if polished a little more. Apart from the Australian community being extremely down to earth, extremely welcoming, and very decent guys all around, I believe 1000% that Ant, Dan and Koma are all very capable of reaching the top American level. I’ll do my best to give them all I’ve learnt from Japan to help them and the others reach new heights if possible (>_<)! 


image.pngDan (left) Toppest bloke Australia, Burnside (right) toppest bloke America tbh. Fite me. Photo credits is Burnside's twitter and Dyna hole for linking me the photo \o/


M: Free question for yourself time!
M: *rubs palms in anticipation* yasssssss. My question is “Who do you think are underrated characters in this game?. And why?”
Answer is: Pikachu, Blaziken, Charizard and Chandelure. I actually think any of these characters are capable to win majors if a strong player decides to play them. Reason being is that Pikachu, Charizard and Blaziken are all still VERY able to enforce a very oppressive play if players are starting to find ways to win field. Pikachu has extremely good footsie buttons (best 5x in the game) , a mix up from ridiculous ranges with nuzzle etc. Blaziken and Charizard will always be relevant as characters who can kill you in three touches will always be a threat and Chandelure is just an extremely good tournament character with both good offensive and defensive options that can chip away not only at the opponent’s health but also their mental fortitude with every hit in high pressure situations.


M: Words for fans etc?
M: Thank you guys for supporting me and appreciating what I do (may you read the interview series, enjoy my translations, my Darkrai tech or even as a friend!)!
I’m still here cause of everyone else here and let’s keep pushing Pokkén to the world together!
I hope to keep seeing you guys in discord, twitter and even worlds this year for those coming! Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with Japan! 


Image result for Hazama I don't know why I have synergy with green characters

Image result for cammy I kinda just do it seems lol.



End of Ep.8 where Midori high fives himself.


And of course, thank you guys for reading! Stay tuned for the next interview (which will be a real interview) :)!




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I finally got around to reading this one and WOW this is my favorite interview yet!

I'm also really starstruck that we both were inspired to take our Pokkén play to a higher level by the same thing (Bim?'s Sceptile @ CEO 2016 Grands)!

As an aside, have you ever played or seen Haruyuki's Darkrai? If so, what was the experience like & how would you compare it to Krai today? If not, you can find VODs on Double_FGC's YT.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was these interviews are amazing - just like you! <=^w^=>

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10 hours ago, skysmaug384 said:

As an aside, have you ever played or seen Haruyuki's Darkrai? If so, what was the experience like & how would you compare it to Krai today? 


Anyway, what I wanted to say was these interviews are amazing - just like you! <=^w^=>

 Yes I have played him numerous of times in the past and even in tournament (I never won against him in tournament though xD). The experience is generally quite liberating and I was able to learn a lot from the matches.


Haruyuki has one of the best defense in the business but it's hard to compare it to krai today since I feel all darkrais kind of play very differently (a little bit like m2 in that movement will vary a lot depending on person playing). 


I'll say that I think the closest to Haruyuki style is shadowcat as they are both very defensive and on the constant lookout for openings and I feel like there isn't even a Darkrai that plays like myself at the moment. 


And thank you so much! It means a lot to me when people come forward to show that they had a good time with something I created so I'm hoping to write more ^^! 

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I watched you in the Oceania qualifier and checking your content has brought me to this forum. Good luck in world's and nice self interview!

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