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Weavile's Cancel Frame Data

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Weavile's got cancels.


Besides the universal special cancel that every character has, Weavile has Agility cancel. Agility can cancel into any special Weavile has, giving you farther reach on your attacks while also being able to approach easier because of Agility's projectile invincibility. Every special though will come out slower than their original impact time since Agility requires you to stay in Its animation until a certain point.


Weavile can also cancel Night Slash (4A) and Knock Off (6A). Not only providing added mobility, but also causes your opponents to prefer a defensive option (block or CA). These cancels however leave a large gap before the Weavile is able to act again, giving the other player an opportunity to punish.




Knock Off Cancel (-45)


fY -29
bY -29
2Y -32
2YY -29
4Y/5Y -33
4YY/5YY -29
4YYY/5YYY -29
5X/5[X] -25
6X -25
6[X] -6



Night Slash Cancel (-49)


fY -33
bY -33
2Y -36
2YY -29
4Y/5Y -36
4YY/5YY -33
4YYY/5YYY -33
5X/5[X] -29
6X -25
6[X] -10


Agility Cancel


(Fury Swipes and Fake Out require 16 frames of Agility before a cancel is possible. All other specials require 8 frames.)


i15 Fury Swipes + 16 = i31
i23 Fake Out + 16 = i39

i33 Fake Out: Charge + 12 = i45
i35 8F Night Slash + 8 = i43

i23 8F Knock Off + 8 = i31
i23 8F Ice Punch + 8 = i31

i11 8F Burst Attack + 8 = i19



Special Cancel


-fY > Special +12
-bY > Special +12
-2Y > Special +10
-2YY > Special +16
-4Y/5Y > 6X +12 / Special +10
-4YY/5YY > 6X +16 / Special +14
-4YYY/5YYY > 6X +16 / Special +14
-4YYYY/5YYYY > Special +18
-5X/5[X] > Special +18
-6X > Special +20
-6[X] > Special +37




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