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Mega Sceptile OKHOs

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This post is a more in-depth look at this: https://twitter.com/i/moments/958535226090774529



This story begins on September 8, 2017 when Double_FGC uploaded the following video to his YouTube Channel


At first, I was interested in it, but I didn't really get into it until I found the video again sometime in the first week of January 2018 and decided to take it as far as I could. 

After testing it in Free Training, I have found 5 starters for this combo, which are as follows:







Notes on each:

  • In all cases, Synergy Burst is needed for the second half (shield break) because of Dragon Breath & Burst Attack. If you aren't in Synergy Burst for the first half (wall), you can Burst before the Bullet Seed. However, do note that this could give the opponent a way out of the trap (we'll get to their escape options later).
  • 4X is the same as the combo in Double_FGC's video.
  • 2A requires specific spacing to where you are close enough to hit the opponent with the Aj8Y > 8Y string after the wallsplat but not too close to where the attack's hitbox will be behind the opponent. (Basically, it's actually best as 1A instead of 2A.)
  • 6A requires specific spacing to where you hit the opponent with the tip of Leaf Blade, causing the wallsplat. You must also be close enough to hit  with the Aj8Y > 8Y string afterwards. [The spacing can be significantly more difficult against specific characters, such as Garchomp.]
  • 6Y:Y requires the just frame on the second hit in order to wallsplat. The first hit is optional, but watch your phase shift points if you opt for it.
  • 8X does not wallsplat. Instead, you should immediately go for 8Y, which DOES wallsplat. This also means you can't use Aj8Y, since the opponent will just fall to the ground. Instead, just go for a second 8Y.


Feedback from Momo & Gintrax:

  • Momo: For the Giga Drain (2A) setup, 5X is a better Burst Confirm than 5Y. (This only works with Giga Drain because it has no PSP while all the other combo starters do, which means 5X would just phase shift).
  • Gintrax: Offered many other ways this combo can go in this YouTube video: 



Mimikyu was released January 31, 2018 alongside Mega Rayquaza and Aegislash. New Information regarding these three new Pokemon was everywhere in the Pokkén Twitter Community. It is here that I came across a tweet showcasing Mimikyu's high shield damage. This caught my attention and I brought this combo back into Free Training, this time with Mimikyu.

As you can see, Mimikyu functions similar to Quagsire in that they are called in at the same part of the setup. The main difference in their functions seeming to be that Mimikyu focused on the opponent's shield while Quagsire focused on their health.

The most highly-damaging version of this combo I've found did 569 damage against Garchomp (who has the most HP in the game iirc) so it's not an OHKO against the whole cast but does do a lot of damage and can OHKO characters with lower health as well as finish off those with higher health if they've already taken enough damage.



Holes: "Sometimes, being too safe will be your downfall."

This isn't a perfectly clean kill. As stated in the previous paragraph, it doesn't OHKO everyone. On top of that, there are some holes that your opponent can use to escape death (or at least maximum damage). The only way for the full combo to work is if the opponent just keeps holding shield. Let's go over some scenarios of what they could do instead of holding shield after the setup on the wall:

  • Nothing: If your opponent just doesn't do anything, they will be caught by the Bullet Seed. Here, you can go for a Aj8Y, which can lead into multiple attacks. 
  • Jump: If the opponent jumps, go for 8Y to put them back on the wall.
  • Counter: If your opponent starts countering the Bullet Seed hits, break their counter with [5X]. If there's not enough time to charge [5X] or your Synergy is almost over, go for your Burst Attack.

However, there are some options that do completely shut down this guardbreak. The easiest of which is Burst. If your opponent goes into Synergy Burst, the shockwaves will blow you back and free them. If they go for their Burst Attack, it may punish (you can avoid Gengar, Mewtwo, & Empoleon's Burst Attacks by jumping or with A (Bullet Seed: Preparation)). It is also worth noting that most support calls (ex. Umbreon) can interfere with the guardbreak by forcing you to stop your barrage of attacks. Meanwhile, other support calls (ex. Jirachi) won't help your opponent get out of the situation they're in.

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