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How to beat (burst) Mewtwo's unblockable Rotom setup

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Earlier today, @Thulius and @Fosh posted about an unblockable setup involving (burst mode) Mewtwo and Rotom, thanks to the new patch. As far as I can tell, the way it works is if Mewtwo gets the hard knockdown and is in burst, calling Rotom makes it so there's extremely limited ways out that don't get you blown up for it. Jumping over the burst gets you hit by Rotom, followed by a restand and then Mewtwo's able to do whatever it wants to you. If you don't jump, then you just eat the burst anyway. Here's the setup in action:



As the Pachirisu Prophet, I thought about my assist in this game, and how it has invulnerable startup as a potential get out of jail free card. What I initially discovered upon testing is the following:



What happens here is Pachirisu has invulnerable frames on startup and a little bit after. What it's also able to do is nullify specific assists in this game, one of those assists being Rotom. So in this exchange, the invulnerable frames get me to pass through the grab attack, then I can freely start a counter-attack against it and not worry about my character's movement getting me hit by Rotom afterwards.


I then considered the idea of getting baited into calling the assist and getting grabbed early, which wouldn't be entirely shocking, as Pachirisu has some recovery frames after the initial call. So I tested it and this is what I found:



There's always a chance that it's a timing specific thing in order to punish, but for the moment, I've heard from @Double that it's able to still work in a quicker situation.


It's not a perfect way to beat this setup, as every one still has risks, but the payoff of not having to take the full damage of Mewtwo's BA just might make it worth it.

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