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Suicune 1.1 MU Chart

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Notice from Administration: This post has been reported for spreading misinformation. This matchup chart reflects the research and opinions of lakenzu only. The chart was influenced by the input of others, but does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Zaskyl, Burnside, Fabilous, Actias, Delzethin, Sandy64, members of the Suicune Discord server, or the community as a whole.


Hey Guys, So after talking with every discord, this is the Matchup Chart that makes the most sense based on how others also view the matchup. Keep in mind that MU charts are based on how the meta is played at the time so more than likely as the meta changes, so will this chart. The close the score is to 0, the more balanced the character is in terms of matchups. Super negative scores imply the character has many losing matchups and super high scores imply the character has many winning matchups. 
Special Thanks to: Zaskyl, Burnside, Fabilous, Actias, Delzethin, Sandy64, and any others I did not mention

Score: 2

- Suicune tied with Scizor for a score of 2. This is incredibly interesting as both characters placed low on the community Tier list
- Suicune players felt they were even with chandy players but Chandy players felt they had a significant Advantage
- Suicune Discord was Very agreeable in that they mostly agreed on their MU charts with little disparities and no extreme differences. 

Winter 2018.png

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I don't get how Suicune beats Machamp - I was always under the impression that Machamp had the advantage?


Pikachu and Weavile doesn't seem even. At the very least Suicune has a slight disadvantage against them, I would say.


I agree with the Chandelure players. No way this matchup is even. It's easily in Chandelure's advantage as there is no need for Chandelure to ever approach. They pressure us more than we pressure them, even if we have Mirror Coat. Chandelure has way to many counter pierces to not have the advantage.


It would be nice to hear the reasoning behind this selected matchup chart, but maybe that is too hard to get since this was made/decided on Discord? Anyway, great initiative! This was interesting.

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