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Machamp 1.1 MU Chart

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Notice from Administration: This post has been reported for spreading misinformation. This matchup chart reflects the research and opinions of lakenzu only. The chart was influenced by the input of others, but does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Coldress, Goreson, Elemeandor, Flexecutioner, JigglerJoggler, members of the Machamp Discord server, or the community as a whole.


Hey Guys, So after talking with every discord, this is the Matchup Chart that makes the most sense based on how others also view the matchup. Keep in mind that MU charts are based on how the meta is played at the time so more than likely as the meta changes, so will this chart. The close the score is to 0, the more balanced the character is in terms of matchups. Super negative scores imply the character has many losing matchups and super high scores imply the character has many winning matchups. 
Special Thanks to: Coldress, Goreson, Elemeandor, Felxecutioner, JigglyJigglers, and any others I did not mention
Score: -4
- Machamp and Blaziken players have very different views of this matchup as both groups thought they won.
-While Chndy players gave Machamp more credit in the matchup (he was only a Slight Adv), Machamp players still believe they are at a heavy disadvantage in the matchup

True MU Winter 2018.png

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