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Empoleon 2[X] Wall Combo Character Specifics

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Hi, I think this is my first major post here so, uh, hopefully I don't screw this up! And hopefully this hasn't been done before and it's just not me missing it.
So Empoleon's wall combo is pretty damaging once you get the hang of it. However, to do a little more extra damage, you can 2[X] before the 5Y into Defog. The problem is, some of this can be kinda wonky depending on what character you do it on, so I'm making this list to help those know what match-ups/situations to do 2[X] to get about 16 more damage from the wall combo. If a character (or a certain move against a character) isn't able to be 2[X]'d, they'll simply be sent behind you and you'll miss the 5Y. For those characters and/or situations, just stick with the normal 5Y to Defog combo. The following are the moves I am going to be testing on the characters to see if 2[X] will correctly combo after they wall splat:
  • Level 1 Aqua Jet to Cut
  • Level 2 Aqua Jet to Cut
  • Level 3 Aqua Jet to Cut
  • Level 3 Aqua Jet to Surf Cancel Steel Wing
  • Steel Wing
  • 8X
If at least one of these situations works on a character, I will say "yes" that they can do it, but I will make note if any of those situations above will fail on that character. Other notes may appear along with those.

Also, as for why other moves like Hydro Cannon and 6YY aren't listed, they wall splat much higher than these moves, so it's actually impossible to combo 2[X] correctly on characters if you use those moves. And while Defog into Cut is technically a different move combination, it would most likely just result similarly to level 1 & 2 Aqua Jet (that and I completed this before remembering it as an option and I just said "screw it").
Character List:
Aegislash - No
Blaziken - Yes
Braixen - Yes
Chandelure - No (Unsurprisingly.)
Charizard - Yes
Croagunk - Yes
Darkrai - Yes
Decidueye - Yes (Although, I found it to be more difficult than the other characters to land it.)
Empoleon - Yes
Garchomp - Yes
Gardevoir - Yes
Gengar - No (Yes, even on Bursted Gengar despite its body changing that drastically.) 
Lucario - Yes (However, doing 2[X] after a level 3 Aqua Jet into Steel Wing or 8X will fail. Same applies to Bursted Lucario.)
Machamp - No
Mewtwo - Yes
Pikachu - Yes
Pikachu Libre - Yes
Sceptile - Yes
Scizor - Yes
Shadow Mewtwo - Yes
Suicune - No (It's so bad that sometimes when Steel Wing is used, it will hit twice by accident.)
Weavile - Yes
So as you see, it actually works on a large majority of the cast. But obviously, it's useful information for characters like Lucario who have specific moves that don't work, and of course the ones that don't work at all like Chandelure and Machamp. I hope this helps out any future or present Empoleon users!
Have a nice day and ThankSwalot for reading!
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Added Aegislash to list.

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