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Coaching Discussion!

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Hey folks, today I'm gonna start the discussion about a recent topic in our community: Coaching.

Some parts of the community have considered to allow coaching in between games, some even in between rounds, while some have strictly raised their voice in favor of no coaching during a tournament set whatsoever.

In this dicussion I want to hear your opinions on coaching in general and if there need to be certain rules or restrictions on it and why.

Here are some basic points that you can focus your arguments around:

 - What is a coach able to do that a competitior can't?


 - What influence does coaching have on competitors mid set?


 - What extent of choaching is acceptable? (Number of coaches, duration, number coaching opportunites)

 - Does a coached player have an advantage over an uncoached player?


 - Whats your final verdict on the matter?

Happy discussing!


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A coach can watch a match without the stress of playing it to notice things someone in the heat of moment couldn't. A coach can be a friendly presence who calms you during a match. Coaching can be invaluable to a player’s mental state.


As a viewer, I typically hate coaching. The main reason being, we as viewers don't get to hear a damn word. Second reason being that the time a match would take for other games would be longer with less stuff for us to see.


As far as the idea of developing a stronger meta, coaching definitely keeps knowledge circulating and it encourages adaptation. It has a lot of merits in regard to improving player skill level.


As far as being allowed at majors... well, if you played on stream at worlds you probably weren't getting a coach because nobody could go up with you. But on the stations off stream you probably could’ve gotten away with it. 


Personally I would prefer no coaching at majors. If I were facing someone and I saw them getting tons of advice on a match with possibly high stakes, it would suck for me. But that's also me assuming that I would not get a coach. I probably wouldn't have one though, so it'd feel like a 2v1 in some ways. 2 people each with their coaches is "fair" though. 


I would say that wanting coaching is great and all, but I feel that a lot of community resources go unused as is. I get the impression that coaching would be another excuse to not look anything up.


Though overall I don't feel too strongly about the subject, and whatever people want is fine. I have only been to one major anyway.

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I mostly agree with Pentao, didn't even think about how it looks on stream, though. I think if people keep it short, it doesn't add a ton of extra fluff. That's how actual sports roll, isn't it...? They go off into a corner where we can't hear them and discuss something in the middle of a game/set.


But it would def help people improve if we shared knowledge often.


It comes down to, what are you trying to measure in bracket? Are you testing their knowledge exam-style or are you testing their ability to implement what they've learned? If the former, coaching would be off limits. Period. I understand this perspective because there are people doing "all" the work researching things before the "test" that is the bracket. If the latter, we need some "fair" way to implement coaching so the coachless people aren't screwed in what looks like a 2 v 1. People have to earn them one way or another, I guess. One factor in other sports coaching is either everyone or no one has a coach. And they all probably get to pick their coach, though.


As someone who doesn't look anything up, I certainly couldn't rely on coaching to win brackets. People shouldn't feel obligated to help me if I look like a slacker or a lost cause. But I'm a little more motivated when people offer help despite that. Like the Weavile mains have occasionally reached out to me and tried and correct some of my bad habits, but they also don't hand hold me and I gotta accept the mistakes I still make.


That all being said, I don't know enough to take brackets, so I'm not sure I can even give an unbiased verdict on coaching. I'm either on the extreme of "please help me" or "please let me drown in pools and let the person who knows what they're doing take the match."

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This probably doesn't contribute to this discussion, but I've always wonder what a fighting game tournament would be like where a 2-man team made of a player and his/her coach would actually coach the player during the match. Literally having headset on and two coaches guiding their respective players as they face each other down. Just kind of wonder what kind of matches that would produce... But nobody's gonna try that it seems. :(

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To weigh in on this myself, I have actually always allowed coaching between games at events I run. I think it is a great tool to use, and we don't see much of it in our community.


It can especially be helpful for newer players, since a fair amount of folks always seem to ask to have 1v1 sessions with folks to learn the game.


In the comparison of sports it is equivalent to a time out, so I see little problem with it personally. Just keep it to a reasonable time frame.  Between rounds was an interesting concept because I saw that comparison to a boxing match, where the coach talks to the boxer in the corner. It also helps that it is timed. Ultimately. I think games is more appropriate.

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