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Base damage and scaling for Charizard's moveset

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This table shows the base damage and scaling for each hit in Charizard’s Duel Phase moveset as of version 1.3.2, and still good through version 1.3.3. The second column breaks out the base damage of each hit in the move. The third column breaks out how much scaling each hit imposes on the remainder of the combo. Listings in parentheses (like this) are details for optional follow-ups.


You can use this data to help craft your combos, or even plug it into Zyflair’s damage calculator to find out exactly how much damage a combo will do.


A note about midair scaling: hitting an airborne opponent imposes an extra 10% scaling on the rest of the combo. As much as possible, I have tried to exclude this from the data below. For example, if you land all the hits of 5[X], the next hit in your combo will have 30% scaling from hit 1 + 30% scaling from hit 4 + 10% midair scaling (since any follow-up must be midair) = 70% total scaling. However, there are a couple of moves where it’s a little ambiguous whether or not the opponent is airborne, so they might accidentally include the 10% midair scaling. If you notice a case like this, please let me know in the replies.


Without further ado, the data:


Move Base Damage Scaling
2Y 10, 30 0%, 20%
5Y(Y) 30, (60) 10%, (20%)
6Y 80 30%
8Y 20 0%
2X 60 10%
5X 80, 100 50%, 20%
5[X] 40, 20, 20, 100 20%, 0%, 0%, 30%
6X(X) 20, 60, (100) 0%, 0%, (20%)
8X 120 40%
4A 40, 40, 40 10%, 10%, 40%¹
5A 30×5 30%×5
6A 100 60%
8A 160 20%
jY 20, 20 0%, 0%
j6Y(Y) 30, (100) 20%, (20%)
jX 80 40%
j[X] 120 40%
jA 20×5, 120, 10×5 10%×5, 20%, 10%×5²
j8A 20×5, 120 10%×5, 20%
FS Y 20×4 0%, 10%×3
FS X 120 20%
FS A 20×6 0%×5, 20%
FS 8A 30×6 0%×5, ??²
X+A 10, 10, 60 0%, 0%, 50%
Y+B 10×3, 30, 30, 60 N/A
L+R 10×8, 180 across 7 hits³ 0%×15


¹This changed in 1.3.2. In earlier versions, the first two hits of 4A had 0% scaling.


²I haven’t found a good way to test the last hit(s) in these moves to make sure the scaling is exactly right. What I have should be close enough most of the time, but it may fail you if you find new tech for the move.


³The Burst Attack animation has special damage code. For the purposes of planning your own damage like in the calculator, you can think of the animation as a single hit with 180 base damage. When the animation starts, the engine figures out how much damage the whole animation will do (take 180 and apply scaling and caps), and divides the result more-or-less evenly across seven hits to make the animation. Big credit to @Mister Wufor digging deep into the game's attack tables to figure that out!

Edited by PokkenZard
exclude midair scaling accidentally included in 5[X]

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