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Special Cancelable Tick Throws

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A tick throw is the action of an attack that is followed up with an immediate grab attempt afterwards.


Characters with command grabs benefit from this as they're able to incorporate them into their special cancelable moves.


Each tick throw scenario has a "Block" and/or "Hit" tag next to it.


"Block" means this setup will work if the opponent continues to stay in a blocking state.


"Hit" is for when the opponent starts to hold block after getting hit by the attack. More commonly known as a reset.






Duel Phase:


(Block) 2Y > 2A Dream Eater
(Block/Hit) 5Y > 2A Dream Eater
(Block) 5YY > 2A Dream Eater




Field Phase:


(Block/Hit) nYYY > fA Nuzzle
(Block) fY > fA Nuzzle (Point blank only if still blocking)

Duel Phase:


(Hit) 5Y > 6A Nuzzle


:Libre:Pikachu Libre-


Field Phase:


(Block) nY > bA Electroweb


Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 5Y > 4A Electroweb (Corner Only)
(Block/Hit) 5YY > 4A Electroweb (Corner Only)




Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 1A Bullet Punch > Y+B Bug Bite





Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 5Y > 1A Giga Drain (5Y must be spaced on block)




Field Phase:


(Block/Hit) nY > fA Hypnosis


Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 5Y > 6A Hypnosis
(Block/Hit) 5YY > 6A Hypnosis
(Block/Hit) 6Y > 6A Hypnosis
(Block) 5X > 6A Hypnosis
(Block/Hit) Burst 5Y > 6A Hypnosis
(Block/Hit) Burst 5YY > 6A Hypnosis




Field Phase:


(Block/Hit) X > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics


Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 2YY > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics
(Block/Hit) 5Y > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics
(Block/Hit) 5YY > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics
(Block/Hit) 5YYY > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics
(Block) 5XX > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics




Field Phase:


(Block/Hit) nY > fA Submission


Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 5Y > 6A Submission
(Block/Hit) 5YY > 6A Submission
(Hit) 8Y > 6A Submission




Field Phase:


(Block/Hit) nY > L+R Burst Attack


Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 2Y > L+R Burst Attack
(Hit) 5Y > L+R Burst Attack
(Block/Hit) 5YY > L+R Burst Attack
(Block/Hit) 6Y > L+R Burst Attack
(Block/Hit) 4A Defog > L+R Burst Attack
(Block/Hit) 5A Aqua Jet > L+R Burst Attack
(Block) 8A Drill Peck > L+R Burst Attack





Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 5Y > 2A Water Pulse

(Block) 5YY > 2A Water Pulse

(Block) 8Y > 2A Water Pulse

(Block) 5X > 2A Water Pulse




Field Phase:


(Block/Hit) nY > bAY Telekinesis

(Block/Hit) sY > bAY Telekinesis

(Block) nY > L+R Burst Attack
(Block/Hit) sY > L+R Burst Attack


Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 5Y > 4AY Telekinesis

(Block/Hit) 5YY > 4AY Telekinesis

(Block) 5X > 4AY Telekinesis



Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 5Y > 2A Hex (Tipper 5Y Only)




Duel Phase:


(Block/Hit) 5Y > 2A Sand Tomb
(Block/Hit) 5YY > 2A Sand Tomb (Corner Only)
(Block) 5YYY > 2A Sand Tomb (Corner Only)



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