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Developing Pokkén scene in Puerto Rico

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Guys, I need some help. In a few weeks there's going to be an FGC event in Puerto Rico, Pokkén dx isn't in their schedule but they're open to suggestions.


I already have a group of people from my country that are going to shoot an email to the organizers but I figure more people suggesting the game will increase the chances of it getting added.


What we want to communicate is something along the lines of not being from P.R but would like to see the game played there and if possible, streamed to watch and support it.


They speak spanish but I can translate your messages and give them back respectively for you to email them. Please DM me through here or discord if you'd like to lend a hand! My Discord ID is @Foo#4902

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Huh, I didn't think I'd find people from Puerto Rico into Pokkén as well. I know this is a really old forum post, but, I am suddenly curious about FGC event and where it is if I ever want to see it. Also, glad to see another Puertorican in here. Assuming you still enter in here.

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17 minutes ago, YadYahudgunk said:

Hey another small scene

Luck from Israel!

Thank you so much! I hope it grows in Israel, bud! Hopefully, people in other places get to see how fun Pokkén can be.

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