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Early Tech/Media/Content Thread

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A lot of Pokkén content - including things like new tech and optimal combos - ends up on Twitter and Discord before it makes its way to places like Pokkén Arena. This is simply because it's a lot easier to open Twitter and post a video than it is to upload a video to YouTube with a proper title and description, then make a new post on Pokkén Arena with a description of what it is, then link said post to places like Twitter and Discord.


While it's completely understandable, this does mean that some very helpful content has never made it to Pokkén Arena. There are many players who started with DX on the Switch, and there's some unexplored tech that may have been expanded upon much sooner if the findings were documented in a place it would last. For example, H2 just shared a safer way to avoid Garchomp's Burst Attack yesterday (great video by the way, check it out), even though we've known you could backdash Chomp's Burst since last year! New discoveries are always being made in the FGC, but it's possible this OS might've been discovered/more widely known sooner if there was a thread where players could discuss and theorycraft.


So basically, this thread is for sharing tech, content, and anything else that you feel may be beneficial for people to know, but that isn't already on Pokkén Arena as far as you know. I'll edit this OP to include any content that is linked in the replies, so hopefully this thread can be helpful for new players or even for revisiting old theories/underexplored tech!




Pikachu Libre Restand Glitch


Braixen VS Decidueye OS

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