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From Field to Duel: Episode 1 (Mewtwo)

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Watch Episode 1 on the YouTube archive here


From Field to Duel is a Pokkén Tournament retrospective series where we study the history of a character, how they were played, and how they've developed overtime.


Sets we analyzed:

Seattle - Mewtater vs Allister 

Chiba - Potetin vs Kinuko 

EVO 2016 - Swillo vs Potetin 

RitT 2016 - Thulius vs Suicune Master

Final Round XX - Swillo vs Toasty 

KVO - Thulius vs Tanoshimi


H2, Slippingbug, and I would love to hear your feedback. What can we do better? What should we do differently? What did you guys like and what did you dislike? Please let us know!

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I saw on your Twitter that episode 3 of this series is going to be sceptile. I loved the first two and am wondering if 3 is up yet anywhere. 

Also are there any plans to do a Suicune episode? My thoughts immediately jump to elm at Oceania qualifiers this year. There really are a lot of great Suicune players gracing your company! 

Thanks for making this content and for your vivid commentary at top events. These things are part of what makes this game special!

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