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Empoleon Phase Shift Points

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Edit:  Just about all of this information is already on the frame data for him.  The skating PSP oddities are new information, I think.


We just need to get some information down in here.  Feel free to add to this thread as you discover more.  Here's my best effort for Phase Shift Points.


Not skating:

Ice Beam + stun= 4* PSP (1x Steel Wing + 3x 6A to Phase Shift)

4X = 4 PSP (1x Steel Wing + 3x 4X to Phase Shift)

5X = 4 PSP (1x Steel Wing + 3x 5X to Phase Shift)

j.X = 4 PSP (1x Steel Wing + 3x j.X to Phase Shift)

8X = 3 PSP

8A = 3 PSP

CA = 3 PSP

Defog = 3 PSP

5YY = 3 PSP

6YY = 3 PSP

Steel Wing (raw) = 2 PSP

j.Y = 0 PSP

8A W!~Any HM = 7 PSP (3x Steel Wing + 8A~Y to Phase Shift, 1x Steel Wing + 8A + 8A~Y to Phase Shift, 3x Steel Wing + 8A + 8A~B to Phase Shift)
AJ~Surf = 5 PSP  (1x Steel Wing + 2x AJ~B to Phase Shift)

AJ~Waterfall = 4 PSP

AJ~Rock Smash = 4 PSP

AJ~Cut = 3 PSP  (1x Steel Wing + 4x AJ~Y to Phase Shift)



j.[X] whiff ~ Hydro Cannon = 4 PSP

j.[X] hit ~ Hydro Cannon = 7 PSP

Ice Beam whiff ~ Hydro Cannon = 2 PSP

Ice Beam hit ~ Hydro Cannon = 7 PSP

j.[X] whiff ~ Steel Wing = 3 PSP

j.[X] hit ~ Steel Wing = 7 PSP

Ice Beam whiff ~ Steel Wing = 3 PSP

Ice Beam hit ~ Steel Wing = 6 PSP


Ice Beam is a little odd.  If you get a full hit and stun, it's 4 PSP.  If you snipe a jump with Ice Beam and get a knockdown it's either 2 or 3 PSP.


Skating is also a little strange as Phase Shift Points depend upon whether the move that started your skating connected.  You get a 1 PSP "discount" for Ice Beam hit + follow-up.  I think that's to counteract the damage scaling on the follow-up.


Fun note, an Ice Beam hit ~ Steel Wing does 144 points of damage.  A j.[X] whiff ~ Steel Wing also does 144 points of damage.  Strange, but true.


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