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Braixen meaty guide

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Before I go on I want to make a quick apology for my amateur recording set up, but I think did a good job at making sure the image was clear. With that out of the way…


This character has a lot of practical meaty and pierce meaty set ups.


People often rely on timing when trying land meaties and that can have the risk of whiffing and getting punished or putting yourself in a disadvantage.


People don't seem to be aware of the invinsibility property get up animations have and how the lenght can be manipulated, and this can mess up people when they're improvising set ups. Multi hit moves don't need to worry as much about this. If you press any kind of button, even block, your animation ends earlier and you set yourself up for the opponent. A lot of one hit moves can be avoided by letting the get up animation end.


I already went through this on twitter but I figure it'll get more exposure here. I included videos for a visual example and added notations.


Generally, these set ups lead to meaty 5Y/5X/2A/grab/[CA]. However, every set up varies in options given the position and properties of the characters.


(I'll provide the options you get in each set up and you can refer back here for visual reference) Here are examples of braixen meaties and how they're applied:


Your best support cancel button if you have a good support ready to call and a nice combo tool if you have someone against the wall. This is CA punishable and -8 on block. I wouldn't use 5X alone unless you have a support onboard that can pierce to keep the pressure going. The second part of this move is somewhat safe on block although it is CA punishable by some characters if they anticipate it. I'll share those details on a different guide.


A good poke tool. You can check your opponent's options and react with an attack:



Here's an example of CA stuff with 8A:



Here's an example of CA punish with j.x:



Your safest option overall and leads to crit if they press buttons. If they block they're pushed back and you get some distance. If they CA, you block or you can punish them, but that's an entirely different guide.



A mix up tool for set ups that lead into only one option.


Let's go:


j.x 66 2X 5Y/5X/2A:


j.x~[A] 66 ]A[ 2AE:



j.x in field causes hard knock down, entering duel at an advantage and leads to 2 meaty set ups. Supports like Cubone and Farfetch'd help keep the opponent in place letting you end the combo with j.x and shift to duel for the set up.


Cubone demo:



Farfetch'd demo:



[CA] 2X 5Y/5X/2A:


cCA 2X 5Y/5X/2A:



Since these only lead into 5X remember to mix up
[C{A}] ]A[ 5X:


cC[A] ]A[ 5X:



bY 2A (Does NOT work on Gengar):



j.AE fY 66 66 5X/5Y/2A:



Field(pierce set ups):


j.x 5Y [CA]:


j.AE fY 66 [CA]:




5YYY4[A] 66 ]A[ 5Y/5X/2AE:


5YYY4A 44 4Y:


5XX 5[A]:


8X j.4R 4Y:


2X CA 5X/5Y/2A:



2X is a move used in mid range, it's fast and support cancellable making it safe on block, which is why people keep an eye on Braixen's support meter and anticipate it when her gauge is full. 2X without support isn't anticipated and can catch opponents off guard, leading into the set up.

4X 4Y 5X/5Y:


4X 5X 66 2A:


2A 66 5A:


c2A 4Y 5XX 5[A]:



8XAE 8X 2X 5X/5Y/2A:


j.AE 8X 2X 5X/5Y/2A:


8XAE 44 4[Y]:


j.AE 44 4[Y]:



Duel(pierce set ups):

5YYY4A 66 66 [CA]:


5X[A] W! 5YY ]A[ [CA]:


8X~[A] W! j.4R ]A[ 66 [CA] (Does NOT not work on Gengar):


8XAE 8X 66 [CA]:


j.AE 8X 66 [CA]:


c2AE 4[Y] 66 5Y [CA]:



Duel(Wall set ups):


5X W! 5X 5YY8AB 66 2Y 5X/5Y/2AE (Does NOT not work on Machamp or Gengar):


5X W! 5X 8AEB 66 2Y 5X/5Y/2AE (Does NOT not work on Machamp or Gengar):



Wall set ups against Machamp(Because he's special.)
5X W! 5YYAB CA 5X/5Y/2AE:


5X W! 8AEB [CA] 5X/5Y/2AE:



Wall set ups against Gengar(Dumb ghost)
5X W! 5X 5YYAB CA 5X/5Y/2A:


5X W! 5X 8AEB CA 5X/5Y/2A:



By far Braixen's most threatening set up. Not only do you have SD, you're applying wall pressure and have 4 meaties available. 5X leads into huuuge damage AND leads into the same set up again, so you can keep the pressure going. I wouldn't opt for double SD.



Aaand, that's it.


I personally think some of these make braixen an even more threatening character, it's up to people that main her if they decide to incorporate this into their game, I encourage you to do so and figure out which options are better for different MU.

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