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Kind of new Braixen tech

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A few days ago Double posted his Braixen findings and what she could do in burst mode with the new double jump buff.


If you don't know what I'm talking about here's the vid:



At first it was thought this was some strange attribute Braixen got from the buff. Turns out it isn't.


Decided to test it out myself and wanted to see if it could be taken further. With the right timing you can keep resetting your jump by dashing close to the ground. (Sorry for the amateur recording, lol)



I was also testing this out with the jump buff. This actually took many attempts, and I kept taking braixen (breaks in) between. On one of my takes I forgot to give myself the buff and still managed to reset my jumps, didn't notice I didn't have the buff until after.


It was then that i found this out:



It looks like if you dash close enough to the ground the game thinks you're grounded and it resets your jump. I think it has potential, but how long before this is patched out? Assuming this wasn't intended.

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Woooooow, this is super interesting, but I don't know if it's as practical to pull off in real combat.


It'll work in some situations though! :0

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