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#Pokkén-discussion summaries

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This thread will have summaries of important topics discussed in the #Pokkén-discussion channel on my personal discord which you can check out here:


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Today I was asked by 6tennis if I am more of an "art" or "science" type player. Art is based on heavy conditioning, learning your opponent thoroughly, and relying on instinct. Science refers to using your knowledge and core understanding of the game itself to influence your decisions. I wasn't sure on how to describe myself so I asked some others.

Burnside tunes in with: So I think it's a complex question, but like originally you got good because of science. Like a lot of NA right. You set off to master the game through understanding of core mechanics and to use that knowledge to your advantage. But then people started catching up "figuring out your tricks" and you realized that you could exploit people's habits in other ways too. I think right around when you started saying "you're not really conditioning unless you're conditioning in neutral is" is kinda a paradigm shift in your play and maybe playing m2 and seeing the benefits of fire punch as a tool to exploit opponents habits and that some risk could be good helped with this too. Like your walk up wildcharge stuff is basically the Pokkén verison of the Umehara uppercut. So I think now you play with both to varying degrees depending on the MU/player.

This basically says it's important to have a good foundation and fundamentals of the game but it's just as important to adapt to the player matchup as much as the character matchup.

As mentioned earlier, frame data is very important to learning how interactions in the game work. Currently there is no excuse for not learning your frame data. Something that was brought up is someone was saying "I am a visual learner I don't learn that way." However, learning frame data isn't really a visual thing aside from learning what the move looks like which you can do in training mode. it's about taking 10 minutes to go through a character's moveset and learn relevant stuff that you can punish and stuff where you know not to press buttons afterwards.

Here's a quick explanation for those who don't know what frame data is: Frame data for newbies

Here is the Pokkén frame data being compiled by TheAppleBoom: Pokkén Frame Data
Here is a move properties list translated and posted by Pentao: Move Properties List


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