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  3. Here are the tournament results for every Pokkén bracket from Wednesday, August 8 to Tuesday, August 14! This week saw the debut of the Pokkén Tournament DX monthly at Wednesday Night Fights in North California, with players like ALLISTER and BadIntent in attendance. If you weren't able to catch one of this week's events live, be sure to check the VODs! Many talented players were competing at events this week in preparation for the 2018 Pokémon World Championships, so there's plenty of great gameplay to study. Did we miss a tournament? Let us know and it will be added to the list shortly. Wednesday, August 8, 2018 Wednesday Night Fights x Oakland 2018 Episode 3 Esports Arena | 255 2nd St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/weds-night-fights-x-oakland-2018-episode-3/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/342709 VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/294917116 Saturday, August 11, 2018 August 2018 Smash Jam Kafeneio's Coffeehouse | 258 W 3300 S, South Salt Lake, UT 84115, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/august-2018-smash-jam/events/pokk-n-tournament-dx/brackets/343934 VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/296027592 Saturday, August 11, 2018 Phase Shift #26 FX Game Exchange | 3000 Custer Rd, Plano, TX 75075, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/phase-shift-26/events/phase-shift-26/brackets/343908 Saturday, August 11, 2018 Guard Break VIII Oakview Mall | 3001 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68144, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/guard-break-viii/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/341730 VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/296093788 Sunday, August 12, 2018 V-SYNERGY #23 The Laboratory | 3 S York Rd, Hatboro, PA 19040, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/v-synergy-23/events/pokk-n-tournament-dx/brackets/284476 VODs: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/296455307 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/296509139 Sunday, August 12, 2018 Royale 818 (Forest's Legion of Libres) All Ways Gaming | 21032 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/royale-818-1/events/pokken-dx-forest-s-legion-of-libres/brackets/352164 Sunday, August 12, 2018 Pokkén Weekly Return 95 Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Worldwide Bracket: https://challonge.com/PokkenWeeklyReturn95 VODs: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/296446852 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/296429171 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/296446094 Monday, August 13, 2018 Neos City Brawl #29 Truly Urban Hobby Shop | 2391 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10468, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/neos-city-brawl-29/events/pokk-n-dx-singles/brackets/355208 VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/297014116 Tuesday, August 14, 2018 Nekyucards Pokkén #5 Nekocards | 311 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/nekyucards-pokken-5/events/pokken-singles/brackets/354783 Tuesday, August 14, 2018 Nebraska Pokkén at Legendary Wolf Games Oakview Mall | 3001 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68144, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/pokken-at-legendary-wolf-games-08-14-18/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/355397 VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/297442805 Congratulations to all of this week's competitors!
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  5. silvally

    fresh meat looking for some advice

    thank you for the response! i am aware that suicune and braixen are zoners and i quite like them for that; zoning feels 'safe' to me. i know the majority of suicune's ranged attacks, and i can string them together in some combos in duel phase, but i'm utterly clueless when it comes to combos in field. the same can be said for braixen, however i have a little bit more of an idea of field combos with her. i've done the combo dojo tutorials with them both many times, enough to slightly understand what i'm doing-- but i'm prone to panicking and when i panic, i mash. so it's not the best, but i'm trying to move away from that and block more so i can feel safer.
  6. Mister Wu

    fresh meat looking for some advice

    can be considered a zoner, i.e. a fighter that is very effective when it keeps the opponent at a distance and uses ranged attacks. This of course requires a bit more experience than the one you need to proficient at the beginning with more "standard" fighters like or , but other than that, I still think you can use it to learn - ranged attacks are anyway a very important part of Pokkén Tournament. I'm not sure about the combos of , but I guess that again they are a bit more difficult to learn than those of or . Bottom point: you can go with , you might have less of a satisfying battle workflow at the beginning since you need to learn what ranged attack you need and when to use it and because combos might be harder to pull off, but you'll also quickly learn an important aspect of Pokkén. P.S.: since I never mentioned her so far, again tends to be on the zoner side, as she has quite a few ranged attacks she uses to keep the opponent at a distance. However, her peculiar aspect is that most of her attacks charge the support gauge and she has various ways to summon the support Pokémon during combos, so she would be a choice to learn this aspect of Pokkén.
  7. hi! i'm super new, i just got the game yesterday and i'm having a ton of fun with it. i'm slowly making my way through the leagues with suicune who i've decided to main for now. i've done a few friendly matches online and lost all of them, which is fine since i had some close matches and it was cool to see more experienced players, but i wanna git gud! and... is suicune good for learning the game with, or should i learn the game in and out with a different character before going back? which character has the lightest learning curve? one of my biggest issues is combos, its not that i don't know any, i do... but i suck at executing them in ideal situations. i also don't block nearly enough as i should, and i also am not great at reading. it should be noted that i want to learn every character eventually, but right now my eyes are on suicune, braixen and pika libre/pikachu. any tips at all would be greatly appreciated!
  8. PaperSak

    Unlocking Characters on Pokkén DX

    The only other way I can think of "many" characters having locks would be if you accidentally turned on the Demo version. I know you mentioned you bought it, but just making sure. I can't remember if the icons are much different...
  9. PaperSak

    Help finding a main?

    I wanna second Weavile for that above average mobility. He doesn't have a lot of HP to afford going ham, but his movement and frame data are fantastic. You're low on projectiles, but at least he still has some, and you can use supports to make up for what's lacking. I'm 100% biased because I play(ed) Weavile, but for similar reasons. Also agree with trying out Braixen and Libre.
  10. The FSBC Cup featuring Mewtwo has begun! Apologies for the delay posting this. This official Group Match is the first in a fairly lengthy period of time to have abnormal start and end times, so it caught us off guard. The FSBC Psydisaster Cup runs from today, August 12 to Sunday, August 19 and features the Psychic-type Pokémon Mewtwo. The event will use the Team Battle format. Like with all of the official FSBC Cups, there will be a special title given to all participants. Remember that to receive your special title, you must play at least one match to completion. The "League Master" titles will once again be awarded to the top 100 competitors. You can find the full details for the FSBC Psydisaster Cup below. Ranking Times NA: Start: 8/12/18 8AM PT End: 8/19/18 10PM PT EU: Start: 8/12/18 10AM BT End: 8/20/18 12AM BT JP: Unknown at this time. If you have access to the Japanese Group Match, let us know! Note: Battles will only be ranked during the Ranking Times each day. Format VS Mode: Team Battle Skill Level: Off Rematch: No Battle Stage: Fixed Battle Arena Participation Prize Participants will receive a special "Psydisaster" title based on Mewtwo. Note: To earn the Participation Prize, players must play one match to completion during the Ranking Times listed above. Ranking Prizes Places 1 - 10: Places 11 - 30: Places 31 - 60: Places 61 - 100: Good luck to all of the players competing in the FSBC Psydisaster Cup!
  11. Kamaal

    Scizor 6AA hX bug bite optimal

    In addition to Scizor's regular Metal Claw bnb of 6AA 6YX 1A~Y+B, Scizor can sometimes get 10 more damage by doing 6AA hXX jYX 1A~Y+B (whiff second hit of jX for the bounce into Bullet Punch). The following is the difficulty in landing 6AA hXX jYX 1A~Y+B on each character. Very lenient: Pikachu Pikachu Libre Braixen Suicune Works like normal on: Blaziken Lucario Gengar Blastoise Very strict: Darkrai Gardevoir Scizor Decidueye Chandelure Weavile Mewtwo Shadow Mewtwo Doesn't work on: Aegislash Croagunk Sceptile Machamp Empoleon Charizard Garchomp You should make it a point to go for the optimal on the characters that are normal or lenient difficulty, but the rest probably don't bother cause you'll likely drop it more often than not and it isn't a big enough difference in damage to warrant it.
  12. 6AA 6YX W! 6Y 1AX:X is a common, high damage wall bnb for when you have full meter and don't need to Bug Bite for synergy. Though it works on every character, you'll notice some characters wallsplat very high such that 6Y will whiff, and in order to complete the combo you need to either wait for them to slide down a little before the 6Y or replace the 6Y with a falling jY instead. jY does similar or more damage and works the same on every character but it can be difficult to time compared to 6Y. Damage comparison: 6AA 6YX W! 6Y 1AX:X - 264 dmg 6AA 6YX W! jY 1AX:X - 264 dmg 5YY 6AA 6YX W! 6Y 1AX:X - 244 dmg 5YY 6AA 6YX W! jY 1AX:X - 246 dmg hY 6AA 6YX W! 6Y 1AX:X - 242 dmg - hY 6AA 6YX W! jY 1AX:X does too many hits and will phase shift before the last hit This is the list of wallsplat heights of each character: Regular wallsplat (can connect instant 6Y) Darkrai Blaziken Pikachu Pikachu Libre Lucario Scizor Aegislash Croagunk Gengar Decidueye Machamp Braixen Empoleon Weavile Garchomp Mewtwo Shadow Mewtwo High wallsplat (must delay 6Y) Suicune Gardevoir Sceptile Blastoise Chandelure Charizard Of special note is that for the characters that wallsplat high, you can link 6YY W! 1A~Y+B instead of 6YX. The rest of the cast will fall out of 6YY. 6YY combos only do 1 or 2 more points of damage, however.
  13. PaperSak

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    ^ At least after the last patch, I don't agree Suicune is bottom. Has some bad matchups, sure, but overall Suicune has more tools being able to cancel stuff and having fewer things to cheese. It's like... not surprising they picked popular characters. They wanted people to buy the game. There were def some underrated choices that I didn't see coming but yeah overall it was based on Japan popularity, apparently. I can only speak for two Garde matchups: Aegislash and Weavile. Weavile is godawful for Gardevoir, I can't sugarcoat that. Playing as Aegislash is a nightmare, though. With how fast you can pierce counter, I can't get into shield forme easily and I often just surrender field phase, intentionally or unintentionally. I kind of dabble in Darkrai and yeah it seems about even... but I'm naturally gonna get hurt because I don't main Krai. D: I guess it's a good thing they nerfed his teleport? As Ouro implied but I'ma be more on the blunt end, it's probably not just the character. If you cannot keep out Machamps, you need to set up better. I have this problem when I play as Darkrai. Slow characters seem to weasel their way in even if the matchup is drastically in my favor, but it's because I'm leaving holes in my setups. You... should not be too far if you want that to land, then. Every player needs to space properly; this isn't a Gardevoir problem. Isn't that the pink move with lots of end lag...? Counter it if it's too high. Lucario is actually aggrivating, not gonna lie, hahaha. No matter who I play, Luc has an answer for everything. But it's not really fair to compare Lucario, Garchomp or other straightforward-ish characters to Gardevoir because they play completely differently. Your tools under "normal" conditions are *supposed* to suck because you excel at a different range than other characters. Lucario's job is to have an answer to everything; technical characters' jobs are to make the answer really hard to find. This is why Gengar has iframes and Darkrai lays stuff all over the field. Your character is guessing in the sense that it's all mind games: make it hard for them to get in and trick them into pushing the buttons you want. Also, I'm not sure what supopse you're using...? That could make a big difference.
  14. Waled05

    Field Phase Points

    You should point out that red armor breaks if you get hit with any move that has FPP when it reaches 24.
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  16. AURA|Aldrake

    How do Gardevoir mains feel about the Lucario MU?

    That would be nice. Though this would be a "losing MU" for Gardevoir, I feel that is doable but it involves patience and creativity. Something new Gardevoir's and sometimes veteran Gardevoirs can have a hard time dealing with it. Though this reply is late, I'll be willing to help in anyway I can as I am a Lucario main and Gardevoir is a current secondary but training to co-main with Lucario and Garchomp as well.
  17. Here are the tournament results for every Pokkén bracket from Wednesday, August 1 to Tuesday, August 7! This week featured Evo 2018, the pinnacle of fighting game tournaments each year. The Pokkén side event at Evo featured over 50 entrants and saw plenty of love from Evo, with the official Twitter tweeting about the event and the top 4 matches taking place on the main TEKKEN 7 stage/stream. If you weren't able to catch one of this week's events live, be sure to check the VODs! From Evo 2018 to weekly local tournaments, there's a lot to get caught up on. Did we miss a tournament? Let us know and it will be added to the list shortly! Friday, August 3, 2018 Evo 2018 Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino | 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/pokken-dx-at-evo-2018/events/pokk-n-tournament-dx/overview VODs: Bracket: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/294466463 Top 4: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/292783167?t=06h19m26s Friday, August 3, 2018 Pokkén EU Weekly #14 Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Europe Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/pokk-n-eu-weekly-14-did-you-go-to-france/details Saturday, August 4, 2018 Tri Attack 1 Fire And Dice | 589 Bridgeport Ave, Milford, CT 06460, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/tri-attack-1/events/pokk-n-dx-1v1/brackets/309855 Saturday, August 4, 2018 Switch Versus The Forge | 8026 W Broad St c, Henrico, VA 23294, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/switch-versus-the-forge/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/294661 Saturday, August 4, 2018 Lansing Hopeful 2 428 S Shaw Ln, Okemos, MI 48864, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/lansing-pokken-hopeful-2-1/events/pokken-singles/brackets/310939 VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/293145398 Saturday, August 4, 2018 Australia Winter 2018 #10 Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Australia Bracket: https://challonge.com/ESpeedOki VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/292942834 Sunday, August 5, 2018 Anime Revolution Summer 2018 Vancouver Convention Centre | 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3, Canada Bracket: https://challonge.com/anirevsummer2018pokken Monday, August 6, 2018 Neos City Brawl #28 Truly Urban Hobby Shop | 2391 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10468, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/neos-city-brawl-28/events/pokk-n-dx-singles/brackets/342227 VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/294026395 Tuesday, August 7, 2018 Australia Winter 2018 #11 Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Australia Bracket: https://challonge.com/glorifiedRPS VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/294155019 Tuesday, August 7, 2018 Nebraska Pokkén at Legendary Wolf Games Oakview Mall | 3001 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68144, USA Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/pokken-at-legendary-wolf-games-08-07-18/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/335853 VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/294447944 Congratulations to all of this week's competitors!
  18. At some point I found a new wall combo with 5Y involving charge X but also notified that it was character specific combo, because gunk was starting to have various character specific combo I figured that I should as well try them all for all character, here a spreadsheet with all the combo: Character\Combo Easy swim loop Hard swim loop j.X loop ]X[ after j.3Y (wall) 6Y after j.3Y (wall) Counter (2X? 4YY? Emolga?) Darkrai J.9Y randomly whiff1 Reliable..Ish? Don't work Work Work Work til j.8X, 4Y whiff, Emolga whiff Blaziken Reliable Reliable Reliable Work,Reliable Don't work Work til 6X (2X whiff), 4YY whiff, Emolga whiff Pikachu Reliable,tad harder Unreliable Barely work Work,2X finisher reliable,4YX finisher whiff Work Work til hard swim loop2,4YY whiff,Emolga whiff Lucario Reliable Reliable Reliable Work Don't work Work til swim loop,4YY whiff, Emolga work,but not rayquaza Gardevoir Reliable Reliable Reliable Work,5Y followup is hard Work Work til swim loop,4YY whiff, Emolga + ray work Pikachu libre Reliable,tad harder Unreliable Don't work Work,Reliable,4YX finisher whiff Work Work til hard swim loop2,4YY whiff,Emolga whiff Scizor Reliable Reliable Reliable Work,Reliable, 4YX finisher whiff Work Work til swim loop, 4YY whiff, Emolga whiff Aegislash Reliable Unreliable Don't work Work,near-impossible to do 2X finisher Work Work til swim loop,4YY Whiff,Emolga whiff Croagunk Reliable,tad harder Reliable Unreliable Work,Reliable Work Work til 2X, 4YY work and is optimal,Emolga whiff Sceptile Reliable No Barely work Don't work Don't work Work til 6X,2X Whiff, 4Y whiff, Emolga whiff Gengar Reliable I guess Reliable Barely work Work, reliable Work Work til 2X,4YY work and is optimal, Emolga work Decidueye Reliable Unreliable Barely work,but I managed to it 3 time in a row lol Work, Earliest possible 5Y always combo Work Work til 6X,2X Whiff, 4Y whiff, Emolga whiff, Machamp Reliable Unreliable Barely work Don't work Don't work Work til 6X,2X Whiff, 4Y whiff, Emolga whiff Braixen Reliable Reliable Reliable Work, Reliable Don't work Work til hard swim loop2 ,4YY whiff, Emolga work Empoleon Reliable Drop out sometime Unreliable Don't work Don't work Work til 2X, 4Y Whiff, Emolga whiff Blastoise Reliable Drop out sometime Don't work Don't work Don't work Work til 2Y ; 4YY Whiff, Emolga whiff Mewtwo Reliable Reliable, rarely go behind Reliable Work, reliable Don't work Work til 2X, 4YY Whiff, Emolga whiff Chandelure Realiable Reliable, rarely go behind Hard to start,look like 1 frame window to continue Work,slightly harder to do 2X finisher Work Work til 2X ; 4YY whiff, Emolga work Suicune Reliable Unreliable Barely work (?) Work,near-impossible to do 2X finisher Don't work Work til 6X,2X Whiff,4YY Whiff, Emolga work Weavile Reliable,tad harder Unreliable Barely ever work Work, reliable Work Work til 2X but 4YY is optimal, Emolga whiff Charizard Reliable Unreliable Don't work Don't work Don't work Work til 6X, 2X Whiff, 4Y whiff, Emolga whiff, Garchomp Reliable Reliable Reliable Work,seem hard to do it Work Work til 2X,4Y whiff, Emolga whiff SM2 Reliable Reliable, rarely go behind Reliable Work Don't work Work til 2X, 4YY whiff, Emolga whiff 1:Darkrai is a weirdo and just randomly don't want to be hit with j.9Y after 5Y,this is only char in which I would recommend actually going for hard swim loop, if that still too hard for you and just want the shift, just go with 5X after launcher and work from here 2:The timing is very tight for those but it possible,if not confident j.8X work just as well. The whole CA part is hella confusing so I'm gonna make it a tad more clear list: CA 6X only: CA 2X: CA 2X 2Y: CA 2X 2Y j.8X only : CA 2X 2Y j.8X or CA 2X 2Y j.9Y j.3Y 5Y etc... (hard swim loop or j.8X finisher) : CA 2X 2Y j.9Y j.3Y j.X 5Y etc.. (swim loop finisher): CA 4YY 5Y j.9Y j.3Y j.X 5Y etc... (4YY combo): Emolga work: Detail of combo: Easy swim loop = 5Y j.9Y j.3Y j.X loop Hard swim loop = 5Y j.9Y j.3Y loop J.X loop = 5Y j.X 5Y J.X etc... ]X[ after j.3Y at wall = 5YY j.3Y (crash) ]X[ !W 5Y J.X j.9Y j.Y 2X (hold X immediately after doing j.3Y,although you can also do it at the middle of 5YY) 6Y after j.3Y at wall = 5YY j.3Y (crash) 6Y etc... Didn't really tried to do any combo in particular,I was just trying to check if there any point to do it instead of j.3Y (spoiler: 6Y don't work in the same situation ]X[ don't work anyway) Counter: see above. Here some detail of what I mean with the various term I use: Reliable: Combo should work 100% of the time if you don't do any major screwup Drop out sometime: combo is reliable but rarely j.3Y whiff for some reason,not sure if it from a 5Y hit that is too high height-wise, but otherwise it reliable enough for me Unreliable: Combo that work half the time for me, slight timing mistake can make the combo drop all together. Most of the time you either have to hit the anti-air 5Y at a slightly lower height for the combo to work (at opposed to just having 5Y to hit your opponent for reliable combo) or at j.X loop case, you have to not do the fastest j.X possible. Overall stuff that are a tad too hard to do ingame reliably. Barely work: It work like once every 10 tries. I don't even know what I did to make it work,far too unreliable either way Don't work: Self-explanatory, never managed to do it after multiple tries. And that it, hope I've been clear with all the mess I did. If you guy have any question or want to suggest more combo for me to try,let's me know. I already started doing some of them,but not all of them. That why there some stuff that seem incomplete inside Future combo to try: CA Rayquaza CA microwalk 5Y with/without speed boost 4YX finisher after j.3Y (crash) ]X[ wall combo
  19. The results are now available for the FSBC Cup featuring Empoleon. This event utilized the Basic Battle format and took place from August 3 to August 5. Those who placed in the top 100 have received their special titles for their accomplishments, so be sure to check the group in-game to receive your placement as well as your rewards. You can find the top 100 players from the FSBC Deep Blue Monarch Cup below. A big thank you goes out to Tuxwuff for sending in the results for Europe! Keep in mind we do not have easy access to the Japan rankings, so they are absent from the results below. If you participate in the Japanese Group Matches and wish to have your region's rankings shared here, please email jetsplitbusiness@gmail.com. FSBC Deep Blue Monarch Cup - NA Top 100 FSBC Deep Blue Monarch Cup - EU Top 100 Did you enjoy the FSBC Deep Blue Monarch Cup? What official Group Match are you still waiting for? Let us know in the comments below!
  20. Sisune

    Braixen Q&A Thread!

    While the thread seems kind of dead, I want to ask questions. I'm new to FCG really, and proper mindgames i have never got to play with much. I have been playing quite a bit with players recently who knows enough about what is going on that I can practice mindgames. The question is, How knowledgeable, on average, are players to their opponents pokemon's capabilities? Should I practice and work with set ups assuming others know the situations i put them in? Or should i practice and learn set ups for testing opponents for their knowledge? I often find myself and the opponent not knowing who is going to win an interaction, if this info matters.
  21. This is A lab guide for blastoise if you wanna show the world ur shellshocking power this is for you. I will be going over main tools combos best supports oki setups and more. Buckle in. Lets get started. Some of youre best tools include bubble, water spout, and water gun into either y, a, or x. The main things you wanna focus on when labbing is youre oki setups. For those who dont know what oki means... its the option you choose on youre opponents getup. Lets say you get a hard knockdown with 6Y you can oki into water spout forcing them to shield and take massive chip. Lay lots of traps like bubble and zone effectively in duel. Water spout also counter peirces so its very good to catch a cadc or counter attack dash cancel grab. Feild phase is the same. Keep them out with walls of traps like by dragon pulse which is inputed by doing 5a into x. Dark pulse which breaks counters. (5a into y) etc. Rapid spin is youre best way to get in but keep in mind it can be shield grabbed. So mixing it up with x can be a option. Toise has a lot of field mobility. After inputting side y 5y 5a etc he goes into sheild stance with r. Which can be used to gain a lot of mobility and get in. Zoners are toises biggest issue. This is where you wanna play very bait heavy and use charge a and rapid spin. This gives you lots of counter armor and a defense buff that lasts a bit of time. Use the buff to also get counter armor on toises 2a or his command grab. Be careful tho. As it has huge startup. Lots of toises moves suffer from this. And in general has some of the worst frame data. Now onto combos... the toise loop is very easy to pull off. The main optimal you wanna practice is 4a 2y 4y 2y 4y 8xx. This will give you the most optimal damage in duel. You can also use 8y which has a bit of invincability and is good for the blaziken mu. That combo is 8yr forward 5y 2y 4y 8xx. Now that you know the most optimal combos its time for supports. Mixing and matching is nice latios is good for pinning heavys in and chipping with water spout snivy is good for a get off me option and can even combo or chip. Prob the best choice. Pachi can erase projectiles for zoners and jirachi gives a nice buff to ur synergy burst. Or mega blastoise. Try out different ones and see what works for you. Other neat tricks is blastoises lowstance capiable of counter armoring highs things like uncharged machamp CA or charizards fire punch. Hydropump his 8a is good for catching airborne opponents and has iframes meaning as you charge the move ur invulnerable for a small window. Use this avoiding things like hyper beam from mew2. Well you now know the main tools to use as blastoise. I hope this guide helped some new blastoise players out there. Hes a fun character and who knows you may make tourney waves with him. Let me know if i missed anything. By: Ariel
  22. As usual, here are the top charts 5 related to online ranked matches on the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament, to have a look at the activity of this mode! POINTS The increase in acrtivity was actually reconfirmed in July compared to the month before: In the case of the points, the increase was minor, but the changes in the top 5 are important: Sasaki Taiga completely disappeared, while Matthews appeared right in first place, plus in fifth place another new player, Shunkan, appeared. Yoshi disappeared from the top 5 as well, with Jessica Parra taking their 2nd place, while Hoku surpassed Natian/Bastymena, who remained in 4th palce. Both Hoku and Natian ranked up in the meantime. WINS The increase in activity compared to the previous month is small but still notable: In this case, the changes in the top 5 are of less impact: Hoku took the place of Sasaki Taiga, while the rest is pretty much unaltered. This shows that Hoku's results in the points' chart was due to the considerable amount of matches they won, indicating a mostly solid performance in ranked matches. Overall, the activity increase seen last month was reconfirmed in this month as well, indicating that a residual activity in online ranked matches is indeed still present in the Wii U version. Many players who were in the top 5 charts last month reconfirmed their solid performance, while the points chart might indicate an activity also among the people who were more recently introduced to the game, although the possibility of experienced people starting over through alternate accounts should always be considered.
  23. xzx

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    I feel like you are complaining a bit too much about "you have to guess, not react". This is Pokkén, it is literally a guessing game, much like rock-paper-scissors, but with more options and variables of course. (But I see where you are coming from when you complain about things like Braixens light screen and Chandelures ability to break the attack triangle. You're not wrong.) I main Suicune, also a bottom 5 character, and for one thing, I sure as heck know how to live by the guessing game, as that is the only way Suicune can win. IMO, Suicune is the character that needs to rely on RPSs the most, as he otherwise has bad options and is very punishable overall. He can't just throw out moves willy-nilly, or else he will be punished hard. He's not a great character, but I try to do the best with his tools anyway and focus on improving as a player. Yeah, Gardevoir isn't great, and to be fair, much of what you wrote are warranted. But I feel like Gardevoir players just throws out moves and hopes for the best. It gets predictable at last, making her very easy to punish. But I don't have Gardevoir's perspective, so I really can't say more. Now, I'm all for complaining about bad/underpowered characters, because no one will do it for you. There are still balance issues in Pokkén and underpowered characters like Gardevoir and Suicune need more love indeed. I honestly don't know what to say more.
  24. I've been preparing a budget for awhile now dedicated to starting my own Pokkén Tournament streams and videos, and I finally want to give it a shot. Before I do though, I want to know what would be a good baseline to start at considering all of the stuff I'll need to buy. And of course, general streaming advice, too. These are the main questions I've got right now: -What specs am I looking for in a computer? -What capture card are you using? (I've got my eyes on an elgato, but only because it's what I've heard of, and no other reason.) -What am I looking for in a webcam? -What am I looking for in a microphone or headset? Which of the two are better? -What do I want out of a monitor for the computer? I know it's a lot of equipment related questions, but I also don't want to miss out on things that seem important like making a chat satisfied, where to put the webcam image on screen, avoiding weird buzzing issues in the audio, setting up OBS or whatever recording software I'll be using, and stuff like that. Thanks for the help guys.
  25. Magical Tryx

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    I didn't mean for it to seem like I have issues with the entire cast. It's more that it feels like every matchup I need to play almost flawlessly, in order to win. I still manage to win my matchups, but it doesn't change how it feels like an uphill battle the whole way through. I don't think she's top 8, and even if she is, it requires a lot more effort from the player than the rest of the cast truly do, with the exception of Blaziken as he has his own issues which make topping as him rough. I do know Bad Intent has topped with both Blaziken and Shadow Mewtwo before. I didn't mean for it to come across as 100% the character. There are some things I mess up in as well, but it's again this feeling of things being an uphill battle. I know the feeling from playing in card games like Yugioh where you deck choice will automatically make things feel like this. I even brought up my light screen issue because I tested a method you brought up, about using future sight to keep her in Counter frames, but if I try to do that. It either ends with it actually working, or it failing and her getting the counter hit. I can't really grab her out of it, as I've been hit out of my grab. I don't think my notions of balance are wrong. I don't think it's fair that someone like Lucario has the kit he has, or that Weavile can cancel out of unsafe moves, or mainly the issue I have with Machamp having an armored command grab, along with the fact that Decidueye can ignore most of anti-airs with his shuttle loop like move. Part of my points were brought up, because I saw some of your streams and videos as well. You know a lot of what you are doing, and it seems sometimes like you lose more so because others have more tools, because save for the fact you have some better timing. At times I don't play that differently from you. I'm not saying I'm exactly the same, as you are a top player, but I've seen some similarities. I've seen some other footage as well. Thank you for being reasonable about things by the way. Further note: I do play online a bit more than offline, only due to location and such. So that could be the reason for some issues as well, but I usually don't have that many problems punishing online, so it's why I kind of didn't bring it up. I did also bring up that I think the match up with Suicune is overall fine, and the same with Darkrai, save for some issues I brought up. Also some things may sound a bit stretched, because I wanted to be as fair as possible in stating issues I have with everyone, even if some aren't that major. Examples of characters I don't really hate that I listed are Suicune, Darkrai, and Charizard. I listed a few things I hate the matchup, but overall Zard is fine for me. Those are the big three I don't mind fighting. Aegislash as I said. I rarely run into, so I have no real opinion of him, other than how his shield stance works, and even that I need more time on.
  26. Magical Tryx

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    I have seen DualDeathLucario, which is why I mentioned him before. I don't think he's as good as he thinks. Personally from what I have seen from his gameplay. He is very into flowcharting as much as possible, he does a, then b, then c, in almost every match, then complains that his opponents do unsafe things when it hits him. He tends to whine almost as much as me. I will also say, Lucario tends to carry him. He's not really that good.
  27. Waled05

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    But Have You Tried ]A[? Also the joke about Croagunk is that he's viable although most of his move look really stupid.
  28. Laranjo

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    Have you tried watching gameplay? That might help if you didn't. Some tournament matches and a youtube channel called DualDeathLucario.
  29. Ouroboro

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    all right i read the entire thing there is...a lot to take in obviously, replying and addressing every individual issue would be...rather fruitless and it would way more effort to do that than just addressing the possible greater issues I will say, if you genuinely are having issues with the entire cast, like, you've basically put every single character in the game as a losing match-ups, there is a very very big chance that there are way bigger problems present than just gardevoir, putting it as polite as possible gardevoir has been a top 8 character in wii u AND DX and is has got someone a World Championship qualifier playing her exclusively solo, reminding you there are only 12 players in the entire world that have qualified for worlds over the course of a year and yes, that doesn't make anything you said invalid, nor did i actually invalidate any of this giant wall of personal anecdotes, but you need to understand and level a bit. are you 100% sure it's the character? are you sure that your preconceived notions of Pokkén's balance was proven wrong? I know it's a rant, and you never actually asked anyone anything, so instead i'll just be giving just some words of thought
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