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  2. BadIntent's Game Corner

    Agreed with the added recommendation I always have to new players is stick with someone for a while before jumping around (after they've explored the roster).
  3. Aegislash Supports

    I picked up Aegislash very recently, and was wondering what supports are strong for Aegislash. I find myself using Mew for attack buffs. Loving Aegislash so far and eager to explore other support pokemon.
  4. Current feelings on gengar MU's

    It's strange, I always have problems against gardevoir. Can you explain Gengar's advantage?
  5. Pokkén Tournament: Combo Damage Calculator

    Yes it odes. It isn't random, by the way, it happens when the combo reaches 240 and then 280 damage. When 240 damage is reached, the added damage is halved, so for example a moves that does 50 damage starting from 230 will use 10 damage to reach 240, then the remaining 40 damage will be halved, resulting in a final damage of 260. Similarly, when 280 damage is reached, the remaining damage wil lbe decimated (divided by 10). As an example, a move that deals 50 damage starting from 270 will first use 20 damage to reach 280, then the remaining 30 damage will be decimated, resulting in a final damage of 283.
  6. Pokkén Tournament: Combo Damage Calculator

    does it take into account the scaling that the game "randomly" applies when your combo reaches 200-250? that happens alot with Weavile.
  7. i thought i edited the (she) part out. try chandelure's 5A while the opponent is in synergy burst because burst armor eats the 5A but still counter breaks which looks stupid.
  8. Weeeevile scaling.

    midair scaling, wallsplat scaling and crit scaling is removed so a move like 6X launches an opponent into the air adding %10 scaling turning 6X from %20 to %30 but in this post (like all of my other posts) 6X will be written as %20. Reciting Weavile's frame data and scaling is like reciting the bible. Poke Pokes: 8AA: 20,40 60(120) %0,%20 (1st oof) 8A[A]: 20,40 10,10,10,10,80(180) %0 PS 6A: 40,40 %20 5AAA: 10,10,20,20,100(160) %0,%0,%10,%10,%0(%20) (2nd oof) 4A or 4[A]: 20,20,60 %40 2A: 20,10,10,10,10,10,40(110) %40 J.A: 20 %0 (3rd oof) J.AR: 20,20,20,20,20(100) %10 each(%50) J.AJ1-9: 10,10,10 %0 (4th oof) Strong boys: 8X: 30 %0 (5th oof) (%0 shield break scaling for extra oofness) 6X: 50 %20 6[X]: 60 %20 5X: 20,40(60) %20 5[X]: 20,60(80) %20 2X: 60 %20 J.X: 10,10,10,10,10(50) %10 first hit (could be spaced so it becomes scaleless, 6th concerning oof) weak boys: 5YYYY: 10,10,20,10,20 1st%0 2nd%10 3rd%10 4th%10 5th%10(%40) (I'm mad at this because they nerfed Empoleon's 5Y and made it frame 19 because OH FRAME 15 %0 DOESN'T SOUND RIGHT) wip will continue tomorrow.
  9. Hey, if you call him she he won't be very happy, and I wouldn't make a Weavile unhappy... Thanks for asking! Now that you talk about it, I have a lot of cases yet to test: projectiles and physical attacks CAs in both Duel and Field Phase projectiles and physical attacks blue armor high stancing projectiles and physical attacks red armor high stancing grabs red armor high stancing red armor? Is 's one the same of ? I should also test the Counter Pierce event, by the way, which I verified gives SP to the attacker. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do this round of tests this week, starting from the next I'l ltry to see what I can test and add the results on the main post.
  10. Introduce Yourself!

    1. Tuxwuff, or just Tux 2. EU/UK 3. Empoleon and Suicune (I put them in Alphabetic order, duh) 4. Twitter: @Wolf_Tuxedo 5. If my twitch channel Tuxwuff counts as one, then yeh. I guess. 6. Me? Interesting? That's a new... Okay, here's something actually "interesting", that might be a shocker: I love pokémon. I really do. However, I never ever had the chance to play any of the main series games. Watched the anime, was following pokétubers, so I got some knowledge about one of my favorite franchises. The only pokémon games I've played were PMD: Explorere of Sky, and Pokkén (obviously). Living in the EU/UK is really hard for me as a pokkén player. Mainly because I'm struggling to find anyone I could meet up and play with. Thus why I decided to attend to the London Comic Con's Pokkén event (which is actually in just 2 days from when I'm writing this thing). This will be my very first time I'm attending to such events, let alone playing with people face-to-face. I'm really excited about it, and while I'm also very nervous at the same time (really don't want to embarass myself by just being a "nobody" there, all on my own), I still don't mind if I get knocked out even the first round. Sure, I probably commited to something, that is much bigger than myself, but at least I could finally be around people who I have a common interest with (but 10 hours of travel to get home? Geez). The only significant achievement in Pokkén for me was, getting first place at the EU region's FSBC Dynamic Fury cup, back in January. The impressive thing in it is, that I was actually working during that entire weekend, so I had even less time to do it.
  11. Yesterday
  12. What about when you get hit while counter attacking? on the DX version, if Mewtwo does bY XX in field and Weavile counters it, she gets full meter (if she landed the counter attack, she still gets about %40 if she CADCs out of it). I think they originally did this because they wanted to reward players that CADC through projectiles instead of shielding so there might be a difference when you CA attacks and CA projectiles (hence why Weavile gets lots of synergy from bY since it's a projectile).
  13. Field Phase Points

    Yes! 10 for all levels of vortex, in or out of burst.
  14. Field Phase Points

    Hey Kalon, just for clarification. SM2's Vortex has 10 FPP, correct? Is it 10 FPP for all levels of Vortex? Thanks in advance!
  15. Field Phase Points

    Field Phase Points FPP values based on a 24 point system. Charizard Pikachu Pikachu Libre Machamp Gengar Mewtwo Shadow Mewtwo Suicune Sceptile Blaziken Gardevoir Garchomp Lucario Weavile Chandelure Braixen Darkrai Scizor Croagunk Empoleon Decidueye Aegislash Blastoise
  16. In case you need an example on how to use these numbers, let's study two cases of a match between and CASE 1: fA SUCCESSFULLY LANDED IN FIELD PHASE In this case, manages to hitin Field Phase with fA, Knock Off. Said move is consists in two attacks, atk_461_FP_PK_hatakiotosu1 and atk_461_FP_PK_hatakiotosu2, so we'll have to see the contribution of each. First attack The first attack, atk_461_FP_PK_hatakiotosu1, deals 40 damage and has an ASP of 12. At this point, we can see the SP given to each fighter: SP = ASP + (damage dealt)/10 = 12 + 40/10 = 12 + 4 =16 SP = 3 × (damage received)/10 = 3 × 40/10 = 3 × 4 = 12 Furthermore, sicne this attack is performed in Field Phase, further gains 4 SP, so the contribution of this attack is 20 SP gained by and 12 SP gained by Second Attack The second attack, atk_461_FP_PK_hatakiotosu2, deals 40 damage as well, has an ASP of -50 and also triggers Phase Shift to Duel Phase (FP Shift value of 33). The SP given to each fighter are: SP = (damage dealt)/10 = 40/10 = 4 SP = ASP + 3 × (damage received)/10 = -50 3 × 40/10 = - 50 + 3 × 4 = - 50 + 12 = -38 This attack is performed in Field Phase as well, so gains 4 SP, plus the Phase Shift to Duel Phase also grants 150 SP. The contribution of this second attack is therefore 158 SP gained by and 38 SP lost by Outcome of the move The final outcome of the move in terms of SP is SP = 20 + 158 = 178 SP = 12 - 38 = -26 So, at the end of this move, loses 26 SP while gains a whopping amount of 178 SP, which is almost half the SP of his Synergy Gauge! Knock Off in Field Phase is an amazing move when it comes to SP management! CASE 2: fsA SHIELDED IN DUEL PHASE In this case, we have 's Flying Stance A move, Flare Blitz, which is successfully shielded in Duel Phase by . This move consists in six attacks, an initial atk_006_DP_fly_PK_flaredrive1 repeated five times and a final atk_006_DP_fly_PK_flaredrive2 which is landed as final attack and adds to the scaling of the following attacks. Plus, since this moves also deals recoil damage to , we'll need to consider recoil damage as an additional attack of dealt to himself. Recoil Damage This part is pretty simple to calculate, fsA deals 50 recoil damage, so the SP gained are: SP = 3 × (damage received)/10 = 3 × 50/10 = 3 × 5 = 15 Actual attacks The 6 attacks of the move, the five atk_006_DP_fly_PK_flaredrive1 and the final atk_006_DP_fly_PK_flaredrive2, all deal the same chip damage of 5, so we just need to calculate the contribution of one hit. Said contribution is: SP = (damage dealt)/10 = 5/10 = 0.5 SP = 3 × (damage received)/10 = 3 × 5/10 = 3 × 0.5 = 1.5 So, the total contribution of each of the 6 attacks of this move is 0.5 SP gained by and 1.5 SP gained by . This tells us a very important thing: shielded attacks heavily favors the attacked by giving them 3 times the SP unless their shield is broken. Outcome of the move At this point, we can calculate the outcome of the move in terms of SP: SP = 15 + 6 × 0.5 = 15 × 3 = 18 SP = 6 × 1.5 = 9 At the end of the day, gains double the amount of SP that gains, i.e. 18 SP versus 9 SP, but only because of the recoil damage. If it wasn't for said damage, would have gained triple the amount of SP gained by, i.e. 9 versus 3. This is another reason why can quickly gain SP!
  17. BadIntent's Game Corner

    Solo main or play multiple characters? Which is better? It was easy enough to choose a main, but what should you do when you run into a bad matchup? Push through it or pick up a secondary? My simple answer is to play multiple characters. There is no strategic benefit to only playing one character. These are the two main reasons everyone should at least try multiple characters: matchups and nerfs. Starting with matchups, Pokkén, like almost every fighting game has asymmetrical design. There are several different character archetypes, and no two characters play quite the same. This is done to make each character feel fresh and unique, but it has a major consequence which is balance. Pokkén is considered by many players to be a balanced game, but that statement is true and very false at the same time. As I stated in my previous post, every character can do well in a tournament, but there are also very lopsided matchups in Pokkén. When characters have such different tools, it's an inevitability that some characters can mostly invalidate the arsenal of certain other characters. My personal example is Blaziken vs Sceptile. After the first month of trying out different characters, I stuck with Blaziken solo for the next few months. I ended up getting 2nd at my first major (Seattle Regionals 2016), only losing to a Sceptile. But it was bad - I did well against Sheer's Weavile online but Sceptile was a hard counter. Even after losing 0-3 in both winners finals and grand finals to the same player, I chose to stick out the matchup. I played lots of games against top Sceptiles at the time like TeeJay. I played more FT5s and FT10s than I can count- a few of which are on my YouTube, some still unlisted. Evo came and I ended up playing Tonosama's Sceptile and lost 0-2 without even taking a single round. After that I decided the 8-9 hours a day of training was good but it was unfortunately misguided. Instead of putting that much effort into a matchup against a character that invalidates my own, how about just concentrating that same amount of effort into a character that is more equipped to deal with Sceptile's tools. That's how I ended up playing Shadow Mewtwo in the first place. Now, with three characters in my arsenal, I never have to worry about having to stick out an extremely lopsided matchup since I can always switch to a different character. The second reason to play multiple characters is balance updates, which really means when your character gets nerfed. This is the primary reason I picked up Darkrai and started playing Blaziken more after DX dropped. It was to mitigate the nerfs to Shadow Mewtwo. This is really a case of just not putting all your eggs in one basket. Playing on character and one character only leaves you at the mercy of the developers of the game. If they decide to break your character's knee caps, you can either roll over and accept it, or play another character to compensate for the matchups that have become more difficult. It's absolutely fine to keep playing the character, but you also can't complain when you start losing matchups that were previously in your favor. Quick and easy answer: yes, play multiple characters so you have insurance against bad matchups and nerfs. See you in the next Evil Thoughts!
  18. With the discovery of the attack table, we could finally perform tests on what I call the Synergy Points (SP) - the actual values used by the game to fill up the Synergy Gauge. What I write here is the results of those tests, if you want to have more insight on the process through which I could obtain the formula and the cc/SP conversion factor, just ask! By the way, my tests which led to the formula, the conversion factor and the event SP, were performed on the Wii U Pokkén Tournament version 1.3, which is the same version from which the attack table was obtained. This was needed for the tests to be reliable. PART 1: cc TO SP CONVERSION FACTOR First of all, let's make the most important comparison, how many SP are 1 cc, the unit currently used by the community? Here is the answer: 1 cc = 4 SP This makes Lucario's Synegy Gauge a 600 SP gauge, if you know this game enough you should know by now how this values is literally the standard number! Now, thoguh, let's see how these SP are added or subtracted. PART 2: SP DURING AN ATTACK First of all, an important note on terminology: by attack I mean an entry in the attack table. This typically corresponds to a single hit, but in some cases (grabs, Burst Attacks) it corresponds to a sequence in which multiple hits are landed but the final damage is actually precoded. When an attack happens, the game uses this formula to calculate the SP added (or subtracted, if the result is a negative number), regardless of whether you're the attacker or the attacked. SP = ASP + 3 × (damage received)/10 + (damage dealt)/10 where ASP is the Attack's Synegy Points value in the attack table (column BP currently named Synergy Gauge, but I will eventually update the name), if it's a positive value it is the amount of SP added to the attacker, if it is a negative value it is the amount of SP subtracted to the attacked. It is only applied if the move connects without being blocked (e.g. by a shield). damage received is the damage dealt to the fighter (recoil damage is counted as well here), while damage dealt is the damage dealt to the opponent, regardless of the type (so chip damage is still counted as damage dealt). Plese note that when dividing by 10, fractional values are retained and not discarded through rounding. PART 3: EVENTS AFFECTING SP Along with the SPs added or subtracted through the previous formula, there are various events which add or subtract SP, let's have a look at those which were discovered by @Ouroboro and @Gintrax, among many (sorry, I don't have the credits for critical hits, Phase Change and Field Phase attack, if you know who discovered those tell me and I'll add them to the list!): Field Phase Attack: an attack in Field Phase gives 4 SP to the attacker even if it doesn't connect. Remember that the moves can have multiple attacks, Force Palm for example has 7 attacks, so performing it anywhere on the field will grant 28 SP even if the opponent is on the other part of the arena! Critical Hit: a critical hit grants the attacker 30 SP Phase Change to Duel: a Phase Change to Duel Phase grants the attacker 150 SP. That's a considerable amount, again indicating how Field Phase is the phase in which SP are quickly obtained! Phase change to Field: a Phase Change to Field Phase grants the attacker 60 SP. Duel Phase grants less SP compared to Field Phase, in general, and this is reflected also in the Phase Change bonus. Small (S) Synergy Gauge Orb: a Small Synergy Gauge Orb grants 20 SP. This is in contrast with what reported previously, I wonder if it was patched in the meanwhile Large (L) Synergy Gauge Orb: a Large Synergy Gauge Orb grants 60 SP. Again, this value is greater than the previously reported one Extra Large (XL) Synergy Gauge Orb: an Extra Large Synergy Gauge Orb fills completely even the Synergy Gauge of , so it's impossible for me to tell how many SP it gives, besides it being a number equal or greater than 1600 SP! Guard Break: if the shield of the attacked is broken, they lose 150 SP. Be careful if your fighter has a 480 HP shield! PART 4: SYNERGY GAUGE SIZE Finally, thanks to @Burnside's beautiful graph and to the data about Aegislash and Blastoise on the Shoryuken Wiki, we can derive the actual size of the Synergy Gauge in SP: 400 SP 600 SP 800 SP 1000 SP 1600 SP And that's pretty much it for now! If you have other questions, please ask!
  19. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    concepts of j.xy oki and corresponding mixups by JoNa!
  20. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    showcase of gunk's ability to jump ken BA when ken is 0 on block(and a funny punish)! credit to boolerex once once again!
  21. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    j.y > 5Y oki concept on aegislash! especially good because aegis's f1 parry does not activate when hit by projectiles, which j.y is; thanks to boolerex once again for the discovery!
  22. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    spectacular improvement to safejump, this time using j.2Y! thanks to boolerex for the discovery!
  23. Last week
  24. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    cool wall comboes by boolerex off 4YY! (first one shifts, second one does not!)
  25. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    apparently gunk's j.3Y hits frame 2 in this scenario..! Nice, credit to madluk!
  26. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    anti-rotom tech in field with j.X! credit to AlolanDurgs!
  27. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    another nifty Mewtwo-specific oS, this time with 5X starter! credit to Surfing_Santa!
  28. Battle Arena Melbourne: Full Results

    MIDORI IS AUSTRALIAN!!! But thanks for writing an article
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