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  2. and I cant find a single piece of data on the double sunny day tonosama and other players have been doing, is there a special input for it? Has it been patched out for wii u/DX? -sincerely, a concerned lucario main looking to learn things for his sub.
  3. How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    In an ssb project M mod i develop, Lyn is my main character. Guy was a favorite unit of mine in fire emblem. these two hail from Sacae It is said that Sacaeans do not lie and i'm honest above most else, so i call myself Sacaean. Used to be "Szion" , an anagram of Sonic replacing the C with a Z when i was younger. All the cool kids in my clique had sonic OC's so i had to have one too. (Still dont understand the craze for having one, its pretty weird). kept that name for over a decade and it doesn't represent me very well (also difficult for people to pronounce, despite being literally "Sigh on " ) So this is what I'm going with for now. Nobody I know is adjusting to it very well QQ
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  5. Special Cancelable Tick Throws

    Doesn't Mewtwo have Telekinesis tick throws? Otherwise, good post!
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  7. Streaming needs

    A lotta people recommend the Elgato capture card. I def second the wired connections, too. Pokkén is more enjoyable for everybody when you're on a wired connection to with a LAN adapter, and the ethernet cable from my PC keeps my stream from falling apart. I also recommend getting a mic or something. Bonus points for a webcam. Something to make your stream personalized and set apart from other streams.
  8. Special Cancelable Tick Throws

    Looks nice
  9. Hello. A tick throw is the action of an attack that is followed up with an immediate grab attempt afterwards. Characters with command grabs benefit from this as they're able to incorporate them into their special cancelable moves. Each tick throw scenario has a "Block" and/or "Hit" tag next to it. "Block" means this setup will work if the opponent continues to stay in a blocking state. "Hit" is for when the opponent starts to hold block after getting hit by the attack. More commonly known as a reset. Darkrai- Duel Phase: (Block) 2Y > 2A Dream Eater (Block/Hit) 5Y > 2A Dream Eater (Block) 5YY > 2A Dream Eater Pikachu- Field Phase: (Block/Hit) nYYY > fA Nuzzle (Block) fY > fA Nuzzle (Point blank only if still blocking) Duel Phase: (Hit) 5Y > 6A Nuzzle Pikachu Libre- Field Phase: (Block) nY > bA Electroweb Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 5Y > 4A Electroweb (Corner Only) (Block/Hit) 5YY > 4A Electroweb (Corner Only) Scizor- Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 1A Bullet Punch > Y+B Bug Bite Sceptile- Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 5Y > 1A Giga Drain (5Y must be spaced on block) Gengar- Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 5Y > 6A Hypnosis (Block/Hit) 5YY > 6A Hypnosis (Block/Hit) 6Y > 6A Hypnosis (Block) 5X > 6A Hypnosis (Block/Hit) Burst 5Y > 6A Hypnosis (Block/Hit) Burst 5YY > 6A Hypnosis Decidueye- Field Phase: (Block/Hit) X > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 2YY > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics (Block/Hit) 5Y > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics (Block/Hit) 5YY > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics (Block/Hit) 5YYY > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics (Block) 5XX > R > Soaring Stance 5A Acrobatics Machamp- Field Phase: (Block/Hit) nY > fA Submission Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 5Y > 6A Submission (Block/Hit) 5YY > 6A Submission (Hit) 8Y > 6A Submission Empoleon- Field Phase: (Block/Hit) nY > L+R Burst Attack Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 2Y > L+R Burst Attack (Hit) 5Y > L+R Burst Attack (Block/Hit) 5YY > L+R Burst Attack (Block/Hit) 6Y > L+R Burst Attack (Block/Hit) 4A Defog > L+R Burst Attack (Block/Hit) 5A Aqua Jet > L+R Burst Attack (Block) 8A Drill Peck > L+R Burst Attack Mewtwo- Field Phase: (Block) nY > L+R Burst Attack (Block/Hit) sY > L+R Burst Attack Chandelure- Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 5Y > 2A Hex (Tipper 5Y Only) Garchomp- Duel Phase: (Block/Hit) 5Y > 2A Sand Tomb (Block/Hit) 5YY > 2A Sand Tomb (Corner Only) (Block) 5YYY > 2A Sand Tomb (Corner Only)
  10. Pokkén Watch List - NEC XVIII

    This weekend, Pennsylvania will receive the 18th edition of North East Championships (or NEC, for short), which is not only one of longest running fighting game events of the USA, but also one of the most eclectic, with a huge line-up featuring both new and old fighting games. As such, Pokkén Tournament DX is one of the games of its line-up for this year, with a pot bonus of $1000 and more than 50 competitors, including strong players like Twixxie and CatFight. And what's even better is the fact that all pools, the semi finals and the Top 8 are going to have a stream! Schedule: Pools C - Saturday, 4PM EST Pools D - Saturday, 6PM EST Semi Finals - Saturday, 8PM EST Top 8 - Sunday, 4PM EST Stream links: Saturday at KombatNetwork: Sunday at Kick Punch Block: The pools can be found onén-tournament-dx/brackets/155574
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  12. When Pokkén Tournament released for the Wii U back in March of 2016, a lot of the earliest competitive players came from the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U scene. Both games being on the Wii U, coupled with the fact that many Nintendo fans are also Pokémon fans, lead to the game immediately catching the eyes of many Smash players. While many of these players are still playing Pokkén to this day, there are also those who ridiculed the game for some arguably unfair reasons. An example of this is the argument that Pokkén is just a glorified game of "Rock-Paper-Scissors" - in reality, Pokkén is a much deeper experience and virtually all fighting games have a "Rock-Paper-Scissors" dynamic if you boil them down to their basics. A Smash player ridiculing Pokkén in this way isn't a bad person by any means, they're just used to the unique nature of Smash - a game that doesn't follow a lot of the trends that traditional fighting games follow. Pokkén and Smash are two very different experiences, and naturally there are some people who like that, and some who don't. ESAM, the 18th ranked player in the world in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U according to the PGR, is an example of a player who thoroughly enjoys Pokkén and the unique experience it provides. ESAM has been playing Pokkén since the title released, and now with the Deluxe port releasing for the Switch, he's decided to share his thoughts on the game and why he believes it deserves a second chance in the spotlight. Did you enjoy ESAM's video? Did you come from the Smash Bros. scene as well? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to give ESAM a follow!
  13. Pokkén community member JWiing has released the next wave of shirts and stickers in her Synergy Burst DX series! In addition to the original wave of characters, you can now pick up merchandise for Lucario, Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, and Scizor. The first wave of shirts received great feedback, so you can expect this wave to be pleasing as well. For the next 3 days, these shirts are available for a discounted price of $14. You can get all of these designs, as well as the Wave One designs, on JWiing's Teepublic page. Remember, the Wave Two designs will be the regular $20 price in just a few days, so place your orders now! JWiing has already stated that all of the characters will receive their own design in due time, so don't worry if you don't see your favorite just yet. Direct Links: Lucario Pikachu Mewtwo Charizard Scizor Don't see the character you want on JWiing's page? Be sure to follow her Twitter for updates on when the next wave of shirts will release!
  14. NEC 2018

    NEC 2018 will feature Pokkén Tournament DX, with streams running for the entire event! Registration: Pokkén schedule (times EST): SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16 4:00 PM - C Pools (stream) 6:00 PM - D Pools (stream) 8:00 PM - Semifinals (stream) SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17 4:00 PM - Top 8 (stream) Full event schedule: Full stream schedule: More information:
  15. The rise of the new Duel-to-Field exploit

    Amended accordingly
  16. Great news for players going or thinking about going to EVO Japan in January, the Official Japanese Pokkén website has announced a supported free to enter 2v2 bracket as a side event. While absent from the main lineup of games, the most skilled teams will still have a chance to achieve the full EVO glory experience as the finals of this event will be broadcast from the main stage. General infomation on the event: Event begins on 27/01/18 from 10:00am JST (which is 26/01/18 8:00pm EST & 27/01/18 01:00 GMT) 64 team bracket (128 players) Waseda style single elimination (both members play a game, 2-0 for a win, if both teams have 1 win and 1 loss the two winners of each face off, winner's team advances) Both team members can't use the same Pokemon Players are character locked from the start of the event Only the Hori pads supplied by the event can be used, button configuration can be changed The tweet from the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account announcing it is here The full announcement can be found on the Japanese Pokkén website here EVO Japan's webpage can also be found here
  17. Night Slash Reset Route

    You can also substitute doing 5Y > One 2Y with doing 5YY. It leads to the same amount of damage and it's easier to do! Going for 5YYY would result in them air teching
  18. Night Slash Reset Route

    Really boils down to getting used to the rhythm of each 2Y, as well as leaving a good enough gap between your input of 5Y into your first 2Y. The best advice I can give is to keep at it. Landing a normal Night Slash (all three hits) on a grounded opponent is the favorable outcome for this route. When it comes other scenarios (anti-air, tipper, etc.), Its safer to just go with the bnb's. I do understand the individual amount of 2Y reps needed can make this pretty tedious to land consistently on the whole cast. Being able to remember this kind of vague information is needed if you plan to use this route in your gameplay.
  19. The rise of the new Duel-to-Field exploit

    After scizor's got patched I saw a japanese tweet showing this tech with sceptile canceling after a bnb. I then made a latios combo with it and a few weeks later both gintrax and antwerp did extensive labbing. Antwerp was the one who found that any character can keep the state by cadcing so he should definately be given credit for the development of this tech.
  20. If you, like others have seen the word “Thermodynamics” flying around today (some of us for the first time knowing such a word even exists) it’s probably because of the discussion surrounding a glitch in Pokkén that has recently gained a lot of traction. The glitch involves phase shifting while in a dash state from duel to field – thus granting access to duel exclusive moves in field so long as that state is maintained. Thanks to extensive labbing from Antwerp; followed up by Gintrax, who served to spark attention on this new glitch tech, people are now looking heavily into other ways to make use of this new craze on their own Pokemon. The applications vary per Pokemon, with characters like Gardevoir gaining access to effective future sight setups in field phase. The real origins of this glitch begin a patch ago when a Japanese player found a way to use Scizor’s bullet punch, a duel exclusive move, in field phase. Though the method was promptly patched by the devs, it seems you can’t keep a good thermo-nuclear-dimensionally-transitional-dash-exploit down. If you want to get in on the action there’s a compiled list of already found uses compiled by Burnside here, and a hundred individual discussions across social media on what to “officially” name it. My vote goes to “Phase Cross”. A cross over of phases while crossing phases. What’s your pick?
  21. Hello. As shown in the footage above, aerials that are done from an 8Y Icicle Crash have reduced landing lag, allowing for links that weren't possible before. Something else too is that 8Y > j.A > 3B > j.Y on block puts you in a consistent +8 state. Landing a normal j.Y on block has inconsistent results since Its based on both the individual hits of j.Y that connect with their block. The frame advantage varies from being +4, 0, and -4. 8Y > j.A > 3B > j.Y can only be done on specific characters. Shorter characters will cause a crossover jump. Because of both the j.Y and your now improved landing lag you'll be able to cover cases of immediate CA's after your 8Y on block. Another pressure tool to keep in mind if you don't want to give up stage dominance and be able to stay within close range with a frame advantage. Darkrai (Beats CA/Nasty Plot) Gardevoir Scizor (Beats CA) Decidueye Machamp Empoleon (Beats CA, crossup jump when done in the corner) Mewtwo/Shadow Mewtwo (Beats CA) Suicune Charizard (Beats CA) Garchomp (Beats CA, delay to beat Stone Edge)
  22. Streaming needs

    Anything you'd normally need to play the game. Extra HDMI cable, capture card,PC capable of streaming. Heavily recommend a LAN adapter for the switch and you practically need to be wired to stream from a PC
  23. Night Slash Reset Route

    Interesting, and very useful, but it seems deceptively hard to actually consistently get the maximum amount of hits off, not only is the timing/spacing seem to be strict enough that the other character often hits the ground before the maximum amount of hits, but actually having you get the first 2y in instead of continuing the 5y string, and not triggering the second 2y hit instead of just repeating the first one is pretty iffy on top of that. What's the range of acceptable spacing on this? And timing wise, do you have any advice there that I can use based on some visual indicator (for example, I originally got the timing on the 6[x] oki down by using the "flash" after a character hits the ground as a visual reference). I can certainly see the utility of this given you can add another 180+ damage over just the optimal in the same phase assuming you can then land a good damaging combo off after this, but given how finicky this is on top of how the number of hits needs to vary per MU, seems like, at least for me, it might not be feasible even there's a lot to make it worth it.
  24. FSBC Iron Meteor Dive Cup NA Results (Top 100)

    Congrats on 1st place!
  25. FSBC Iron Meteor Dive Cup NA Results (Top 100)

    Had so much fun fighting a lot of you. Zoom and DKPRIME, both of you are awesome players, and I enjoyed all of our matches. Shoutout to all the people from the Discord i got to talk to during our fights.
  26. The third official Pokkén Tournament DX Group Match has concluded. The Iron Meteor Dive Cup returned to the standard battle format, much like the FSBC Aura Blast Cup. Players who placed in the top 100 have received their special titles for their accomplishments, so be sure to check the group in-game to receive your placement as well as your rewards! You can find the top 100 players from the FSBC Iron Meteor Dive Cup below. Keep in mind these results are for North America specifically, as we do not have easy access to the Europe and Japan rankings. If you participated in either of these Group Matches and wish to have your region's rankings shared here, please email We will be posting details for the fourth official Group Match soon, so be sure to check back! FSBC Iron Meteor Dive Cup - Top 100 1. Kolar Wins: 180 Location: United States 2. Zoom Wins: 159 Location: United States 3. DKPRIME Wins: 156 Location: United States 4. Raine Wins: 144 Location: United States 5. Cecily Wins: 143 Location: United States 6. Ben Wins: 135 Location: United States 7. Ash Wins: 123 Location: United States 8. TrainerMatt Wins: 121 Location: Canada 9. YaBoy Wins: 116 Location: United States 10. MajoraZ Wins: 103 Location: United States 11. DonJuan Wins: 98 Location: United States 11. Helios Wins: 98 Location: United States 13. SamSamGaming Wins: 92 Location: Canada 14. Rainforest Wins: 89 Location: United States 14. croza7 Wins: 89 Location: United States 16. DeadlyShoc Wins: 85 Location: United States 17. CPU|Kalon Wins: 84 Location: United States 18. ScroogeyDave Wins: 78 Location: United States 19. GC_CONTROLLER Wins: 73 Location: United States 20. Enigma Wins: 70 Location: United States 21. Dunkin' Wins: 69 Location: United States 21. _ Wins: 69 Location: United States 23. 100PercentHero Wins: 58 Location: United States 24. DietSnapple Wins: 56 Location: United States 25. Hashil Wins: 55 Location: United States 26. Brett Wins: 54 Location: United States 27. PeprmintCocoa Wins: 53 Location: United States 28. Josh Wins: 52 Location: United States 29. MyCabbages64 Wins: 49 Location: United States 29. Wallace&Belle Wins: 49 Location: United States 31. Foo Wins: 48 Location: United States 32. blah Wins: 43 Location: United States 33. LA|DevlinHart Wins: 42 Location: United States 34. Duff Wins: 41 Location: United States 34. TimeGear Wins: 41 Location: United States 34. ignamateo Wins: 41 Location: United States 37. SmashSteve Wins: 40 Location: Canada 38. ActiasHolidays Wins: 39 Location: United States 38. TG_Warrior Wins: 39 Location: United States 38. Fangs Wins: 39 Location: United States 41. Drake Wins: 38 Location: Canada 41. [REDACTED] Wins: 38 Location: United States 43. Obs Wins: 37 Location: Canada 43. Zach Wins: 37 Location: United States 43. Valei Wins: 37 Location: United States 46. Gandelphox Wins: 36 Location: Canada 46. Fleur Wins: 36 Location: United States 48. Faith Wins: 34 Location: United States 49. LucarюGamer224 Wins: 33 Location: United States 50. Dr.Meme Wins: 31 Location: United States 50. BmX Wins: 31 Location: United States 52. Legendary Wins: 30 Location: United States 52. Heixin Wins: 30 Location: United States 54. Rodrigo[CL] Wins: 29 Location: United States 55. Aaron Wins: 28 Location: United States 55. BeezWorking Wins: 28 Location: Canada 55. Brandyn Wins: 28 Location: Canada 55. Braedon Wins: 28 Location: United States 59. ScrappyD Wins: 27 Location: United States 60. Nick Wins: 26 Location: United States 60. QiWeaLongi Wins: 26 Location: United States 62. Giga-Slave Wins: 26 Location: United States 62. Toasty Wins: 25 Location: United States 62. Pal Wins: 25 Location: United States 65. Dr.Giggles Wins: 24 Location: United States 66. SKDale Wins: 23 Location: United States 66. Lupo Wins: 23 Location: United States 68. [REDACTED] Wins: 22 Location: United States 69. LA|THOT_PATWOL Wins: 21 Location: United States 69. Kaelyn Wins: 21 Location: United States 69. Nub Wins: 21 Location: United States 69. Lezzard Wins: 21 Location: United States 73. Combo Wins: 20 Location: United States 73. Shadowcat Wins: 20 Location: United States 73. SantaSui Wins: 20 Location: United States 73. ganondorf Wins: 20 Location: United States 73. Capo Wins: 20 Location: United States 73. T ɩ ƞ a Wins: 20 Location: United States 79. WarOnXmas Wins: 19 Location: United States 80. umhelloUSA? Wins: 18 Location: United States 80. TripleS Wins: 18 Location: United States 82. Ash-sucks-:) Wins: 17 Location: United States 82. mentos Wins: 17 Location: United States 84. ProGroupie Wins: 16 Location: United States 84. ImPickleRick;) Wins: 16 Location: United States 84. Joshua Wins: 16 Location: United States 84. JustWantATitle Wins: 16 Location: United States 84. Chalitops.CL Wins: 16 Location: United States 89. BK Wins: 15 Location: United States 89. Lunchbox Wins: 15 Location: United States 89. Micael Wins: 15 Location: United States 89. Ryan Wins: 15 Location: United States 89. Angelus Wins: 15 Location: United States 89. ToonSwablu Wins: 15 Location: United States 95. tony Wins: 14 Location: United States 95. Rhaykuza Wins: 14 Location: United States 97. Tikki Wins: 13 Location: United States 97. Spooky Wins: 13 Location: United States 97. Lvs'Way Wins: 13 Location: Canada 97. Tubertz Wins: 13 Location: United States Did you enjoy the FSBC Iron Meteor Dive Cup? Let us know in the comments below!
  27. Night Slash Reset Route

    Hello. Whether getting out of a pressure scenario or throw crushing, landing Night Slash as a combo starter doesn't have the best "Damage = PSP" ratio. Usually using 6-12 PSP total based on which route you choose. Even then it is still difficult to break 200 damage. With this route, you will only have to use 3 PSP. Being able to cover multiple options, put yourself in a guaranteed +8 scenario, and have a much longer duel phase. Because of individual character hurtboxes, the amount of 2Y's you're able to do varies. Darkrai - 2 Blaziken - 4 Pikachu/Pikachu Libre - 2 Lucario - 4 Gardevoir - 7 Scizor - 6 Croagunk - 2 Sceptile - 3 Gengar - 2 Decidueye - 2 Machamp - 2 Braixen - 5 Empoleon - 1 Mewtwo/Shadow Mewtwo - 5 Chandelure - 1 Suicune - 6 Weavile - 2 Charizard - 4 Garchomp - 4
  28. Oki topic

    super WIP, just made this as a note to self to remember to drop the information down in here later. Just threw it in here from the discord. will clean up later. Oki Field > Duel CA = +4 [CA] = + 53 Homing 2 = +8 Homing 2 vs air hit = + >37 b[Y] = + >37 j.X = Omega plus. Enough time to do Swords Dance and get 4[X] some degree of meaty Grab = +4 U-Turn = + 49 (U-Turn to Swords Dance is even) U-Turn Sword = +47 (U-Turn to Swords Dance is -2) Metal Claw = +39 (Gets the last hit of 4[X]) Metal Claw Sword = Mega plus. Enough time to completely whiff 4[X] and are only -4 Aerial Ace = + >37 Aerial Ace Sword = + >37 Knockdown Oki Swords Dance > jump forward j.Y (loses to backdash) Swords Dance > Hover Y (loses to 9 frames) Swords Dance > CA forward 4[X] > Let it rip or dash cancel mixup Bug Bite Mixup HOVER DASH > GUESS (Guess consists of throw, CA, or hitconfirming Hover Y) Hover Dash > jump up and Hover right above them and j.X xN Hover Dash > TK j.R (overpowers CA) j.X gives you the most time to do what you want on the field shift. Metal Claw Sword is probably the best overall shifter because of simply how the move behaves. Standing Oki TK j.R (Overpowers CA) Kara Throw or Dashing Kara Throw Metal Claw (loses to jump, CA, and backdash) Immediate Hover Y > Hitconfirm (loses to 9 frame normals and DPs) j.X Specific Always do Swords Dance to 4[X] mixup Metal Claw Specific Swords Dance > Throw > CA trap with Hover Dash if they do it. 4[X] if you’re near a wall. It’s meaty. U-Turn Specific Swords Dance if you want one (you want one) Metal Claw Sword and b[Y] Specific Do a 2Y frame kill, then 4[X] to get it meaty every time.
  29. Blaziken Stance Showcase- By McDareth!

    I've been keeping the google document up to date with new things I've found since DX has been released. Need to find some time to make an updated video though
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