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  3. Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to the first ever Weekend Watchlist on Pokkén Arena! Like Blue Link's Morning Discussion post from the other day (which you should go read and respond to, by the way), the Weekend Watchlist is something that the Writing Team has been discussing for a little while now. These posts will (normally) happen each Thursday before a major tournament, and will give viewers everything they need to know to enjoy Pokkén during the weekend. DreamHack Denver is taking place this weekend, so let's give this Weekend Watchlist idea a shot! DreamHack Denver October 20-22, 2017 Denver, CO _____________________________________ The information below is specific to Pokkén Tournament DX. For information regarding the other events happening at DreamHack, check the official website. Stream: Schedule: (Times are in Mountain Time) Saturday 12:00 PM: Pools 06:00 PM: Top 8 Prize Pool: $1000 Notable Entrants Include: Double Fable | Suicune Master Twixxie NG-Obscure More Info: Inferno 4 October 21, 2017 Wallingford, CT _____________________________________ Stream: Schedule: (Times are in Eastern Time) 1:00 PM: Team Battle Bracket 3:30 PM: Main Bracket Notable Entrants Include: InC | Rokso InC | Flegar HBA | Oreo Bosshog brocooli More Info: Hope you enjoy this weekend's events! Be sure to let us know if you want the Weekend Watchlist posts to continue by leaving a comment below.
  4. Pokkén Height & Invincibility Interactions

    I'm not sure how to classify Lucario's 6[X]. Technically, it has some weird interactions where the charging animation avoids some lows, but not others. I think it's a Z-Axis thing due to how Lucario poses during his charge animation. Lucario's 6[X] can actually avoid not only Charizard's 2X, but Shadow Mewtwo's as well (in burst at least, not sure about normally). When the recording function's put in game, we'll be able to update this chart much more intelligently. I haven't seen a Japanese table of height interactions for the Arcade 4 or Decidueye yet, so either the US/EU players will have to start compiling that, or we'll just have to wait. But yeah, recording will make it much easier to identify what classifications everything is.
  5. Morning Discussion: Synergy Burst

    And here I was so sure that nobody actually said the word "guessies".
  6. Decidueye movelist (the better one)

    I'm offended by this title name you heck (jk luv you boli good job) Charges synergy
  7. Last week
  8. Decidueye movelist (the better one)

    But what does his high stance do? Has anyone figured that out yet, because I haven't bothered to look into it too much.
  9. Pokkén Height & Invincibility Interactions

    Lucario's 6X seems to have some low invulnerability judging by 8:22 in this video. (not in the chart)
  10. JUST A HEADS UP ALL YOU CANADIAN PROS! Pokkén IS HAVING A LAN AT CANADA CUP! JOIN IF YOU CAN MAKE IT! All the information is on the link below! hope to see you all there!
  11. how to read: if something is 4 on block, its +4 on block. If something is -4 on block, it's -4. look at the big book of frame data not for owl stuff cos it's inaccurate but instead for how to read the frame data and then height properties, look at this to understand what they are:én-height-invincibility-interactions/ for the damage and scaling i'm pretty sure its self explanatory for the soar cancel frame data look at my sick soar cancel guide by going back to the decidueye section and clicking on it. It's a lil bit inaccurate and i gotta update it soon but for the most part the info still holds up, and the accurate data is on this sheet anyway. Use your resources!
  12. instant jY thread

    This is a guide for the fantastic option that is instant jY! Before we get into the guide, let's look at jY itself. It is a frame 7 aerial, just as fast as lucario's jY, meaning that if you do it right as your prejump frames end it will effectively be a frame 14 move. As you may know, you can cancel jY into soar stance with R, so regardless of where and how you hit it, odds are you're going to be getting something out of it. You can get a full combo on hit, a (minus) soar stance mixup on block, and complete safety on most CAs. This is obviously pretty darn fantastic, but what is there to gain from using this button over your other buttons? Our 5Y and 2Y are among the best fast buttons, after all. Well, 2Y is super safe on everything, including CA, but only does 10 damage unless you use the second part to sacrifice it's safety. 5YY does fine damage, has a great hitbox, and is great on block, but is pretty darn unsafe on CA. instant jY pretty much combines the two into a really good button, as it pretty much lacks the weaknesses of the two, and makes their strengths even bigger. It even catches jumps really well, something the mid low 5Y and low 2Y cannot do well. This is at the cost of being disadvantageous on block and only being allowed to do soar stance stuff, not being bufferable (making it pretty iffy to do after being frozen unless you practice it out of the block/hitstun of every single move), and not being possible to hit on every character. Yah, in order for insant jY to be reliable on a grounded opponent, you have to be playing against certain characters. Here is a list! It's just outright impossible on: pikachu pikachu libre weavile croagunk chandelure braixen gengar it's very, very weird on suicune because his hitbox is stupid. If done instantly the first hit will always hit, but depending on where you hit it on his hitbox you may or may not get the second hit. First hit only (2nd hit can be achieved by delaying it a little) decidueye lucario darkrai empoleon get hit with both hits reliably blaziken scizor mewtwo shadow mewtwo machamp sceptile garchomp charizard its pretty good on all the characters that its not impossible on, as you still get a combo off of the first hit (ijYRX - 130) but you do get a full combo on those that get hit by both hits. Here are some bnbs! midscreen: ijYRYY6R jY 6AAY~YX - 208 at the wall: ijYR[A] W! reverse 8YRA6RX - 235+30 half of ferrum stadium to the wall: ijYRYY6R jY 6AA6R jY (1 hit) W! reverse 8YRA just a few examples. Obviously you gotta do stuff like psp optimizations and they won't always be on the half mark of ferrum stadium. You can also do character specific stuff on scizor: ijYRYYYX 6AAY~YX - 247 also on scizor: ijYRYY[A] reverse 8YRYX (they fall behind you) 6AAW!X - 245+30 Hope this helped! I've been using this a lot personally, and I think it's a really good way to utilize jY.
  13. Morning Discussion: Synergy Burst

    I think synergy burst is a great mechanic that plays a great role in the balance of this game in your options to deal with bursted opponents, how easy it is for you to get burst, and how strong your burst is. It also gives everyone a really good defensive reversal that reduces the influence of guessies in the game, while also not being broken because it deals no damage and requires a full meter to use. There are also many supports and cheer skills that revolve around synergy, adding yet another level of depth to deciding what you bring to a match. As for the stat buffs, I believe that the stat buffs are enough to make a big difference, but not enough to be broken. Added moves that are ridiculous serve for further balance of the synergy burst characters, as a 150 cc character should be better in burst than a 100cc character if they are just as good in every other aspect. When it comes to the burst armor, I would like to point out that if Mr. Harada wanted to, he can give a pokemon all strong attacks so that they just don't care about burst armor. It serves as further balance for the characters as a whole, making some better against bursted opponents than others, and serves as incentive to win or keep up in the synergy race, or to bring a support that lets you do better against bursted opponents. Most burst attacks being frame 5 invulnerable is perfectly fine if you ask me, it gives bursted characters an out for pressure when they should be in control of the match anyway, and it's not like you cant play around the 4 frames where it is vulnerable. As for the burst attacks themselves, I think they are fine because they further deter risky play from the opponent, and allow the bursted opponent to control the match that they deserve to control for winning the synergy race. Overall, I think that the synergy burst mechanic is well balanced, and that if it were changed to be worse it would take away a lot of the game's depth.
  14. Morning Discussion: Synergy Burst

    Today, we will be starting a new type of thread here in Pokkén Arena called "Morning Discussion". Once in a while, our front page team will pick a relevant topic about the game and invite people in the community to discuss about it. Let's begin with a subject that a lot of people are discussing lately, Synergy Burst Meter. As you all may know, every character has a different size for their Synergy Burst Meter, meaning each character takes a different amount of points to fill that Meter. Additionally, every Synergy Burst has a different duration time, with some ending quicker than others. BurnsideBH (one of the most active players of the community) did two amazing charts that illustrates how that work: What are your thoughts about it? Do you think the developers did a good job balancing this unique and important mechanic? Or maybe some adjustments are necessary? Let's discuss on the comments section below!
  15. Minnesota

    hey man
  16. I really want a local scene here in MN but i dont even know how to do about doing it 

  17. These special attacks are probably piercing moves - these types of moves are often very slow, but powerful and completely break counter attacks. You can tell an attack is a counter pierce because the phrase "counter pierced" will come up if you try to counter it. For shield, I honestly don't know. You must've stopped pressing the block button, or have your shield broken. Having your shield broken is very obvious though, so you probably just dropped shield accidently
  18. Gardevoir 0 to Death Setup

    Here's a chip + shield break setup after a 303 damage combo. There are some things to note: This does KO Garchomp if you leave out the 5Y before Burst, because it never puts him into rage. If they try anything between the 8As, you can just Burst there instead. The 2Y to 8X might not look like a blockstring, but it should be (as long as the CPUs are reacting properly).
  19. Hey Guys, sorry if this question was already answered over and over again, but since im new to Pokkén tournament DX (buyed it a few days ago) and also to this forum i have some basic understanding questions. The theorie of the fights in dual phase are easy: the triangle: attacks counter grabs, grabs counter counter attacks and counter attacks are countering regular attacks. And then are of course the shilds that are even protecting from damage that you cant counter/block with a counter attack like support pokemon attacks, ultimates (i dont know if this is the real name but i mean the powerful attack while your limit is activated) and missile attacks. But the longer i play the more i see that in reality the fighting mechanismn are way more complex than that, and since i often dont understand whats going on i wanted to search for help in this forum. So a game that i had just now shows my "problem" with this easy theorie right now. I played weavile and my opponent was a blaziken. He was a beginner like my self and you could see it because he had no variention in his gameplay: he did only attack. nonstop. Still he managed to beat me 0-2 and i didnt understand what happend. The next game i have faced him again, and this i did knew that he will only attack after attack i did just spam counter attack+ shild. But even so i barely managed to win this game 2-1 and i dont understand why. Now the thing was, that i have also witness in many other games against the AI or other players is that the shild and especially the counter attack is very...unreliable. And since i know that its not just random, but their is a certain logic behind it, i wanted to ask here for help to understand more of this awesome game. Because the problem that i often have with counter attacking is that some regular attacks are countered, you make a critical damage as intended and you are happy. But some attacks (especially from the high DPS characters like Blaziken and machamp) have "special" attacks that will hit you even when you press the x+a buttons that make the counter attack. (but i think i have seen this type of attacks also from other, non as "strong" pokemon) The same thing i have also seen in the shild, but not as often. While the shild seems to be a bit more reliable, their were still some attacks that could go through even when i continue to press the shild button even without breaking the shild. (i thing some of lucarios bone attacks for example could do this) So i wanted to ask you how exactly these attacks go through while normal attacks dont, and what would be the best option to deal with this attacks if regular counters like the shild and the counter attack dont safe you from them. Thank you for your help
  20. #Pokkén-discussion summaries

    10/17/17 ART VS. SCIENCE Today I was asked by 6tennis if I am more of an "art" or "science" type player. Art is based on heavy conditioning, learning your opponent thoroughly, and relying on instinct. Science refers to using your knowledge and core understanding of the game itself to influence your decisions. I wasn't sure on how to describe myself so I asked some others. Burnside tunes in with: So I think it's a complex question, but like originally you got good because of science. Like a lot of NA right. You set off to master the game through understanding of core mechanics and to use that knowledge to your advantage. But then people started catching up "figuring out your tricks" and you realized that you could exploit people's habits in other ways too. I think right around when you started saying "you're not really conditioning unless you're conditioning in neutral is" is kinda a paradigm shift in your play and maybe playing m2 and seeing the benefits of fire punch as a tool to exploit opponents habits and that some risk could be good helped with this too. Like your walk up wildcharge stuff is basically the Pokkén verison of the Umehara uppercut. So I think now you play with both to varying degrees depending on the MU/player. This basically says it's important to have a good foundation and fundamentals of the game but it's just as important to adapt to the player matchup as much as the character matchup. THE IMPORTANCE OF FRAME DATA AND MOVE PROPERTIES As mentioned earlier, frame data is very important to learning how interactions in the game work. Currently there is no excuse for not learning your frame data. Something that was brought up is someone was saying "I am a visual learner I don't learn that way." However, learning frame data isn't really a visual thing aside from learning what the move looks like which you can do in training mode. it's about taking 10 minutes to go through a character's moveset and learn relevant stuff that you can punish and stuff where you know not to press buttons afterwards. Here's a quick explanation for those who don't know what frame data is: Frame data for newbies Here is the Pokkén frame data being compiled by TheAppleBoom: Pokkén Frame Data Here is a move properties list translated and posted by Pentao: Move Properties List
  21. As one of the world's best Pokkén Tournament players and a well-known community figure, it makes sense that Anthony "Rokso" Paratore would be a prime candidate for eSports organizations looking to get more involved in Pokkén Tournament DX. Over this past weekend, InControl Gaming announced their signing of the top level Garchomp player. The team started by teasing the signing of a Pokkén player. The 40 Like goal was quickly met, which led to the announcement. With such an impressive competitor joining their already existing line-up of Pokkén players, it looks like InControl has high expectations for competitive Pokkén. Hopefully we'll see more teams join the likes of InControl as more DX events pop up! You can congratulate Rokso on his Twitter, and you can follow InControl here.
  22. #Pokkén-discussion summaries

    This thread will have summaries of important topics discussed in the #Pokkén-discussion channel on my personal discord which you can check out here:
  23. Sunday Siege: VSB Icebreaker - Top 8 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada October 15th, 2017 1. Sheer 2. TytoVortex 3. Jetsplit 4. ZXavier 5. Rightmeow 5. Bananaca 7. Schiller 7. Geki Full bracket:…/sunday-sieg…/events/main-bracket/overview Tournament VOD: This event was part of the Pokkén Arena Circuit! Thanks to his Sunday Siege win, Sheer is now in 4th place with 50 points. Full Pokkén Arena Circuit standings: Tournament organization and Top 8 graphic by Rightmeow (Brittany Edmunds)!
  24. vs. Lucario

    Overview: Overall, this is a fairly even matchup. Mewtwo has the obvious advantage in field phase, but it's not unwinnable for Lucario by any means - he just has to be able to patiently deal with Mewtwo's zoning. In duel phase it can go either way, but whoever wins field phase will have an edge when holding the life lead, forcing the other to approach. Field phase: Moves to look out for - Lucario's sY and bone rush As I mentioned earlier, Mewtwo wants to keep Lucario out here, dealing as much chip damage along the way as possible until an opening presents itself to initiate the shift into duel. One slight change that has come about in DX that makes this aspect of the matchup slightly different is the nerf to field phase psycho cut. The hitstun and blockstun of this move was reduced - so if Lucario blocks this move in field, he can act sooner than he would before. I bring this up because you want to be wary of where you are when using psycho cut in field - because if you psycho cut and cancel into backdash too close to Lucario, he'll be able to catch you with bone rush as you're dashing back out of psycho cut. Speaking of bone rush - this is not the only move where you need to be wary of bone rush. Take Mewtwo's fY; it's a decent move to punish moves from midrange and punishing strings on block, but the move by itself is -27 on block - giving Lucario ample time to punish with bone rush out of shield. Lucario could also easily CADC fY on a read and punish with a crit grab or bone rush, so you don't want to rely on this move in neutral. When Lucario moves in midrange, you wanna also be wary of his side Y, which can catch if you let your guard down. It comes out pretty quickly and will shift to duel phase on hit. If the opposing Lucario is prone to using this move at mid-to-close range, however, you can CADC this move and punish it with a grab if you can predict when they will throw out the move. Duel Phase: Key moves to look out for in neutral - Lucario's 2Y, 8Y, and bone rush Now this is where things get real. How you play this phase usually depends on whether you won field or not. If you won field and currently have the life lead, you'll wanna be on the defensive - make Lucario come to you, and be ready to punish any mistakes or overexertions. This is where knowing how to option select bone rush with CA comes in handy. You could do the option select with Mewtwo's normal counter or with either of Mewtwo's command counters. Personally I recommend performing the option select with fire punch - it grants you 165 damage for just a few phase shift points and on top of that, it resets to a neutral where you have an expanded life lead. If you aren't in the life lead, however, you'll need to play neutral and approach carefully. Like with other matchups, Mewtwo has a couple offensive tools at his disposal, both of which he can threaten with within his long grab range. Those tools, of course, being iAD JY and 2Y. These come especially in handy in this matchup, as they can beat out some of Lucario's options when used at the right time. Note that Mewtwo's 2Y slightly outranges Lucario's 2Y - this allows Mewtwo to be able to poke from outside where Lucario can contest it with his own. This can also be used as a noncommittal option when you think Lucario is about to use 8Y but aren't confident enough to use a hard callout like 2X or fire punch. This matchup in the mid-to-close range has several possibilities for high/low interactions. When Mewtwo approaches, Lucario has to determine if Mewtwo is going to go for a grab, iAD JY, or one of his low options - either 2Y or 2X. Now the only way Lucario can really deal with iAD JY is either by blocking or going for 8Y as a hard callout. So if Lucario guesses iAD JY and tries to preemptively antiair with 8Y but ends up whiffing and Mewtwo remains in neutral, Mewtwo has a small window to punish with a couple options - either with fire punch to get the crit damage or start a combo with 6X or 2XX. But it's a small window because there isn't much end lag on Lucario's 8Y, so the player has to act quickly. If Lucario thinks you'll stay on the ground and try to approach and either go for 2Y or grab, he may start going for 2Y. If Lucario is going for 2Y a lot at mid-to-close range, you can make him pay for it with iAD JY. iAD JY is also good for beating out Lucario's CA if you see him constantly see him charging it up and releasing it, as Lucario's counter is a low mid. Lucario's 2Y is also a good offensive poke and pressure tool in the corner, so be wary of it when Lucario is on the offensive as well. This is especially true in the corner - where Lucario can really force high/low shenanigans. Crossover JY is a good way to get out of the corner but can be stuffed by Lucario's 8Y if you get too predictable with it. If you anticipate a crossover JY callout, you could callout his callout with 2X. You dont wanna try to fire punch 8Y when you're up close because 8Y will interrupt it. This is a matchup where you dont want to overrely on any one option - if you constantly use iAD JY in neutral, you'll eventually get called out by 8Y and take a good chunk of damage. If you go for too many 2Y's and/or grabs in close range, both of those can be beaten out by 8X, which is also a combo starter and can really rack up damage on crit. You'll wanna keep this in mind and play neutral carefully. Another good thing to be aware of in this matchup is Lucario's frame traps. For example, if you block Lucario's 6[X] oki and respond with fire puch while Lucario is +8, Lucario will be able to stuff it with 5YYYY. And one last note I wanna make about playing this matchup is that you DON'T want to throw out fire punch in neutral, as Lucario can punish it easily with ExtremeSpeed. Recommended Supports: Togekiss - a solid pick for any matchup. Togekiss makes Mewtwo's already solid neutral even better, which is a big help in a matchup that involves a lot of footsies Eevee - always a good support in matchups against characters that get quick access to burst. If you fear having to deal with Mega Lucario without being able to use your lights, Eevee will be there to lend a Helping Hand. If there's anything I've missed or if you have any questions - be sure to let me know below
  25. Newbie Q&A Thread

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt as I don't play Decidueye, but popular choices among the whole cast include Emolga, Eevee, Frogadier, Jirachi, Togekiss, and Umbreon. Whimsicott is pretty good against characters who rely on projectiles. Obviously, they're all good for different reasons, but I'd recommend looking into those supports first.
  26. Okay so I'm not exactly sure if this is the proper place to put this, however I believe it could. Jump, instant hover, YYY combo if done properly it should cause knock downs. Scizor mains, play around with this!!!! This works on pika and gunk as well as the other characters, the timing is just more strict! I will keep playing around but this might be useful for some setups or even just getting up a sword It would be great to know if it's worth looking into more so let me know
  27. I know you can control player two in training by using a second controller. That might help for practicing stuff on far, that's a good idea. I appreciate your support of using near/far at locals. I honestly wish split screen mode was just... way better, though. It's really under-designed. Like, to the point that it's clearly rendering two separate 720p scenes for viewports 1/4 the size, what's the point of that? What's the point of showing two duel phases? What's the point of showing cinematic moves (grabs, supers) twice? I would personally fix split screen by using two tall viewports in field phase, slightly zoomed out for each player so not to totally kill peripheral vision, and then show only one duel phase with the camera perpendicular to the plane the players move on as opposed to skewed slightly Tales of Xillia-style. Show only one scene for grabs. Only one scene for supers. The main bad thing about this would be loss of peripheral vision which would make stuff like Sceptile's jump Y stronger. Playing this game on one screen is a hard problem to solve.
  28. I'm one of those anti-single screen people... competitively. I played with my husband and he haaaaaated being on the far side, so I was like "fine, I'll play on it." It wasn't unbearable, but both my mains have useful f.ys and b.ys. My muscle memory wasn't cooperating on some of those. Like, as Weavile, you can angle j.y, the distance of ice traps is wonked up, and my biggest whine is that I was messing up the very basic b.y into Knock Off combo because it was completely backwards. Also, as I'm still learning Darkrai, remembering that Nasty Plot and hands of death are backwards threw me off, especially since Nasty Plot isn't something that's angled and thus "obvious" that it should be backwards. I would argue that seeing charge moves adds more strategy to the game, but it isn't fair since I never utilized them well. *deep breath* That all being said, single screen is wonderful for budding locals. New players probably aren't bothered at all by learning the game from two perspectives as they don't have anything in muscle memory yet. They're just seeing how rad the Pokemon are in this game. And I certainly had fun doing an accidental synchronized hands of death to Nasty Plot vs. my husband in our casual Darkrai ditto. And as far as my gripes (and others') about practicing on the far side... it suddenly dawned on me that I believe you can just go into training mode and set yourself as the second player. :0 So if there were a push for single screen, I would look into that way more. tl;dr the veterans are not ready for single screen to be competitive/ at majors, imo, but I give two thumbs up if it saves locals
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