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  2. Blastoise and the Rest of Wave 2 Available Now!

    Here you go!
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  4. The next FSBC Cup for 2018 has begun! This event features the brand new Battle Pokémon, Blastoise, and will take place from March 23 (today) to March 25. The event will use the Team Battle format. Like with all of the official FSBC Cups, there will be a special title given to all participants. Remember that to receive your special title, you must play at least one match to completion. The "League Master" titles will once again be awarded to the top 100 competitors. We're looking forward to seeing who will "make waves" with the new fighter! You can find the full details for the FSBC Destructive Cannon Cup below. Dates Start: 3/23/18 7AM PT End: 3/25/18 9PM PT Note: Battles will only be ranked between 7AM and 9PM PT each day. Format VS Mode: Team Battle Skill Level: Off Rematch: No Battle Stage: Fixed Battle Arena Participation Prize Participants will receive a special "Destructive Cannon" title based on Sceptile. Note: To earn the Participation Prize, players must play one match to completion during the ranking times listed above. Ranking Prizes Places 1 - 10: Places 11 - 30: Places 31 - 60: Places 61 - 100: You can read the official announcement in the News app on your Nintendo Switch.
  5. 2GG Announces "Switchfest", Featuring Pokkén

    Is it really a non profit org?
  6. Grand Capital Pokkén 7!

    GCS7 Pokkén IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!! Ottawa's Premier Pokkén Monthly! Grand Capital Smash is back with GCS7! There’s an Early Bird venue fee on until April 3rd, after which it goes up to normal venue fee and then late venue fee, so sign up! And if you don't have a PayPal account to register with, don't worry, we've got you covered - you can choose a pay-at-the-door option and instead give us the cold hard cash in person if you prefer that. We will be in the fantastic venue of Tailgators for this GCS, a venue many of you are likely familiar with. For those of you that aren’t, Tailgators is a pool/sports bar that hosts us out of its large, open private space with a dedicated streaming room for Pokkén Tournament DX, Sm4sh, and others! If you're just coming to spectate, feel free! There's no venue or spectator fee at this tournament, so come check it out and play some friendlies if you can't enter! All players that make payout will be paid in cash the day of the event! ____________________________________________________ REGISTER HERE!! ____________________________________________________ RULESET WILL BE Pokkén ONTARIO RULESET: Pokkén Ontario Rule-set LAN mode only Wired controllers only (HORI Pad, Fightstick, etc.) Round Points “2” Stage “Fixed Battle Arena” Skill Level “Off” All matches Bo3 WF, LF, GF are Bo5 Winner is character locked Winner may switch supports/cheer skill No coaching during an active set If you have any questions feel free to message @StDxMunster on Twitter! OR Shoot me a message in the Pokkén Discord! My name is 'THE StDxMunster" Hope to see many of you there!
  7. You ever feel frustrated against a tough opponent that was utilising a move for free? Well maybe that move listed here in BadIntent’s new video guide to punishing 10 prominent attacks in the game. A strong offence isn't all that makes a champion, don't forget to lab all your defensive options! While the video features some Aegislash moves it doesn’t feature any from Blastoise as it was released prior to the character’s debut. Please support Badintent and his continued helpful content !
  8. If a move is multi hit with PSP in the middle of it I'll write it with the specific hit that inflicts PSP. LH = Last Hit SF = Shell Fortress Pokemon Moves: 8A/8[A]: 4 LH 6A: 3 LH 5AA Aura Sphere: 2 2 5AX Dragon Pulse: 2 0 5AY Dark Pulse: 2 3 4A: 5 LH 2A: 3 LH j.A: 4 (If you charge it you fall much faster so that it becomes positive instead of very unsafe, No difference in speed, counter pierce, lasting, etc.) Strong Attacks: 8XX: 0 5 6X: 4 LH 5X: 4 2X: 3 LH j.X: 0 SF X: 4 Weak Attacks: 8Y: 3 LH 6Y: 3 LH 5YY: 0 3 4Y: 3 2Y: 0 j.Y: 1 for each hit SF Y: 1 for each hit Burst variants: Water gun followup: 12 SF Y: 2 (basically the same j.Y: 1 1 Damage and Scaling: Pokemon Moves: 8A: 30,30,30 %40 LH 8[A]: 30,30,30,30,50(170) %40 LH 6A: 10,10,10,10,10,40 %70 LH Water Gun: 40 %10 Aura Sphere: 50 %20 Dragon Pulse: 40,40,40,40(160) %20,%20,%20,%20 Dark Pulse: 30 %30 4A: 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,80 (160) %40 LH 2A: 3,3,3,3,3,3,42(60) %30 j.A: 40 %30 Strong Attacks: 8XX: 60,60(120) %40 LH 6X: 30,30,40(100) %20 LH 5X: 80 %40 2X: 50,60(110) %20 j.X: 120 %30 SF X: 80 %20 Weak Attacks: 8Y: 30,40 %30 LH 6Y: 20,20,30 %20 LH 5YY: 40,60(94) %10,%20 4Y: 50 %10 2Y: 20,30 %10 LH j.Y 20,20(40) %0 SF Y: 20,20(40) %0 (psst, it connects with 6X if your opponent is against the wall) [CA]: 20,20,90(130) %40 LH CA: 20,20,60(100) %40 LH Grab: 12,12,12,12,12,12,12,36(120) Burst Attack: 241
  9. Blastoise and the Rest of Wave 2 Available Now!

    Blastoise board when/where??
  10. It's time, everyone! The update featuring Blastoise, Mew, Celebi, and more is now available to download. If you've already purchased Pokkén's Battle Pack DLC, all you need to do is download the update version 1.3 and you'll be set. As you try out Blastoise for the first time, remember to share your findings on the forums! Documenting any discoveries related to a new character is easily one of the most surefire ways to advance the character's meta. And if you're posting on Twitter, remember to tag us @PokkenArena and use the #PTDX_BLS hashtag! We're looking forward to seeing what heights players can reach with the new Battle and Support Pokémon. See you in game! If you have not yet purchased the Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack 1, you can purchase it on the Nintendo eShop for £13.49/$14.99/€14.99.
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  12. For those who are unaware, 2GGaming is one of the most well-known and appreciated non-profit organizations in the competitive Super Smash Bros. community. The team has consistently hosted high quality events primarily for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U since the beginning of 2016, and today have announced an exciting new event featuring Pokkén Tournament DX! As confirmed in the tweet, 2GG's Switchfest will feature free-to-enter events for ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Pokkén Tournament DX, as well as a Smash event themed after the Xenoblade character Shulk. While this event unfortunately takes place during Burnside Brawl, it's an excellent option for those who are closer to California and can't make it to Burnside's event. This event is sure to be a great way to bring the competitive Nintendo Switch communities closer together! You can watch the official Switchfest announcement video below. For more updates regarding Switchfest, be sure to follow 2GG on Twitter.
  13. IMPORTANT: I did not add midair and wall-splat scaling due to the sake of situational inconsistencies. (e.g 2A(-2) would be 10,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,63(136) midscreen and 10,9,9,11,11,11,11,11,77(160) near the wall) *Stats behave as scaling instead of being additional damage to your attack's base power so if a move has a stat change (+ or -) it will count as scaling. (-2,-1,0,1,2) Before the damage means having a stat on you or the opponent depending on the move. (Note: having a positive and negative stat count as 1 and -1 instead of 0) If (-2,-1,0,1,2) is put after the damage that means the move has combo'd into a debuff which counts as scaling. (Atk Up on self -%20, Atk Down on self %20, Def Up on opponent %20, Def Down on opponent -%20) The less scaling you have, the more damage you will do. Pokemon Moves: 8A: 120(countering Gunk's bomb j.A or 6Y),0(def down hit) %20,-%20* 6A: 10,10,60,50(130)(-2) 10,10,60(80)(-1,1,2) (-2)%0,%80(Shock Wave),-%20* (-1)%50,-%20* (1)%50 (2)%50,%20* 5AAA: 20,20,20(60) %0 5[A][A][A]: [20,20][20,20][20,20](120) %0 4A: (0)50 (1)10,10,90(110) (2)10,10,10,10,10,100(150) %20 2A: (0)10,10,40(60) (-1)10,10,10,10,10,60(110) (-2)10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,70(150) %20 Gunk Shot: Stone: 20 %0 Misfire: 120 %0 Bomb: 20(throw),100 %0,%40 Sludge Bomb: 20,40 -%20*,%30 Tornado: 20,20,20,20,20(100) %40 Concrete Bad Boy: 30,30,30,30,30,30(145) %10 each(%60) Strong Attacks: 8X: 60 %20 6X: 40 %20 5X: 60 %20 4X: 200 (might know the scaling if a bomb and 4X hit the opponent on the same frame) 2X: 60 %20 j.X: 60 %20 j.X7/8/9: 20,40,80(88) %0,%50,%50 ]X[: (0)70 (-1)30,30,50(110) (-2)20,20,20,20,20,20,60(180) %0 Weak Attacks: 8Y: 10,10,20(40) %20 6Y/(6Y): (Stone)20 %0 (Bomb)20,100 %0,%40 5YYY:[10][10,10,10][20](58) %0,%10,%20 4YY: 20,40(56) %10,%20 4YX: 20,120 %10,%20 2Y: 20 %20 j.Y: 10,10,20(35) %10 each(%30) j.Y1/2/3/7/8/9: 30 %0 j.Y1/2/3 headbutt landing: 30,10,10,20 %40 CA: 20,20,20 %40 [CA]: 30,30,30 %40 Grab: (0)90 (1)100 (2)1x13,2x46,45(150)
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  15. Aegislash is one of my favorite Pokemon in general, so getting to play him in Pokkén is amazing. Unfortunately for me, he doesn't just click for me and is obviously a character for those who will dedicate time to him. I believe that if you are loyal, patient, and diligent with the character, you can end up being pretty successful with him, as his intricacies will allow for some fun mind games. That said, if you're new(ish) like me, then playing with a different character until you learn the game in and out is probably going to help you a lot more than being frustrated with someone as difficult as Aegy. Good luck, and I can't wait to see what people end up doing with him!
  16. How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    My friend was writing a story and used his friends names as inspiration for his characters. The one based off of me was named Andurs Faroeson, and I ended up using it as my handle. It's been replacing my longstanding username (the one I've had since I was 6) pretty much everywhere.
  17. 1.1 MU Chart Tier List

    i think Chandelure should be lowered to B since he has no melee and Braixon should definitely be moved to A+ tier. she has really strong long range, and midrange. she can easily fight enemies centered around melee. she is all around the best in my opinion
  18. Do you think this could be added to the frame data spreadsheet?
  19. List of Perfect Block Moves & Advantages

    "This move's on block data normally / This move's on block data after being perfect blocked" Example: Lucario's Bone Rush: Downward Swing is 0 on block. But if it gets Perfect Blocked, the move is now -22. 0 / -22
  20. List of Perfect Block Moves & Advantages

    I am confused by the annotation is it: before perfect blocking/ after perfect blocking how negative the character is after doing this move before perfect block/ after ?
  21. Hey. Perfect Blocking is a mechanic that makes many safe moves on block, unsafe and punishable. By doing an immediate Homing Attack Cancel into block, the blockstun you receive is greatly decreased. There are a couple rules when it comes to Perfect Blocking: -Since this mechanic is tied to Homing Attack, it can only be done in Field Phase. -The time window to perform a Perfect Block is small. Doing a Homing Attack Cancel into block too early will result in regular blockstun. -You can only Perfect Block moves that have a single hit (some multihit moves can be Perfect Blocked if there's a big enough gap between the hits). Grab is the go-to action when it comes to Perfect Block, as It's most character's fastest option in Field. Each move however has a different frame advantage, making certain Perfect Blocks more rewarding. Below is a list of each character's Field Phase moves that can be Perfect Blocked, and a comparison of their normal "On Block" data to their "Perfect Block" data. (Note: For instances such as X > XX Homing Attack -25, this shows the frame window to punish before Homing Attack 2 hits.) Darkrai: bY -8 / -20 nA Dark Pulse -8 / -20 Blaziken: X+A Counter Attack -8 / -20 [X+A] Counter Attack: Charge +4 / -20 fY -12 / -20 j.YX -8 / -20 j.X 0 / -26 j.[X] +28 / -26 X Homing Attack 0 / -16 X > XX Homing Attack (No longer a blockstring) fAX Flare Blitz -16 / -26 j.A High Jump Kick +4 / -20 Pikachu: X+A Counter Attack -4 / -18 [X+A] Counter Attack: Charge +4 / -18 j.X -5 / -18 X > XX Homing Attack (No longer a blockstring) bA Electro Ball -8 / -29 nA Thunderbolt -8 / -26 Lucario: X+A Counter Attack -8 / -16 X+A Counter Attack: Charge +4 / -16 j.X -10 / -18 X Homing Attack 0 / -16 X > XX Homing Attack (No longer a blockstring) fAY/X Bone Rush: Downward Swing 0 / -22 -L+R Burst Attack (First hit, No longer a blockstring) Can be punished with: Fennekin, Umbreon, Blaziken/Scizor/Aegislash Burst Attack Gardevoir: Burst j.X+A Midair Counter Attack 0 / -29 nY -4 / -12 fY -8 / -20 f[Y] +4 / -8 bY -4 / -12 b[Y] -4 / -12 j.X -12 / -20 X Homing Attack -8 / -29 X > XX Homing Attack -26 Pikachu Libre: X+A Counter Attack -8 / -24 [X+A] Counter Attack: Charge +4 / -29 sYY -8 / -24 j.X -7 / -20 X > XX Homing Attack (No longer a blockstring) fA Discharge -8 / -24 f[A] Discharge -8 / -24 -L+R Burst Attack (First hit, No longer a blockstring) Can be punished with: Fennekin, Umbreon Scizor: X+A Counter Attack -8 / -24 X Homing Attack -8 / -24 X > XX Homing Attack -20 Aegislash: X+A Counter Attack -4 / -16 [X+A] Counter Attack: Charge -4 / -16 Enhanced sY -8 / -33 SF X Homing Attack -8 / -33 SF X > XX Homing Attack -20 SF 5A Shadow Sneak -8 / -22 SF 5[A] Shadow Sneak: Charge -4 / -22 Croagunk: X Homing Attack -8 / -26 X > XX Homing Attack -12 fA Poison Jab (Max range) -12 / -26 Sceptile: fA Leaf Blade -16 / -33 Burst fAA Leaf Blade > Dragon Breath -20 Gengar: X+A Counter Attack 0 / -8 [X+A] Counter Attack: Charge +12 / -8 nY -8 / -12 sY -4 / -16 X Homing Attack -8 / -24 X > XX Homing Attack -20 bA Shadow Punch +8 / -18 b[A] Shadow Punch: Charge +17 / -18 j.A Astonish: Divekick -6 / -22 Decidueye: j.X -4 / -20 nA Spirit Shackle -8 / -16 fA Fury Attack > Leaf Blade -8 / -20 Machamp: Release A Scary Face -8 / -20 bA Karate Chop -4 / -16 bA Karate Chop: Enhanced +4 / -16 j.A Wake-Up Slap -2 / -29 j.A Wake-Up Slap:Enhanced -2 / -29 Braixen: X+A Counter Attack -8 / -24 [X+A] Counter Attack: Charge -8 / -24 X Homing Attack -8 / -29 X > XX Homing Attack -20 Empoleon: X+A Counter Attack -8 / -26 [X+A] Counter Attack: Charge +8 / -26 X Homing Attack -4 / -20 X > XX Homing Attack -18 nAY Level One/Two/Three Aqua Jet > Cut -4 / -29 nAA Level One/Two/Three Aqua Jet > Rock Smash +4 / -12 Mewtwo: j.X -4 / -20 Chandelure: nY > nYY (No longer a blockstring) fA Smog (Max range) -16 / -29 nA Will-O-Wisp -12 / -16 Suicune: fY -8 / -18 j.X -8 / -22 X Homing Attack 0 / -16 X > XX Homing Attack -12 Weavile: j.X (First hit) -8 / -16 j.X (Second hit) -8 / -20 X Homing Attack (The three hits are no longer a blockstring) nAY Fake Out +8 / -8 nA[Y] Fake Out: Charge +8 / -8 Charizard: j.X +1 / -22 j.[X] +9 / -20 Garchomp: X+A Counter Attack -4 / -24 [X+A] Counter Attack: Charge +12 / -24 j.X (The two hits are no longer a blockstring) Shadow Mewtwo: j.X -8 / -37 j.[X] -4 / -37 nAA Level Three Psywave: Blast -12 / -26
  22. Hi guys! It's been a while so I hope everyone is doing well and excited for the next interview! I wanted to release this interview a little sooner than this, but with all the events like Spring Fist, and the sneak peaks of Blastoiste etc, I had to delay it. Apologies for the inconvenience but it is finally time to declare our next guest! The thorned rose of the Japanese community... The elegant, the swift but deadly... Chiu-Chan! Outside of Ikebukuro Gigo, during EVO Japan! standing behind our white scarfed photographer Yon-Chan, is Chiu-Chan! A little bit of background information: - Without a doubt, one of the most oppressive and dominant female players in the world. A libre player who has taken many big names in numerous tournaments! - Made it into EVO Japan's top 8 pair, alongside Oshizu (Also a very strong female gengar player from Osaka), defeating the Allister and Midori team for the spot! - Has very good taste in foods and arts! Ask her for Japanese food recommendations :)! - Follow her on twitter: @chiuchiuchus2 -Glossary for noobs- - BGM: Background music - Choukaigi: A prestigious tournament of many games, hosted by the NicoNico Douga, a Japanese online video company similar to Youtube - -Chan: An honorific used to emphasize one's appeal in cuteness. Very popularly used when addressing women or children of closer relationship - Shoujo Manga: Japanese comics targetted towards the general female audience. Often emphasizing themes like young love and real life friendships. -- Let the interview begin! -- M: Why did you choose the name “Chiu” for your handle? C: I actually wanted to choose a name that has some impact upon first sight so initially I used the handle “dedennededenne” at first. When I went to my first off-line tournament everyone called me dedenne-chan and it was extremely embarrassing... So I immediately changed to “Chiu”. My first name also starts with the hiragana character “Chi” which helped me decide though the rest just came to be. It’s a pretty lowkey name which I’m grateful for and it also sounds cute, so I decided it as my handle. I actually really like it! M: So why did you choose Libre as your main? C: From the beginning I always used Pikachu, but after the release sale of the WiiU version, I thought Braixen was also really cute so I changed mains right then. Soon after, a 2v2 tournament, Choukaigi was announced but at the time, the newly added Braixen was not yet in the arcade version (which Choukaigi was being held in). For the tournament, the person I wanted to partner up with was also a Pikachu main so I thought I had no choice but to try and learn a new character, and thinking Libre is also a Pikachu, I assumed she worked similarly to my old main, so I decided to choose her. Actually if the Choukaigi tournament was held in WiiU version, I may still be a Braixen player right now. To add to this there are a lot of Libre players around my circle which not only affected my overall choice, but they taught me a lot also, which enabled me to do more and more things with the character. I found that really fun and without realising, I’ve been using libre until now~ Libre is not only cute, but also cool and strong so of course I love her ♡. M: In your personal opinion where would you put Libre in the tier list? And what do you think is the strongest and weakest point of the character? C: I think Libre is strong and very fun to use! A strong part of Libre is not only does Electroweb debuffs the opponent, her wall jump is an extremely good run away tool in my opinion. Personally just for me, her weak point is that I find her homing attack difficult to apply in matches.. M: I see, so what is your personal best and most confident matchup and what character do you not have confidence fighting against? C: There are no characters I have confidence against! But I'm not good at fighting Shadow Mewtwo... A very oppressive character, in Chiu's eyes! M: Which characters do you think are the top 3 and bottom 3 of the game? C: I guess I'm not like others who has fiddled with a wide variety of characters so I'm not so sure i can comment about character rank. M: Please tell us your hobbies outside of Pokkén~ C: I love music, including performing, listening and even composing. I really like the BGM in Pokkén too! When I hear the Tellur Town BGM, I think of tournaments and get excited! M: So speaking of music, what is your favorite genre, band and BGM from Pokkén? C: I like pop and Jazz for genre. I love JUJU's jazz album so much I listen to it often. My favorites from Pokkén are Old Ferrum Town (Winter) and Diggersby Land. Old Ferrum Town, one of Chiu's favorite stages in the game! M: Until now, how many pieces of composition have you done musically? Which of your piece do you like best and what is it about? C: I never counted so I'm not sure! I pretty much stopped composing after graduating from college so probably not too many. My favorite piece that I composed is a song called Orange. This was a song that I made when I was reading the Shoujo Manga of the same name. I still have memories performing this song with a fellow college friend who formed a band with me. Orange. A popular Shoujo Manga that was made into a live action movie in the recent years~ M: What are your favorite foods and recommended Japanese foods? C: My favorite is Natto! Since I was young I loved it so much I'd eat it everyday without fail. It's a life essential! The food I recommend would be sushi! Anago is my personal favorite. Natto. Fermented soy beans, which is a delicacy not often appreciated by foreigners with it's unique smell. Definitely an acquired taste. M: If you could change something about the game what would it be? C: Please add spectator mode! M: What Pokémon would you like to be added to the game? C: Plusle and Minun as a Support Set would definitely be cute! And Pyukumuku would be interesting I think. M: Is there anyone you look up to in the Pokkén world? C: Yes, it would be Azazel-San! Catching a glimpse of his demeanor in tournaments makes me think 'man he's so cool' lol. I also respect and look up to his skills. M: As a female player, do you think there is a 'special strength unique to just female players?' C: That's really hard! Um.. I'd probably say there seems to be a lot of female players that can absorb and implement advice given faster. That and performing well in crunch time. (Editor's Note: I think female players handle the audience and tournament pressure fairly uniquely and I have seen a lot of players who lose to their composure so I think this is what she is referring to.) M: Just like other fighting games, the Pokkén scene is dominated by male presence. Do you think that there are not enough female players personally? How would you go about increasing the number of female players if you think so? C: Hmm if we were to say enough or not enough then yes there are not enough female players. I think it’s pretty hard to show the charm and goodness of Pokkén as a whole to girls who are not interested at all in the first place, so I think it’s of crucial importance to treat girls who physically come to tournaments well individually as a person. I don’t think I’m personally good at doing this either so in that part I will also try my best to get better at it. M: Is there any question you'd like to be asked? Please also give us the answer to the question~ C: Q: Why do you continue to be involved with Pokkén? A: Of course aside from that Pokkén is fun to play, you get to meet a lot different people and interacting with them is really fun. M: Any words you'd like to give for the fans and readers at home? C: Please play friendlies with me! M: Who do you want friendlies with most from overseas? C: Actually I don't know much about the scene overseas, but if there is someone that seems strong it would be Suicune Master from the Oceania qualifiers so I'd like to try battling him. M: Thank you Chiu-Chan! End of Ep.10, Ft Chiu! Thank all of you guys for your patience and interest in this series! Stay tuned for more~ ~~Midori~~ Japanese version / 日本語版
  23. Character Breakdown Garchomp’s High Damage and strong offensive movement options make him a formidable offensive character. His High health also offers a lot of forigveness this giving him a lot of mistakes he can make and tough to kill. Field: TBD Duel: Despite being a larger character, Garchomp is not slow. His kit allows him to close gaps at a moment's notice! This is because of Chomp’s running stance and CARC. These tools are used to close gaps, bait options, and/or gather data on the opponent's movements, before committing to an option. Garchomp has 9 options out of CARC and each leads into a combo or can be cancelled because he wanted to bait out more options. Speaking of CARC, sometimes chomps will just let the Counter rip as it is the strongest counter in the game and has really good range. 5x is also a good tool for catching opponents that approach too aggressively. It's good for catching jumps and forward dashes. Chomp is also capable of standing back and making the opponent approach where he can whiff punish too. Using chomps backdash though is a brilliant spacing tool as His backdash is one of the longest in the game and can often catch people out when they have to approach a defensive chomp since our TK ( ]X[ ) is also a good option for dealing with characters approaching from the air and ground. Chomps best neutral is probably instant jump TK since it's so fast and safe on shield, All of the above mentioned tools and combo starters have amazing corner carry which leads to Chomp’s goal of oppressing the opponent in the corner where he gets the most damage. His Burst is useful as it makes the animations for all his pokemon moves do their crit animation. He is also given a very large amount of health, being tied with Machamp for the highest of 660. Overall, Chomp thrives off abusing his opponents weaknesses by making them crack with mix-ups and becomes absolutely terrifying in the corner, where escape becomes tricky and damage may be the highest in the game. Weaknesses: Garchomp’s burst mode is not a reliable tool as it only last 12 seconds and cost 250cc which is the 2nd highest right behind M2. his lack of lows and 9 frame options (especially unpunishable ones) lets him down in some aspects. Garchomp can’t really exert pressure much at a distance, and if you guess the right mix-up he loses all of his momentum. His field phase requires him to bair out bad options by the opponents so he may land his unsafe option and enter Duel. Also, one of his greatest tools to catch overly aggressive opponents (5x) is minus on block so baiting it out to punish is simple. Safe Move on Shield Duel: 4A (Stone Edge), 4[A] (Charged Stone Edge), jA (Earthquake), 8a (Dragon Rush), 2a (Sandtomb is a grab), 5yy, 4y, 4[y], 2y, Jy, Jyx, 4x, 8x, 2x, jx, RN Y[Y], RN X, everything out of running stance Reactable Moves Sand Tomb (can be cancelled though), Earthquake (J.r looks like the start-up to Equake. do not be fooled), Stone Edge, Dragon Rush, Anything out of Running stance (except block), 5x, 8x, Jx, Punishable moves By 2y combo: 5y, 6yy By 5y combo: 5yyy, 6y, 6y, 8y( (this anti-air is really fast though), 5x, By Hxx combo: J.A (Raw Dig) Weird Tech idk any yet. Optimal Support sets Rotom/Togekiss, Snivy/Lapras, Pachi/Magikarp The Matchup Field: As usual, winning field is very crucial in this matchup but if you do lose it is actually not a huge loss long as you are not put into the corner. Making sure to maintain center map positioning or cornering chomp is crucial, though Chomps movement may prove the latter to be difficult. The goal is to not overcommit on Chomp's end so they will be looking to whiff punish our mistakes and options. They can delete the staples with Fy fairly easily and countering on reaction Mud slap (Fy) is extremely difficult. Counter in neutral after setting up staples can also lead to a whiff punish from Garchomp J.x. The key to deal with that however is using the Kara counter to start it then immediately dashing into counter again on reaction to the jump to get the punish. This makes counter in neutral a safe tool with Staples up. Even fully charged counter is unsafe as it will be punished by a perfect block into homing attack or metal claw. Chomps will then try to walk around, moving around the options in an attempt to attack. do not worry ever about a homing attack. If they do it on counter, that is a free punish as well as if they do it on shield. on shield, you can U-turn after the first hit in for a free punish. If you wish to maintain a ranged positioning, using S[Y] will go through J.y but may be caught by boomerang. Do not get caught pushing buttons but using the tools at range to move in then setting staples is a consistent way of moving Chomp into the corner as they cannot approach safely. Duel: While Chomp is decent at forcing opponents to approach, he is best a when he has the opponent in the corner and applying pressure himself. However, he has difficulty safely approaching certain characters safely and Scizor is one of those characters. This is because not only does scizor have the superior tools in neural to zone him out, Scizor is able to CAHC > Hy all of Garchomps options in duel out of running stance. Therefore Garchomp cannot safely rush in to oppress Scizor freely. Reacting to the options they have out of dig is also imperative and will not lead to big damage long as the scizor plays patient. Patience and Spacing are key in the matchup. As Scizor it is important to hold your ground and not allow Garchomp to push you back into the corner. Never willingly back up. If you must, move forward again and make sure to stay in mid-screen and keep the distance mid-range. to ideally be at a range where you can react to Dragon Claw (5a), running stance options, or J.x appropriately, as well as catch unaware Chomps with Bullet Punch. if they 5a on shield, CAHC > Hy will beat out all the options except for stone edge which is a hard callout. if you are going to read the Stone Edge 4[X] is the best option to go for as it will still beat out Sand tomb and Stone edge, but loses to TK. It will also lose to j.y if you do no react to jump and cancel the 4[X]. If you ever caught in the corner against Garchomp, the game has either turned into a lot of 50/50s or they are going to reset to field. resetting to field is advantageous as we are now at the counter and can play neutral where Scizor has advantage but if they reset in the corner your option are limited to CAHC >Hy or 4[X] once again, with the only difference being that guessing wrong can cost the game and the hard stone edge call out is much easier to read. U-turn is not a bad option in the corner either as it will only lose to sand tomb and well-timed J.x. Ultimately you do not want to be put in the situation though and if you play well at mid-screen and use good midrange tools, you will be the one oppressing the shark more often than not. Getting burst far more Frequently is just a bonus allowing us to make up for the mix-ups we lose by giving extra damage and help to work with.
  24. Final Round 2018: Full Results

    Final Round 2018 took place this weekend, with many high level Pokkén competitors in attendance. Final Round has been an important event for the Pokkén community from the beginning, so it makes sense that this year's event was no different! The event ran Friday through Sunday, with Top 8 finishing earlier today. Check out the full results below, then go watch the VODs if you missed the tournament! Full Results 1. BxA Twixxie 2. ThankSwalot 3. Char 4. Scatz 5. InC RoksoTheSavage 5. Bolimar 7. Ouroboro 7. ZB jda7 9. PG Coach Steve 9. Psyanide 9. Zyflair 9. JGG Uchi 13. Nexinitus 13. ]Kraken[ 13. Ghost 13. HEX Blue Link 17. AZ tFUS IcySoapy 17. NG-Obscure 17. Nerketur 17. OrlandoFox 17. UMVGC Mage4hire 17. Cyusstrike 17. ZB Wolfy 17. ZB NG Sanaito 25. PML Kuwaa Corps Sir Salty 25. Deicide 25. AstralWxlf 25. TLE chef 25. MezMaroon 25. H2 25. UNCG Storybook 25. FroShow 33. 2PlayRough 33. Accel You can check out the full brackets on the event page. You can check out Top 8 here and the 2 on 2 bracket here!
  25. Pokkén Turns Two Years Old!

    Happy Birthday ^^
  26. New Player here

    Hey just got yesterday Pokkén tournamet dx. So far so good, I'm loving the game and I hope learn a thing or two overhere. Here is my FC, feel free to add: SW-0046-8001-2259
  27. Two years ago today, Pokkén Tournament was released worldwide on the Nintendo Wii U. Since then, we've made countless amazing memories, welcomed new Pokémon to the party, and migrated to a new console! This is just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to our favorite game! Here's to another awesome year of Pokkén! What are your favorite memories of Pokkén? Let us know!
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