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  2. This morning, Hazardous Gaming announced that Devin "Ouroboro" Setiady would be representing the team at future events. Ouroboro is a top Gardevoir player from Georgia. He placed 9th at EVO 2016 and creates YouTube content such as guides and competitive gameplay. This makes Ouroboro the second Pokkén player to join Hazardous Gaming, following the signing of Twixxie last month. Hopefully this announcement is the first of many as teams prepare for the release of Pokkén Tournament DX! You can congratulate Ouroboro on Twitter, and you can follow Hazardous Gaming here.
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  4. Sup guys just for another thing today I will be discussing supports you could use with empoleon Now from what i've watched from the Japanese players there are a few types we can group empoleons support uses into. 1.Pressure supports These kinds of supports allow empoleon to do what he does best HIT LIKE A TRUCK (apply strong pressure with tons of damage) these allow him to get in close or keep the opponent on their toes. And they are. Frogadier: The lock on aspect enables constant pressure and its fast charge time means it can be used a maximum of 4 times a round so that is 8 3 hit shots on shield Mismagius: This support gives a attack buff for a few seconds meaning we can use it to increase our already deadly damage output it slowly approaches you can outrun it in field however in duel it can not therefore you can apply pressure whilst msimagius is Diglett: Diglett was buffed in 1.5 and now has an increased range and prevents the opponent from jumping to an extent and means we could get strong shield chip setups Quagsire: Its been buffed well and now has increased Area of effect and a quicker charge time from 30 to 20 seconds he in the right hands may be viable THANK YOU FOR READING AND I WILL UPDATE WITH THE NEXT TYPE OF SUPPORT SOON...
  5. Hello today im going to discuss some notable empoleon players that you should or can watch if you want to get better,learn more about the character,or just watch it because you want to. Empoleon is currently only released in Japan however he is coming to the nintendo switch port Pokkén DX now the players will not be put in ranking but put in randomly now lets get into it. Tsumimaru: Now tsumimaru actually is regarded by most of japan and the empoleon discord as the best Emp player in the world) Akahoshi: Generally good player with great offensive skills but slightly lacking in rps Emperor:slightly above average player Shimamura:same case as emperor Torigoma: another good player Players to watch out for when Pokkén DX comes out: Allister: Currently the top suicune player in NA (which says a lot.) has showed devotion to empoleon and has already tried out empoleon . Paddu: A previous Pokkén player who showed skill before he went to SFV and now has decided to come back to play empoleon Tidus: THE EMPOLEON SERVER MOD who is totally going to wreck when he gets his hands on empoleon GalladeKnight: One of the top Gardevoir's in EU and has the possibility to become a top empoleon with his great tactical play. RickyThe3rd: Great Pokkén player with much skill and a great personality Galactasaur: A notable EU player who has decided to solo main empoleon and MAY be a strong player with his good fundamentals.
  6. Crit j.3Y for a nice chunk of damage! High stance fills synergy passively, pretty cool. Credit to Tonosama for both clips!
  7. This is really good to know! I'll be sure to consider using Sylveon more often to deal with shield break set-ups Just out of curiosity, what would the effective shield health be with a defense buff and the opponent's attack debuffed? Also I could assume supports that deal shield damage can't break shields similar to the fact that they can't kill, right?
  8. Hello there this is my opinion on Gunk, I was watching tons of videos today studying upon characters and I watched some Gunk with Geno. The more I watched the more I got scared. "He does so little damage" I thought but then the RNG kicked in. He started to do Chomp level damage! This character is gonna be hella inconsistent at least to the looks of it. That is what scares me, you could get hit by a 250+ combo because of luck. I personally suck when it comes to fighting inconsistent characters, so I know it will be trouble for me. I feel that it will be scary for both the Gunk players and the players fighting Gunk because the RNG goes both ways and both players can get buffed positively and negatively. Anyways those are my thoughts on why Gunk will be scary. Feel free to post your opinion in the comments! ~Tidu
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  10. Hello everyone my Name is Gintrax and I am a competitive Sceptile player from Germany. This is a Support counterpick guide. Here I will present strong support options against a certain character, I will also describe said options briefly. Without further ado, let's begin: - Snivy Lil snivy fucks Blazikens day up. You can literally snivy everything that makes them airborne on reaction and get a nasty punish for it. 20 seconds recharge timer makes it easily accessible and a perfect candidate for special cheer. - Eevee Theres this one moment where you REALLY don't wanna fight Blaziken. It's when they have burst and you don't. Eevee's attack buff making you able to ingnore bursts light armor takes care of that. - Emolga The zoners option to shut down Blazikens approaches. Easy to use and stragihtforward in terms of reward. - Croagunk Croagunk punshies suicidal Blaziken hard. Use it to oki a knockdowned Blaziken and Croagunks attack will immediately get rid of their recoverable HP. - Pachirisu Pachi is by far my favorite support in the game and there are a lot of reasons for it. Pachi has iFrames on call and will fuck many of Braixens popular okis up, since they can't support cancel on whiff. This results them mostly resorting to unsafe oki. Pachi will eat the Yveltal projectile. It will however NOT eat Emolga for some reason. - Whimsicott If you need to deal with projectiles and can make the one engage count that Whimsi might give you, this is your support. It's not my style but it deserves a mention. - Duck and Emo Serve similar purposes. Punish Braixen for zoning attempts at unsafe ranges, allowing you to get close. - Emolga I guess this is what everyone uses already. Its really important for some characters to use this to get in. - Farfetch'd Duck is the auto-win button in field. You can stay in range and react to everything that won't immediately phase shift you, call duck and get an easy phase shift. - Quagsire Kinda unorthodox but insanely powerful! Did you read my shield break guide? Chandelure has a weak shield and Sceptile for example has an unblockable shield break setup on Chandelure with this that also deals absurd chip damage prior to the break. Its disgusting. Chandelure has no quick or powerful options to get out of Quag, so when you get a knockdown on them, its time to play dirty. Literally. - Emolga Easy to use and straightfoward. Beats many FS options and approaches. Zard is slow to begin with so this will literally give you a field day playing footsies or spacing. - Rotom Just as easy to use as Emo but more as option coverage. Just don't call either support when Zard is bursted above you. - Reshiram This will make Zard reconsider if they want to play the pressure game with you. Zard has a hard time approaching and this is basically a get-out-of-the-jail-for-free. Same applies here, never call against bursted Zard. - Pachurisu/Emolga I know Darkrai isn't out here yet. But from watching tons of Arcade footage and talking to the japanese. It's already clear for me what to do here. Darkrai has an incredibly centralizing and boring FP which is however beaten by Pachirisu and Emolga. Darkrai can't hide behind his shit anymore and you will be free to engange with your better buttons. Beware of Dark Pulse however. - Umbreon Active Umbreon will make Garchomp not wanna oki you and might net you a wakeup grab at least a free wakeup if they are obvious about baiting it. Its actually scarier for them to keep this active instead of burning it asap. If you hit it however, not being able to crit cripples Garchomps corner damage immensely. - Latios Garchomp is bad at defending space and with a solid strategy you can make them suffer for it, this will also make you win field easy. - Reshiram Resets full screen neutral and doesn't give a shit about drill approaches. - Emolga Same as Reshiram but may be called out and punished, also a worse neutral option but faster charge time and speed debuff instead. - Farfetch'd Many characters struggle against Gardes FP and Duck will make this easily winnable with proper reactions. - Pachi/Whimsi While Pachi is more of a DP asset, Whimsi works in both and will make you feel like you are playing a different game. - Pachirisu Are you noticing a trend? I absolutely love this support. Gengar is one of the MUs where it truly shines. It gets rid of j.A (Astonish), Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis (it will just erase the grab hitbox) and Sludge Bomb and will also give you the option of not losing burst to an oki grab/hypnosis if you feel like gambling. - Eevee Lil Eevee will make you able to kill Gengar is less exchanges which effectively means robbing them of opportunities to get burst. Also it will give many chars an easier time of fighting back Mega Gengar. - Snivy Gengar has problems to get in and Snivy might help you getting a tight zoning in to wall Gengar out. - Eevee Most of the time, this should be your go-to option. Mega Lucario is broken and you will find ourself overwhelmed a lot of times if you lack the strategy/power to kill it, especially if they run Jirachi. Eevee will help you get your quick punishes to work and will also make the Jirachi variants feel actual damage again. - Yveltal This is your approach if you are playing rushdown/pressure oriented. Yveltal will rob them of burst access for 8 seconds. I used to play this but I realized that Lucarios camping game is strong and if your buttons can't match theirs, they might just camp you out for these 8 seconds. - Umbreon If you hit them with it, they will lose a lot of meter. Be careful though. Lucario has plenty of hard hitting punishes for a whiffed umbreon. - Emo/Duck/Reshiram They all serve a similar purpose. To keep Machamp out of the range where they can seriously hurt you, or to trade hits in your favor. Be careful not to call Emo or Duck too close, since that might net the Champ a guaranteed punish. - Cresselia Difficult to use and requires you to play in a certain way but can be very effective nontheless. You effectively want to time-out M2 with this setup. Play the clock as much as you can and wage your resources carefully. - Farfetch'd Helps you combat M2s stupid FP mixups, epecially those involving thier homing attack. - Jirachi This broken piece of shit already gets a special mention at the end of the post but I felt it had to get a special mention here. With this you can overwhelm M2 with your burst mode. Be careful nontheless since their j.Y beats burst armor and is a strong combo starter, so don't overcommit. - Togekiss Beat Thurias at his own game. - Eevee Pika has burst for almost half the round. With this you will fight burst Pika easier and be able to kill annoying Jirachi variants. - Cubone This is actually very effective for space control and denying Pikas their pseudo zoning. - Mangeton This is more of a meme but still viable. If you can confirm a thunder, this will severely weaken Pika. - Cresselia This is the most consistent support for this MU for almost every character. Speed debuff will give you a lot of troubles winning field, which is very important in this MU. Cress takes care of that and will also provide you with the health and synergy to outlast Libres innate tankiness. - Togekiss Same purpose as Cress but a more offensive oriented approach. If you have speed buff only, you are talking the momentum in your hand. You can acutally trick airdashes with your insane speed and confuse Libre. - Emolga Will punish every trap setup on reaction. Resulting in a hard reset to neutral and an unhappy Sceptile with severely worse dash and mobility options. - Whimsicott Will singlehandedly make Sceptiles FP a joke. Also usable in DP but Giga Drain will remove the effect instantly. - Pachirisu Allows you to get out of Leech Seed unblockables and opens up a lot of punishing potential since a lot of Sceptiles stuff is very minus of whiff. - Croagunk Same reasoning than with Blaziken but much more viable in this MU. SM2 will suffer from the frog. - Eevee "I didn't notice he already died." - Emo/Duck Their purpose is to limit Suicunes jumps and punish if they dare to. Emo is stronger in limiting CA options too but Duck on the other hand will get you harder punishes and everything that connects. - Whimsi/Cress For Suicunes that want to play the clock with you. Both are catered to different playstyles so find out what you are more comfortable with. Whimsi gets rid of Suicunes everything while Cress gives you burst pressure. (Still researching) SUPPORTS THAT HAVE TO GET MENTIONED OR FURTHER EXPLAINED Jirachi I can already imagine many of you shitlords going through this guide and thinking "Uhhhh why shouldn't I just pick Jirachi and win??" Yes, Jirachi is broken. Yes, Jirachi is easy to use. Yes, Jirachi should get nerfed. In all honesty tho, I just didn't want to include the obvious chioce in every MU. If your character is 200cc or less and you want to beat an opponent that wants to burst before you? Just go with Jirachi. Jirachi makes MUs where the opponent runs Jirachi as well considerably easier since risk/reward won't be absolutely skewed in their favor. Sylveon I used to really like this support but lately it has given me issues. Sylveon is absolutely awesome at keeping you alive and in the game but it will lose horribly to Jirachi meta since they will just sit at rage eventually and you wont be able to fight back without risking half of your HP anyways, thats the reason why I dropped it. Snivy Underrated and underexplored. My homie Galladeknight originally tinkered with this support, back when no one dared to touch it. Snivy sets up for unblockables see below: Credits to meLo for finding this very useful setup. Reshiram If the attack debuff wouldn't depend on how many hits you get in, I would play this more. Minimum is 4 sec if you only hit one or two pillars. Maximum is 12 seconds if every pillar connects. Reshis 20% scaling sets up for high damage setups in the corner where to opponent won't get launched by the final hits because of the wall. Quagsire I love Quagsire and can't wait for it to get buffed. There are many chip setups and shield break setups that involve it and since this support is so underexplored right now, I am very curious what people will do with it. Frogadier In this game they nerfed Greninja so hard, it devolved into Frogadier. I feel its a good support with solid potential but nothing more. Its poor aim offsets me and I feel other supports can do its job more consistently. Especially once the opponent figures out Frogadiers weaknesses. Lapras This is cool for high damage combos or clearing the field against zoners. But I don't think its worth giving your support slot for it in most MUs. Mismagius I remember the hypocrites that always blamed Sceptiles for their unblockables but immediately went to use this when it became public that it sets up for an unblockable. It would be really good if the attack buff it provides would be sth like 12 seconds but it is 6 however and that feels way too short and unrewarding for me. It has however some cool shield break setups to it. Croagunk Another support that I used to very like and play a lot. Gives you zone control but your opponent needs to respect it. If they dont respect Gunk, its as good as useless. This support would actually be top-tier if you could combo out of its hit and if the hit itself wouldn't be avoided that easily. Please buff. Dragonite Deals stupid chip and shield damage. Usable in every MU except Suicune, since they can mirror coat it. Excels in only a few MUs however. Shield breaks are real with this. Pachirisu My favorite support. I absolutely love it. Thats it for now. I will edit this guide and fill in the missing two chars on which I have no data up to now. I will consider doing a general support tier list and guide if there is interest. Just tell me! Thanks for reading!
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  12. It seems that my original account got deleted somehow, but the compound actions bit is definitely a direct quote from a post I made like a year ago. Here is a video I just put out to cover it.
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  14. This is a list of the exact shield damage all of Sceptiles moves do. If you have questions regarding shield damage and shield break, please read this thread: Anyways here is the shield damage data for Sceptile: This is where setups for shield breaks will go:
  15. Hello everyone my Name is Gintrax and I am a competitive Sceptile player from Germany. Today I want to introduce you to one of the most important but hugely overlooked aspects of this game: Shields; Or rather how to break them. First things first, there are two types of shields in the game: Standard and Weak, both have a certain shield strength to them, which determines after how much damage they will break. - Standard shields break upon receiving 120 damage to them. - Weak shields break upon receiving 100 damage to them. - The characters that have a weak shield are Weavile, Chandelure and Shadow Mewtwo. Everyone else is standard. This is how buffs and debuffs interact with your shield: - Attack up: Will make you deal more shield damage to your opponent. For usefulness sake you can say this reduces their effective shield strength to your attacks to 100/80 respectively. - Special Braixen Tip: This also affects your support pokemons shield damage! - Defense down: Will make your opponent receive more shield damage. Their effective shield strength is reduced to 100/80. - Both an attack buff on you and a defense debuff on the opposing side will scale and thus reduce the opponents effective shield strength to 86/70. - Defense up: Will increase effective shield strength to 150/120. - Both an Defense up and attack up/defense down will cancel each other out and return to a shield strength of 120/100. Your shield resets to its maximum respective strength under the following conditions: - You declare burst mode - You suffer a hard knockdown - Your shield gets broken - A phase shift occurs - An air tech will recover 32/28 damage from your shield. The benefits of shield breaking: - Shield breaking your opponents will drain them 40cc, which is a full phase shift from field to duel. - Shield pressure is useful to condition your opponent into dropping shield to escape your pressure. Supports that aid in shield breaking: - Frogadier/Farfetch'd/Cubone Deal low shield damage but might bait the opponent into blocking all hits which might net you a shield break with some characters. - Diglett The OG of shield break setups has fallen heavily out of grace since the nerfs. Current version deals 16 shield damage and comes out very slow. - Mismagius Deals around 22 shield damage if all hits connect. Preferred by zoners for easy zone control and shield breaks if the opponent deals wrong with it. - Electrode Deals 50 shield damage and 72 chip damage if blocked. It will also just deal 160 damage straight up if not managed to block. - Dragonite Does 34 shield damage and will allow you to followup with several attacks if the opponent decides to shield all the hits. Machamp for example get a cool shield break setup with Dragonite: Upon opponents wakeup: Second hit of 5X[X] Dragonite 4A 2Y - Reshiram Deals 54 shield damage if all hits connect and will put the opponent at full screen distance. Zoners get the most reward from this support. - Quagsire Quagsire does 24 shield damage and creates a nasty situation for the opponent that you can easily take advantage of if your pressure is on point. It also gets buffed in 1.5 to 30 sek recharge and larger hitboxes. - Yveltal Does respectable 38 shield damage in itself, very solid choice against opponents you DO NOT want to see in burst. Character specific shield damage: I only labbed data for Sceptile, you will have to do your own character by yourselves. I will do however do data for Empoleon and Decidueye when Dx is out!
  16. I like the discussion going on here. I'll add my opinions to this from a player and TO POV when I have an accessible computer.
  17. I'm not too keen on 3v3 becoming the main competitive mode, I see better uses for This is me coming from a competitive Smash background, but the very first thing that jumped out to me with this 3v3 mode would be something the smash scene does all the time...Crew Battles! While I'm not against running tournaments for single person 3v3 battles to see how it goes, I think the real opportunity here is side events where crews of 3 battle others. Best 3 in Japan vs Best 3 in NA, Best 3 in 1 City vs Best 3 in Another, etc. This would let the 1v1 be the main focus while still giving players a reason to want to play the 3v3 game mode and let the same amount of people participate while taking less time. The other thing this could possibly solve is people saying that character counter-picking could be a thing, which could still happen, but at the same time someone in your team could be just SOOOOO much better against a certain character then anyone else despite the character match-up.
  18. Croagunk v. Empoleon
  19. Seems like Luca's Aura Sphere can be punished with teleport (notation unknown to me). Poison Jab has a chance to grant two debuffs to the opponent. This instantly causes Venoshock to reach its maximum potential. In this clip, Tonosama opts to Acupressre following the wallsplat. Credits to Tono for both clips.
  20. I feel really against 3v3 becoming the normal mode for competitive play. I can't think of an upside to using it. It'll make the outcome of matches be about counterpicking your opponent, mostly because even if you didn't want to counterpick then you're forced to anyway because you can't stick with the same character. With such rapidly shifting pokémon you can't actually find time to get comfortable with your matchup and your and your opponent's playstyles. It was always a choice if you wanted to counterpick your opponent before, you'd get a more positive matchup if you didn't think you could beat them with the one which you had (and in Pokkén you pretty much always can), but they'd have the familiarity of staying with their character for multiple matches in a row, so it evened out. The way it works with it not fully restoring the winner's health means that unless they pull out a really clutch victory, they're basically guaranteed to lose the next round and will be forced off their character even if they'd like to have stayed. And if one person does manage to get ahead and take out two of the enemy's pokémon before going down to their third then they don't actually have to worry about playing well since they can just brute force the enemy's third mon with their two remaining ones. Somebody wins with 1hp remaining... only to still have 1hp at the start of the next round and get booped by the opponent's nY attack. They might as well have just lost and there'd really be no difference. And you bet that the hype for the match would completely drain if this happens on the final round. "Ok, the final round of the match comes down to full health Sceptile vs 5 health Lucario... I woooonder whooo's going to win?" The way I see it, if 3v3 became a major mode to competitive play it could only really hurt Pokkén in the long run. We have a really great game and a developing meta with more patches on the way, we have a system of balance which makes it so that pretty much every character is viable at a competitive level and we see a huge amount of different characters taking top places in tourneys constantly. 3v3 would jeopardize this by introducing suddenly more aspects which suddenly go against individual character balance. I know for a fact that instead of learning and mastering a character and all of their matchups and interactions, there would suddenly be optimal teams of 3 to choose, those which can avoid taking damage so they have more to work with if they win. I can't even imagine what it must be like playing SM2 or Blaziken in a mode which doesn't restore their health at the end of a round. Although it probably sounds too inflexible so I would still agree to it and watch nervously, but I actually feel like giving it a chance to test it out may be a bad idea. It could end up just splitting the playerbase and giving people a bad taste in their mouth no matter what the result of such a test is.
  21. No reason why both can't be done, but let's have a few tournaments with both formats before we determine what format should be the official one for Evo, like how Smash has 1v1 and 2v2 but for Evo has only the 1v1 as the main version. We can feel both out and determine rulesets before we set things in stone.
  22. Some people struggle to find time to learn one character and it takes alot of time. I doubt anyone with responsibilities are going to be able to find time to learn 3 characters at a competent level. I'm going to go with 1v1 as standard. If 3v3 becomes standard, I fear how long Pokkén DX will last...
  23. Same as Swivz, I used to be here under the name DarkPrince270 I think. It's been a long while. I'm Michael and officially go by the name HaBroken. From Ontario, Canada and I main while is my secondary. Looking forward to Pokkén Tournament DX for the switch so I can learn new characters. Especially Croagunk.
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