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Gwinnett Brawl

Monthly Tournaments

Event details

Registration for each game closes 15 minutes before that game's bracket begins. Whether you sign-up online or in person, you must register before that cut-off time.


12:00 PM: set-up and on-site registration begins
2:00 PM: Pokken DX, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
2:30 PM: Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]
3:00 PM: Soul Calibur VI
3:30 PM: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
4:00 PM: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
5:00 PM: Tekken 7
6:00 PM: Street Fighter V
7:00 PM: Dragonball FighterZ


All multiplatform games are played on PS4 unless noted otherwise.


WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING LATE SIGN-UPS VIA PHONE OR FACEBOOK. You MUST get to the venue before the tournament starts in order to register at the door. If you're going to be late, then get a friend to register and pay for you.


AT-THE-DOOR REGISTRATION IS CASH ONLY! If you can only pay with a card, then you must register online.


If you register online, then we will put you in the bracket even if you're late, but if you do not arrive by the end of the 1st round of the tournament, then you will be kicked down to the losers bracket. If you do not arrive by the end of the 1st round of losers, then you will be disqualified from the tournament altogether.




twitter.com/gbdojo for live updates

youtube.com/gwinnettbrawl for stream archives

Venue fee (can be waived; see info below):

$8 per player (if you register before noon of tournament day)
$10 per player (if you register after noon of tournament day)


Tournament entry fee:

$5 per player per game


Example: If you want to play in Tekken ($5) and Street Fighter ($5), then the total cost for you would be $18 if you pre-register. If your venue fee is waived (see below), then the cost would be $10.


We will waive the $8 venue fee for the driver who makes the longest trip to the Gwinnett Brawl venue. At registration, present your driver's license and the shortest Google Maps trip route from your home to the venue (either on your phone or on a print-out, with the total mileage clearly visible). The trip length must be at least 100 miles long in order to be eligible for a venue fee waiver.


If we need additional setups for any of the tournament games and if you can bring one for us, then we'll waive your $8 venue fee. A full setup includes: display, console, game, plus any other equipment needed to run it (e.g. a Gamecube controller adapter for Smash). You should also have all tournament-legal gameplay content available (unlockables/DLC).

Our preferred displays for tournament play are LOW-LATENCY 1080p LCD COMPUTER MONITORS with HDMI input. We will accept any such monitor that is rated 10ms or lower by DisplayLag (displaylag.com/display-database) or by other reputable sites using the same test method (Leo Bodnar device, average measurement). HDTVs tend to lag more than computer monitors and are unlikely to be accepted unless we can verify that they meet this threshold. We have a lag testing device that we can use if you wish to have your display tested.


The prize pool for each game is taken from the entry fees for that game and split among the winners based on the number of entrants for that game.

If 2-5 entrants: Winner takes all
If 6-13 entrants: Top 2 split (2/3 for 1st; 1/3 for 2nd)
If 14-29 entrants: Top 3 split (4/7 for 1st; 2/7 for 2nd; 1/7 for 3rd)
If 30-63 entrants: Top 4 split (8/15 for 1st; 4/15 for 2nd; 2/15 for 3rd; 1/15 for 4th)
If 64-131 entrants: Top 6 split (1/2 for 1st; 1/4 for 2nd; 1/8 for 3rd; 1/16 for 4th; 1/32 for 5th)
If 132 or more entrants: Top 8 split (16/33 for 1st; 8/33 for 2nd; 4/33 for 3rd; 2/33 for 4th; 1/33 for 5th; 1/66 for 7th)


FYI: In team tournaments, "1 team" = "1 entrant."




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