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Victory Road 3: The Team Battle Frontier

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Victory Road 3: The Team Battle Frontier
The legendary, online Pokkén Tournament DX tourney returns!


Join fellow members of the Pokkén Tournament DX community for an online global tourney featuring some of the strongest players in the world.


Victory Road 3 returns with two goals in mind: 1) to facilitate the exploration of the emerging Team Battle Mode meta in a competitive setting at a large scale and 2) hosting an exciting tournament for members of the community and all Pokkén Tournament DX players to enter and have a blast enjoying the spirit of competition


When: Saturday, February 2, 2019 | 6:30pm ET check-in, 7:00pm tournament start

Where: Entrants should report to the #Victory-Road-3 channel in the main Pokkén Arena Discord (discord.gg/Pokken) for match coordination and if needed, reporting. We request that you attempt to self-report through smash.gg for this tournament.

Participants are encouraged to stream their run in the event!



  • Team Battle Mode ON
  • Best of 3 games each tournament set
  • Double-elimination
  • All matches should be played in a mutually agreed upon group
  • Fixed Battle Arena ON
  • Points OFF
  • Winner is character locked, however, they may change Cheer and Supports. Loser may alter any or all characters used in the subsequent game.
  • You must verify the game and set results as well as character data on Smash.gg! Please make sure to do this to ensure the bracket moves along at a reasonable pace. Additionally character data will be tremendously useful for us at this early stage in the TBM meta, please work to include it for all sets


1st Place - $45 eShop credit 2nd Place - $30 eShop credit 3rd Place - $10 eShop credit


What is the history of Victory Road?
Victory Road 1 took place on February 5, 2017 and was part of the #PokkenEvo campaign to get Pokkén back to Evo. 83 players from around the world entered the event, which was hosted with the intent to bring attention to the community’s fundraising efforts and help untie the community.


Victory Road 2 took place on May 12, 2018 and was a community effort to raise funds to bring Doghouse Esports to Austin, Texas for DreamHack Austin 2018. Ultimately the community succeeded in that fundraising effort bringing greater prestige and reach for that event.


Victory Road 1: pokkenevo.challonge.com/VictoryRoad Victory Road 2: smash.gg/tournament/victory-road-2


Like the legendary phoenix, Moltres, Victory Road itself rises from the ashes as a sign of the Pokkén community’s resilience and resolve, this time flanked by Zapdos and Articuno as the community leaps into Team Battle Mode.



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