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Nietplay Tournament

Event details

When: Saturday 9th of February 2019, 10AM - 6PM
Where: Hilton Leeds City

Europe needs more Pokkén Tournaments, so let's do this!



  • Pot fee: £10
  • Early Registration: £10 (available until January 9th)
  • Registration: £20 (January 10th -- February 6th)
  • Late Registration: £25


While we will provide monitors for the event, we would like to call upon your help for the provision of consoles. Bring your setup (Switch, dock, power cable (with UK adapter if necessary), HDMI cable, LAN adapter, LAN cable) and get £5 off your registration fee, refunded to you when you arrive with your gear.


In addition to the pot fee, the 1st place winner will receive reasonable expenses towards travel and accommodation for TeamCalyptus' Thermodynamic Throwdown taking place March 9th. This replaces a cash prize.


Furthermore a pot bonus will be added according to the number of players:


  • ≤8 players: £50
  • 9-16 players: £125
  • >16 players: £200


Travel Guide
Suggested airport: Manchester
(Coming from London is technically easier, but far more expensive!)
Take a train to Leeds, the venue is right next door to the station.
At the time of writing, the venue is actually the cheapest hotel in the area for the dates around the event, so that's the suggested place to stay!


All players, no matter how good or experienced, are welcome! Tournaments are a great way to get to know people with similar interests to you, and to be introduced into the community. If "getting good" is important to you, make sure to introduce yourself to the top players, who are always more than happy to help with advice and practice matches.


The event will be live streamed and VoDs of the feature table will be uploaded shortly after.


Side events to be determined!

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