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Guard Break X

Monthly Tournaments

Event details

Join the Nebraska Pokkén scene for their December monthly!


$10 entry fee $10 venue fee.


You are REQUIRED to have a smash.gg account in order to participate, since we need a player account to tie championship points to. Please set this up prior to the event! Smash.gg accounts are free to create.

Bracket will start around 4:30pm.


All Pokkén tournaments will broadcasted at twitch.tv/NebraskaPokken


Depending on number of players, we try to have every player on stream at least once to be able to review matches later.

Thanks to Picano, we also have a off-stream recording setup as well.



--Use player data?: NO

--Player 1 will select recruit, player 2 will select apply. Ask your stream operator to know which is which.

--Initial settings: 2 rounds, Fixed Battle Arena, Skill: OFF

--Loser of last match may change Pokemon

--Both players may change assist sets and cheer type between matches

--If you are the recruiter, YOU MUST PRESS "Y" on the rules screen after your set to reset the battle record. This is for stream/VOD quality to reflect accurate game numbers.


Time: 4:30pm CDT


Please bring set ups! It will help the tournament run a lot smoother and will make everything easier for everyone.

A set up consists of: Switch and components Copy of Pokken DX LAN Adapter Crossover Cable Monitor


It is recommended to bring your own controller if you are familiar with a particular controller scheme. We cannot guarantee the availability of certain controllers with each setup.



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