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Grand Capital Smash #12

One-off Tournaments

Event details

Grand Capital Smash is back with its 12th edition!


The main payment method is pay-at-the-door but if you would prefer you could also pay using PayPal


We will be in the fantastic venue of Click Esports for this GCS, a venue many of you are likely familiar with. For those of you that aren’t, its the same place were the Wednesdays weekly's are hosted

If you're just coming to spectate, feel free! There's no spectator fee at this tournament, so come check it out and play some friendlies if you can't enter!


All players that make payout will be paid in cash the day of the event!


Run as a collaboration between :

  • Seyar A (Crow) - Event Manager, Smash4 TO
  • Brandon Clark-Brennan (TRI) - Smash 4 TO
  • Zayd Salter (Munster) - Pokkén TO




  • 10:00AM Venue Opens
  • 11:00AM Registration Opens


Tentative Event Schedule

  • Smash 4
    • 12:00PM Smash 4 Doubles begins
    • 2:00PM Smash 4 Singles Pools begins
    • 5:30PM - Smash 4 Singles Bracket Begins
  • Pokkén
    • 12:00PM Bracket Begins





  • Venue - $10
  • Smash 4
    • Singles - $10
    • Doubles - $5 (per player)
  • Pokkén Tournament DX - $10





Parking: The venue is attached to a mall with a large amount of FREE parking!

Pay at the door with cash is acceptable but you NEED to register online!

Setups: Bringing setups and monitors would be greatly appreciated.

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