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Nekyucards Pokkén

Weekly Tournaments

This event repeats every 2 weeks on Tuesday forever

Event details

The Victorian Pokkén community and Nekocards come together to bring you, Nekyucards, the first exclusively offline Pokkén tournament in Australia.


Registration will occur on the day, with a 16 person cap, as we have to ensure we can run the event in time.


Cost: Purchase of any booster pack from Nekocards (between $4-7 depending on the card series)


Where: Nekocards, on the corner of Little Lonsdale and Elizabeth street.


When: Signups should start around 4:45pm. If you come earlier and want to enter ask one of the shopkeepers to write your tag down so it can be entered in bracket later. Tournament will start at 5:30pm and must finish by 8pm.


PLEASE BRING SETUPS IF YOU HAVE THEM Due to our small amount of time to complete the tournament if we can have as many Switches as possible. A Switch, dock and Lan adapter are required for setups, and if you can bring LAN cables as well that would be useful but we only need one per two Switches.


Prizes are up to the discretion of the Nekocards staff, likely a starting box set of trading cards from their selection.

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