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Pantheon: A Smash 4 Send-Off

Event details

MSU Smash 4 proudly presents part of one a two part tournament series, Pantheon! Come out November 17th for one last Smash 4 tournament, and come back January 19th for the Kick-Off of Smash Ultimate for part two of Pantheon.

Pantheon: A Smash 4 Send-Off November 17th!

$500 pot bonus for Smash 4 singles!

There will be Singles, Doubles, and an Amateur bracket!

Ever wonder what MSU Smash 4 is up to? Check out our Season 3 Power Rankings video! ----->


Tentative Schedule:

10:00 am : Venue Opens

10:45 am: Doubles Registration + Check-in Ends

11:00 am : Doubles Starts

1:00 pm : Lunch Break

1:15 pm: Singles Registration + Check-in Ends

2:00 pm : Wave A Pools

3:00 pm : Pokkén Singles

4:00 pm : Wave B Pools

6:00 pm : Top Bracket Begins

7:00 pm : Amateur Bracket Begins

9:30 pm : Tear-down Begins

10:00 pm : Venue Closes

If you are not checked in before registration + check-in ends you will be DQ'd from your bracket unless you have contacted a TO and have made arrangements



Stream will be provided by GooshiGaming.https://go.twitch.tv/gooshigaming


$10 Venue

$5 Venue if you are a Club Member

$5 can be reimbursed if a player supplies a full setup and it remains at the venue until it is no longer needed (as determined by the TOs).

Entry: $10 for Singles ; $20 for Doubles ($10 per team member)



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