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Tri Attack 4

Monthly Tournaments

Event details

Let's bring Tri-State back together to play some Pokkén Tournament DX under one roof. This was only truly accomplished during majors, or during the early Hidden Bosses. Tri Attack is always a great time, let's make this one even greater! 

Pokkén is all about the community, and this event is for the community, by the community. Located in southern Connecticut, this tournament is in the perfect location and a short driving distance from New York, New Jersey,

and even parts of New England.


This is the fourth installment of a monthly series of Pokkén Tournament DX, one that will stand strong, and restore the bonds that once defined the region. 

Pre-registration for this event is not mandatory, however it is much appreciated as it lessens the workload on the TO's. It's fast and free to make an account, don't hesitate! Payment will be on-site though, please bring cash and smaller bills if possible. 

Fire and Dice is generous enough to provide us with the innate materials - monitors, HDMI cables, and a stream. As we've all done several times before, please bring your switch and related materials. We cannot run this tournament without the help from the community, it is greatly appreciated if you bring your materials.


Materials Include

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Dock and Power Cables
  • Copy of Pokkén Tournament DX (Digital or Physical) With ALL DLC
  • LAN Adapter and Crossover(Ethernet) Cable


Schedule - All Times in EST

  • 12 PM - Doors Open 
  • Bracket(s): TBD 


Any questions can be directed towards the head TO, Euclase

  • On Twitter - @LordEuclase 
  • On Discord - Euclase#0361
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