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Holiday Heist 4

One-off Tournaments

Event details


Hello, and thank you all for checking out the event page for Holiday Heist 4 ULTIMATE EDITION!


With this event, we aim to bring you all a great experience to introduce new players to the competitive Smash Bros scene here in Michigan as well as to keep our seasoned veterans in practice. The date for this tournament is set for December 29th, and will take place at the Radisson Hotel of Farmington Michigan in the main ballroom (detailed location for directional purposes is at the bottom).


Why should you Show Up to Holiday 4?

  • Amazing venue
    • Hotel space for 300+ attendees, 100+ setups, main stage, and projector screens in multiple ballrooms!
  • Travel convenience
    • Good proximity from Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties, as well as Universities that contain smash communities
  • Great TO staff
    • Tournament Organizers that have worked on SMASH/FGC around the country and in MI that know and want to cater to attendees!
  • Player experience
    • Opportunity for newcomers and return players
  • Spectator experience
    • Friendlies, side events, and main stage viewing for spectators all day long at affordable rates
  • Big spotlight
    • Professionally broadcast on the Michigan Smash community's premiere live stream platform
  • Storied history
    • Past attendance that includes Ally, Cosmos, Darkshad, Zinoto, Keitaro, MI PR veterans + more!
  • Michigan Smash community
    • Come experience and learn about one of the biggest and most active communities/scenes in the world!


Registration Schedule:

  • Pre registration
  • Venue Fee
    • $8 Until September 30th
    • $10 Until December 1st
    • $12 After December 1st
    • Note: Anyone who does not pre register online and shows up day of the event to participate in the actual tournament is subject to a $15 Emergency Door Fee DAY OF.
  • Spectator Fee $10


Please pre-register if you are attending! Pre-registering helps us seed earlier and more accurately, so that everyone gets their justified seed! Failure to register last minute may result in a lower placement in pools.


The Hotel has requested that we do NOT bring outside food to the facility, but they will offer food such as Chick wings, hamburgers, fries, pop, etc. We will likely have a break at some point for people to leave the venue and purchase food from some of the local fast food restaurants if the alley's food doesn't appeal to them. Although beer will likely be available for sale in the venue, we do request for no alcohol in the tournament venue since there are minors present and we want to keep the venue family friendly for all.


Events include: Smash Ultimate Singles Smash Ultimate Doubles Side Events Pokken Tournament DX + more!

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