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Youmacon Battle Opera 2018


Event details

Youmacon Battle Opera returns for YBO2018! Three days of competition with over 30 tournaments to enter. Hosted our of the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI. For more information on Youmacon please visit https://www.youmacon.com/


Game Room Badges will be sold at Video Gaming and Registration for $30. Purchase of a Game Room Badge will grant you access to both the Video Game Room and the Tabletop Game Room


The game room venue will be open Friday/Saturday 10am-2am and Sunday 10am-4pm


Schedule of events: FRIDAY

  • Noon: MvC2, Naruto CON4
  • 1pm: Rivals of Aether
  • 2pm: Naruto UNS4 & Ultra SF4
  • 3pm: Injustice 2
  • 5pm: Koihime, CvS2, Pokken DX
  • 7pm: SFV & Smash 4 Dubs
  • 8pm: Melty Blood and Sailor Moon S


  • 11am: Fighting EX Layer, Blade Strangers, Breakers, My Hero One's Justice
  • 1pm: DBFZ, Xrd Rev 2, Alpha 2
  • 3pm: Super Turbo, SNK Heroines
  • 5pm: UMvC3
  • 6pm: SCVI, UNIST
  • 7pm: Windjammers, Melee


  • 11am: Tekken 7, BBATG, 3S, Smash 4 Singles


Streams for the weekend // twitch.tv/input_output // twitch.tv/thealmightylpz // twitch.tv/gooshigaming // twitch.tv/povertygamenight //

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