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Inferno 5

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    [Regional] [North East] - Inferno 5

    Pokkén Tournament DX regional event in Connecticut! Infermo 5 is returning for a another installment to bring the hype that was left at last month. Being near the beautiful Wallingford, players can get their salt while drowning in their sorrows. 



    Underworld Gamez: 220 North Colony RD Wallingford, CT 06492

    Date: 12/9/2017 



    Smash.GG site http://smash.gg/tournament/inferno-5

    Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/events/1684769521575535/

    • Game registration - $10 per singles and $5 for 3v3 team battle mode
    • Venue cost: $15 if you dont bring your switch, $10 if you bring your switch



    Door opens at 11:00pm
    Close at 8:00pm

    3v3 teams start at 1:00pm
    Singles start at 3:30pm




    32 or less entrants : 1st - 70% / 2nd - 20% / 3rd - 10%

    64 or less entrants : 1st - 60% / 2nd - 25% / 3rd - 10% / 4th - 5%

    256 or less entrants : 1st - 45% / 2nd - 20% / 3rd - 12% / 4th - 8% / 5th - 5% / 7th - 2.5%



    Game Version : 1.1.0

    Sets are best of 3 until Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals which are best of 5

    Controllers are BYOC

    The following are what is used for the game settings:

    • Use Switch Player Data: No
    • Round Points: 2
    • Stage: Fixed Battle Stadium (Random or stadium is allowed only if both players agree)
    • Skill Level: Off
    • Players may ask for a "button check" to ensure that all of their controls and buttons work as expected (please limit to ~30 seconds).
    • All Characters, Supports, and Cheers are legal.
    • If Random stage was agreed upon, the stage "Dark Colosseum" cannot be used. If it is the stage that appears, the game must be reset to get a different stage.
    • After a game, Loser may change characters, support, and/or cheer skill.
    • After a game, Winner cannot change characters but may change support and/or cheer skill.
    • At the end of a set, all controls are required to be set back to default & players are required to exit to the title screen to prevent controller sync issues.
    • Any issues that may happen during a set will be handled with TO discretion, where the TO has all rights to any ruling deemed necessary.



    TO : Jamie "Jamm" Mancini (Co-TO)

     Patrick "Brocooli" Neumann (Co-TO)

    Matthew "Dryzzen" Beverley (Store Owner/Host)

    Stream : www.twitch.tv/Underworld Games


    This will also be a viewing party for Smash 4 bootcamp because Light who goes to this local got voted in. 

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