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This event repeats every week on Monday forever

Event details


Event details

From the same venue that brought to you TNT for Pokkén Tournament on Wii U, we bring to you TNT Revival for Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch! With known Pokkén players like Coach Steve, Flegar, Rokso, Tru2, ReyDelEmpire, PuppyHavoc and more! Come watch the top players of NYC go at it. 



Truly Urban Hobby Store

2391 Grand Concourse

Bronx, NY 10468



Sign Up starts at 6:00 PM EST

$5 for Venue

$5 for Pokkén Tournament DX



1st - 70% / 2nd - 20% / 3rd - 10%


Game Rules:

Game: Pokkén Tournament DX

Sets are best of 3 until Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals

The following are what is used for the game settings:

  • Round Points: 2

  • Stage: Fixed Arena

  • Skill Level: Off

  • Players may ask for a "button check" to ensure that all of their controls and buttons work as expected (please limit to ~30 seconds).

  • All Characters, Supports, and Cheers are legal.

  • After a game, Loser may change characters, support, and/or cheer skill.

  • After a game, Winner cannot change characters but may change support and/or cheer skill.

  • At the end of a set, all controls are required to be set back to default & players are required to exit to the title screen to prevent controller sync issues.

  • Any issues that may happen during a set will be handled with TO discretion, where the TO has all rights to any ruling deemed necessary.



Coach Steve (Steven Delgado-Mendoza)

ReyDelEmpire (Jeffrey Miguel Hernandez Reynoso)



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