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    15 November 2019

    This event repeats every 2 weeks on Friday forever

    The main Utah Pokkén Biweekly! Players of all skill levels welcome! 
    We are a friendly and welcoming scene with players from all across the Salt Lake valley. We have a wide age range of players, from mid-teens to mid-twenties.
    The TO for the event is Bryce Ellsworth (bellsworth46). He has years of experience TOing tournaments and is the current head of the Pokkén scene.
    Venue fee is waived for first-time paid event goers!
    1446 E 6710 S Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

    Venue Information:
    The venue is also the home of the TO, giving the tournaments a very relaxed atmosphere.
    The house is on the corner, with a large pine tree in the front yard.
    Parking is purely street parking.
    There may be soda available. If there is, $1 is asked to help slightly offset the cost of purchasing the drinks.
    If you are over 21, alcohol is allowed (must be self-brought). However, responsible drinking is strictly enforced.
    If you are someone who smokes, please bring a smoking jacket that you can leave outside to air out after your smoke, as well as please do not be near the main entrance or any open windows as you smoke.

    Venue: $5 Bracket: $5  
    Payout Structure:
    5 Entrants: 1st: $15 2nd: $10 6 Entrants: 1st: $15 2nd: $10 3rd: $5 7 Entrants: 1st: $20 2nd: $10 3rd: $5 8 Entrants: 1st: $20 2nd: $15 3rd: $5 9+ Entrants: 60/30/10 percentage split  
    Game Rules:
    Game Version : 1.3 Sets are best of 3 until Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals which are best of 5 All controller types besides wii u gamepad are allowed Controllers are BYOC The following are what is used for the game settings: Use Wii U Player Data: No Round Points: 2 Stage: Stadium (Random is allowed only if both players agree) Skill Level: Off Adjusting controls is allowed Players may ask for a "button check" period to ensure that all of their controls and buttons work as expected (please limit to ~30 seconds) All Characters, Supports, and Cheers are open for use If Random stage was agreed upon, the stage "Dark Colosseum" cannot be used. If it is the stage that appears, the game must be reset to get a different stage.  Loser may opt to change character after a match Both Loser and Winner may change support and cheer after a match After a match, if a player has changed their controls, they are asked to reset the control scheme to default to help prevent other players from having incorrect controls After a match, players are asked to back out to the title screen to prevent controller-type lock issues Any issues that may happen during a set will be handled with TO discretion, where the TO has all rights to any ruling deemed necessary  
    Nearby Food:
    As this is at a house next to a well-known shopping district, there's all kinds of food available! Most of the major fast food chains are near, and most major pizza places are near or deliver! There's also places like Cafe Rio, The Habit Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chile's, The Pie, Teriyaki Grill, In-N-Out, and more to satisfy almost any taste!
    We start the tournament at ~8 pm mountain time, but the door is open to players starting at ~6 pm.

    To find out more about the Utah Pokkén scene, check out the following pages:
    Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UtahPokkenTournament/
    Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/utahpokken
    Twitch: http://twitch.tv/saltygamingshow
    YouTube Video Archive: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCoWdEN7GB14JqoYAiMuhQg

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