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    14 July 2018

    The third iteration of Showdown Battle Royale will take place once again on July 14-15th, 2018 at the Raddison Hotel of Farmington Hills! What is Showdown Battle Royale? Showdown is one of the largest Super Smash Bros /FGC series in the Midwest!

    Since 2016, Showdown has become a phenomenal experience for Players and Spectators not only in the Midwest, but across the world. Within two days, Showdown will run singles & doubles for Smash for Wii U, and will be one of the first Dragonball Fighterz majors in the country!

    Why should you Show Up to Showdown 3? 

    * Amazing venue – hotel space for 500+ attendees, 100+ setups, main stage, and projector screens in multiple ballrooms! 
    * Travel convenience – inexpensive transportation between the venue and DTW airport, and free parking on-site! 
    * Great TO staff – an established reputation for delivering high-quality tournament organization across all games 
    * Player experience – opportunity to officially compete in multiple games and events 
    * Spectator experience – 24-hour friendlies, side events, and main stage viewing for spectators all weekend long at affordable rates 
    * Big spotlight – professionally broadcast on Smash’s premiere livestream platforms 
    * Storied history – past attendance that includes MKLeo, Ally, Cosmos, Mr.R, Samsora, Fatality, Wadi + more! 
    * Michigan Smash/FGC community – one of the biggest and most active communities/scenes in the world!

    Venue Fee: 
    Early Bird Special $30 Until April 12th 
    ~~$35 Until May 10th
    ~$40~ Until June 7thth 
    $50 Until July 2nd

    Registration Closes July 9th !

    This premiere two day event is brought to you in part by Ksev, , Mickel, Showdown Dre Unrivaled Tournaments, Gooshi Gaming, No Limit Gaming, and more!

    Streaming for Smash 4 - Unrivaled Tournaments & GooshiGaming TBA!

    Events include: 
    - Smash Wii U Singles 
    - Smash Wii U Doubles 
    - Dragonball FighterZ 
    - Melee Singles + Doubles 
    - Brawl Singles 
    - Street Fighter V 
    - Tekken 7
    - Guilty Gear Rev 2
    + More! Games

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