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    The Pokkén Arena team is made up entirely of volunteers who are passionate about Pokkén Tournament. We don't make any money doing this; we work hard on Pokkén Arena because we want to see the competitive Pokkén community thrive!


    You can find positions that currently have openings below. Please keep in mind that these are volunteer positions, and as such, they do not offer any form of payment.


    Click on a position to view details or to apply.

    • Public Relations - Be the voice of Pokkén Arena by working to ensure our followers are informed when it comes to competitive Pokkén.
    • Scheduler - Work to keep Pokkén Arena's calendar up to date, enabling Pokkén Tournament players to find, watch, and compete in tournaments near them.
    • Writer - Bring news regarding the competitive Pokkén Tournament scene to our followers in a timely and descriptive manner.